Monday 30 April 2018

Kapalterbang Tun...definitive comment :

This is the work of the engineering, orang lain tidak ada excess to the restricted area! Biasa nya pilot report to aircraft 45 mins before flights. Ground engineer 1:00 before departure. Kalau deflation rate @ 2psi/min, ada 75 min ie: 1:15 before the pilot noticed complete deflation! Eng should have noticed it long before pilots arrive! Only Eng have access to deflating tool, orang lain ta berani na tamper with tyres, very dangerous, the pressure is very high!

steadyaku47 comment
Do not forget what the Idiot tried to do to Tun. The idiot has said and proven by his actions that "nothing is sacred anymore" in his desperate attempts to stay out of Sungai Buloh! That threat cuts both ways! Now for us also..."nothing is sacred anymore" watch your back Idiot!

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