Monday 30 April 2018

Good Night....

12.33am. I am not tired. I am not sleepy. Debating with myself if I should have another Nescafe...but that would keep me awake past Nescafe keeps me going...easy...for two hours....and I think not! 
I do not want to go to sleep too late tonight. Got to get a good night sleep and wake up to a brand new week with vim and vigor...and that would require at least four hours no more Nescafe!
I can feel it in my bones...I can feel it in my heart, my head and in my soul....I can feel that "It's time". Time for change. Time to run the bastards out of Putrajaya. Time for the two Idiots to vacate Seri Perdana. Time for Pakatan Harapan to do government. And that will be the last conscious thought in my head before I fall asleep tonight. 

Good Night. 

Let's stick together.

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