Thursday 26 April 2018

If not Tun.....then siapa?

Selamat Pagi Malaysia. I woke to this from LFF..... "Good morning Hussein. I wonder whether you can write a piece to those who are still undecided which one to choose. As of now there are still many who would rather not choose either one ( not voting ) OR choose both ( spoiled vote ). These are the ones who still harp on the past and cannot forgive TDM. They fail to see the point that we have to make used of the old horse to make that change"
My first thought is this....Do we need people like them within our midst if they cannot think for the greater and common good of others? 
But let me talk of myself rather then of others, for I too have my druthers about Tun Dr Mahathir. I have written much about the old man in the past. Go to steadyaku47 and type in "Mahathir" in "search" and there will be enough articles there to read and keep you occupied for sometime....and I can tell you now that most of what I write about Tun Mahathir then, is, to say the least, uncomplimentary. 
But there was no Najib or Rosmah then. There was no 1MDB. I have not heard of Jho Low, Reza or of a Yacht call Equanimity. Wall Street the film, was not even scripted yet. No Rm2.6 billion donation in anybody's account. FELDA was without a Chairman convicted of money politics. The Attorney General Office, PDRM, MACC, SPR and ROS were entities that were still credible. The Secretary General to the Treasury in the Ministry of Finance was not an ass licking, butt kissing, corrupt guy call Irwan Seregar. Dedak was still animal feed....and the plane being used to fly our prime minister here and there was adequate.....nothing fancy or up market...just adequate.
China was a Communist Nation doing very well for itself and we could count on the powers that be to not forget that we have have had problems with the Communists many years ago during the "Emergency" days and the Rakyat, if not the Tentera who had sacrificed much during the Emergency, would prefer to keep them at arms length. 
And Sultans knew their place in the scheme of things.
Yes we had the ISA. We had invasive and at times overwhelming government interference in our civil liberties and in our ability to voice dissent for what we perceive to be any interference in the democratic process...but there was a process, however flawed, for us to seek redress for any perceived wrongs against us. 
What do we have to day? In a sentence...we have a very corrupt, dedak infested, arrogant BN government without any saving grace at all, led by Najib Razak who single handedly and totally, have been the initiator, instigator and perpetrator of all that is wrong in our government, in our country and, God forbid, what will continue to be wrong for the foreseeable future of many generations of Malaysians to come!
Now if you cannot see beyond that and vote Pakatan Harapan to do what is right.... then there is something wrong with you. 
But what of Tun Mahathir? You tell me that you do not want Tun Mahathir to lead ANY government...even Pakatan Harapan!
For God sake man...Tun is 92 years old! 
Last night I asked myself what is the most precious gift that anyone can give to others? Again let me talk about myself. My wife has advanced dementia. She cannot do anything for herself ....even put a spoonful of food into her mouth even if that was needed to give her nourishment. I and my son do it for her. In short, we dedicate our life to her well being. Nothing more, nothing less.
Tun is 92 years old....he is giving his life to us. Why he is doing that can be interpreted in many many ways...and I really don't care a damm how you or anybody else interpret what Tun is now doing. But this I know for myself... without Tun today, we will not have a chance in hell of getting rid of Najib, Rosmah, Umno, BN and all the evil and harm that they have brought into our lives, to our country and to the future of future Malaysian.
So please....THINK. 
Any of you that may have your private battles with Tun Mahathir. Any of you that may have been personally targeted for whatever reasons by Mahathir and have, as a result, suffered personal and private trauma. Any of you that think that the Mahathir of now will revert back to the Mahathir of old....THINK!
Hell...I think the old man might not even be able to physically get through the first year of Pakatan Harapan reign in Putrajaya....and if he can, he will be hard pressed to ignore the fact that at 92, there are better things to do then to sort out the mess that najib, rosmah, umno and BN left behind!
One last thought...we the people put Pakatan Harapan in government. We the people, can bloody well take them out! End of story.

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