Tuesday 24 April 2018


5.42 am Tuesday 24th April. Another brand new day dawns and soon, if he was able to have any sleep, the Idiot will wake up to another day. Another day which, by the end of it, he will understand Karma better, he will understand that you reap what you sow and another day for him to go through in fear of what else will come his way that will hasten his political demise.

The only thing close to what we are now witnessing in Malaysia today would be those Reformasi days when Anwar Ibrahim first taught us all about dissent. About the power of the Rakyat and about what could be done against authority when you have reason to doubt their intent against one of your own.

What we are witnessing today in Malaysia is a popular awakening of all that has been dormant and pent up in so many of us. This is what happens when people are pushed to the the the ends of their tethers. We have been lied to long enough. They have been taken for fools long enough and all that was needed to give vent to all our frustrations, contempt and our anger was a target : our target has long been corrupt and arrogant politicians...only this time it has all come together in those two now in Seri Perdana : Najib and his wife. And all that was needed to stoke and give focus for the rage of the people came together under Pakatan Harapan. Everything needed for the perfect storm to sink the S.S. Umno in which Najib and BN was already caught in a stormy and windy sea came together when Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Tun Dr Mahathir agreed to work together against Najib and all that he represents....dedak, greed, arrogance and hubris.

And when all that came together, the people were ready and impatient to vent their anger, their hate and all the fight they could muster against the same Najib, the umno and the BN he led.

And now, if you understand how tidal waves gather strength as they rush towards the shore, you will also understand that for Najib, Rosmah, Umno and BN...tiada maaf bagi mu!

I think, by all the events that we now see happening around us, each brand new day brings hope and strength to our aspirations to take back our country for ourselves. And yet that same brand new day brings only terror and fear of what else is to come for Najib and his dedak infested cohorts.

Imagine how that women heading ROS would have felt yesterday as the Courts declared that ROS will have their day in court to explain their action in declaring that PPBM was an illegal organisation.

Imagine the fear and trepidation amongst BN leaders as reports filtered back to them about the massive attendance of PH Ceramahs numbering in the many thousands.

Imagine the jolt to their confidence of keeping Johor within their grasps as their collaborator, Mr Sultan, was silenced and told to mind his own business by many many thousands of "Bangsa Johor" and other Malaysians even as Mr Sultan went willingly into battle for Najib, Umno and BN to protect his own vested interest.

And if all this was not enough, imagine a Bugis Warrior and a Pendekar being unable and unwilling to face a 92 year old Tun Mahathir where it matters most : in GE14 on a level playing field. front of millions of Malaysians all waiting and wanting to witness a showdown of their Hero, Tun and that Bugis Warrior on a level playing field. Their 92 year old Hero is ready and willing and the Bugis Warrior and Pendekar is nowhere to be seen....hiding behind any safe havens that he could find...and none, so he thinks, seems safer then the voluminous skirts of Mrs Idiot.

Add to all this hubris. The inability to understand what is going on around him. The inability to comprehend the depth and intensity of contempt and hate of the people of Malaysia for him and his wife. And most critical of all, the inability to see what greed has made him do to himself, his family, the people and the country and to the future of generations of Malaysians to come.

And so Najib, Rosmah, Umno, BN, Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Harapan are all now together in a perfect storm. We the people, shall collectively, before, during or after this GE14, decide the fate of each of them. We collectively, NOT them, will decide who will survive the perfect storm.

We do not have long to wait but I would rather that we not have a GE14 so riddled with inconsistencies and heavily inclined in favour of the Idiot and BN.
I would rather have BN and PH meet on a level playing field at a time when crooked and dedak infested politicians are a thing of the past. .....BUT...I do not know if anyone or anything can contain the anger that we have burning within us for change! Change is something that we have waited for far too long to happen and the prospect of change being possible this time around in another General Election in these next few weeks is a force that seems unstoppable. And so, it would seems that the die is cast.

I hope that this Idiot understands that our collective will must prevail. If the Idiot tries to turn GE14 further to his advantage, he will certainly invite our wrath and retribution....and yet I know that he will. So be prepared for what is to come in these next few weeks. A coward, they say, dies many deaths. Methinks the Idiots still has a few deaths left within him before we are rid of him.

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