Saturday 28 April 2018

Selamat Pagi Malaysia...Kepit Man.

9.32 am. Good morning Malaysia. Last night got this message from my nephew "Semakin femes uncle"...and he sent me a link...see below. My reply to him? "Siapa tu najib razak?"
But jokes aside...did not this Idiot think what posting anything about me on his Facebook will do for me? All it did for me personally was to have a "syiok sendiri" moment and then I said a silent prayer that once again, this Idiot has shot himself in his other foot....this time his left foot because hisalready shot himself in his right foot many many years ago when he decided to get hitched to the Flying Hippo....and yes he can sue me here for fake news because Hippos do not fly!
What does acknowledging that I am a pain in his arse done for me? It only pushes people to want to find out who have been publishing these "FITNAH's"...and people click onto my Facebook and blog. Of course I get the usual lot of Idiots who wants to hantam me for abusing Kepit Man...and when I do come across them on my FB...I block them! End of story for them.
So this morning I will start with a heartfelt thanks to Kepit Man for that "endorsement" and confirmation that I am a pain in his big, big behind....and I bet you that I will go through this day with a silly grin on my face just thinking of Kepit Man and his "FITNAH" message to his 4.12million followers...Life is good!

“Memang modus operandi pembangkang, fitnah untuk timbulkan keraguan kepada SPR. Ini contoh #TsunamiPHitnah mereka. Bila mereka menang dulu tak pula melatah, terima saja. Bila kalah macam-macam cerita keluar. #DoubleStandard”

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