Sunday 22 April 2018

Mr Sultan and Selling Pasir to Singapore.

Bangsa Johor...siapa dia Bangsa Johor tu? Are they people who were born in Johor home or are they subjects of His Majesty Sultan dan Yang di-Pertuan bagi Negri dan Jajahan Takluk Johor Darul Takzim...and what are the other places that is under the Jajahan Takluk of His Majesty the Sultan?......Wooha he sure thinks he is King of all that he surveys from Istana Bukit Serene!

Anyway I am not going to go into too much details about Mr Sultan right to call himself "Majesty" nor will I go into details as to how his descendants came to become Sultans in Johor....suffice for me to say that if not for the British installing them as Sultans...they would be where the present Sultan of Melaka finds himself to be in...a Sultan without a State to call his own. But I digress....

Let us talk about Mr Sultan and Pasir. My sources tells me that this Johor Royals are the only one with AP's to sell Pasir to Singapore! Now if you remember during Tun Mahathir's time he did not allow the sale of Pasir to Singapore because why should Malaysia help Singapore to expand territorially! Sometimes when you talk about sovereign nations, commercial considerations comes second to national interests!

Not this BN government and Mr Sultan. Selling Pasir to Singapore...when you have a monopoly of the a licence to print money. And when that AP also covers China, India, Brunei and possible whoever else who wants to buy Pasir from you understand why Mr Sultan and his "almost a Brigadier" of a son, wants the government that gave them the AP to remain as the government of Malaysia! I scratch your back and you scratch mine ma!

Now else did did this BN government scratched Mr Sultan's back? 

Well you have to ask the Pahang Royal family about that...since most of you cannot do the asking...let me story you about what happened. 

Polo Specialists Sdn Bhd, a company in which the Pahang Royal family had interests in,  managed to secure APs to also export Pasir to China, Brunei, India and Singapore. 

When Mr Sultan go to know about it he became....what is the word they use to describe a Sultan being upset?....I think it is "murka"...yes I believe that is the word ...when Mr Sultan down South found out about the AP's that Polo Specialist Sdn Bhd had secured from the BN government...he became murka! I do not know what transpired between Mr Sultan and the powers that be in Putrajaya but losing millions upon millions of potential income must have made Mr Sultan very very murka...long story short...the APs given to Polo Specialists Sdn Bhd was withdrawn the day after it was awarded. 

I am not saying that Mr Sultan's taat setia to the Umno led BN has anything to do with the withdrawal of the AP's from Polo Specialists Sdn Bhd... you can say it...but I am not going to say it. All I am going to say is this...greed and vested political interests makes for a very toxic combination that overrides all other considerations. 

I want to story you some more about Mr Sultan and his "Bangsa Johor" idea...but it is Sunday today and my gout has been bothering me since yesterday and I need to give some respect to the pain that is now throbbing in my right toe. I will take a rest and go sit in the living room with my dear wife and shoot the breeze until it is time for her to have her afternoon rest....and then perhaps kita sambong balek cerita Mr Sultan down South.

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