Saturday 28 April 2018

The F**king Election Commission!

For those who would like to know and need a good laugh, these are the 7 countries that our Election Commission has requested to monitor the elections!
Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Thailand, Kargyzstan, Timor Leste, Maldives!
Country Ranking in Democracy index (2017)
1. Azerbaijan 148 out of 168 😫

2. Cambodia 124/168
3. Thailand 107/168
4. Kyrgyzstan 95/168 
5. Indonesia 68/168
6. Timor Leste 43/168
7. The Maldives ???
Great choice ah!!!
NONE of the Top 10 fully Democratic countries in the free world are in the list. Your guess as good as mine as to how democratic these countries are! No one from Europe, USA, America , Britain have been invited !!!
That’s the current state of affairs : Jibby is a coward!!!
with thanks to MYR

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