Wednesday 25 April 2018

Lagi satu cerita Johor Royal...kali ini dah masuk Court! The then TMJ is the defendant.

The defendant as mentioned earlier, is the Crown Prince of Johor. Besides being a prince, he is also involved in many commercial ventures... the defendant agreed to expeditiously arrange for the entire financing of and technical assistance for the petroleum operations consideration of the plaintiffs agreeing to sell to the defendant forty-nine per cent (49%) of the rights and interests in the TACs...but...the Defendant failed, refused and/or neglected to do.....the Defendant is the crown prince of Johor. He would in future be entitled to ascend the throne of Johor. In this regard the Plaintiffs would be disadvantaged as the Defendant would enjoy immunity from claims of non-residents. The Plaintiffs would not face this disadvantage in Singapore. etc etc.....

Dah lah pukul orang...dalam business pon buat tak the following article for more details of what this TMJ thinks he can get away with even in business! Kasi malu sama Bangsa Johor aja. Did he do this on his own or was he doing it for Me Sultan?

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