Sunday 22 April 2018


Hi all, I attended an election PACABA briefing as m volunteering to be an agent for them, here's some minor changes the SPRM has changed and will affect some people if not realised now:
1) Previously there's a booth, called barung, placed at the entrance or canteen of the school to help people to fill down which class they're supposed to cast their vote. The SPR has decided this booth serves no purpose as you already can check online which polling school you're supposed to go... But the booth is supposed to facilitate old folks n new voters on what n where to go. Cheat #1.
2) Previously there was a notice placed at strategic places to teach voters how to tick the vote correctly, the what n not to do, actions to take if your, example ballot paper is torn. This notice will now be placed at awkward places where people will not be able to read the details. Cheat # 2
3) Once you r in the classroom n the first of 3 SPR clerks serve u, check your IC and read your name n IC out loud, 2nd clerk to dip your left finger into the ink, 3rd clerk to give you a ballot. Things to be aware of. Now the rule for the 2nd clerk is to SIMULTANEOUSLY dip your finger while the 1st clerk read your name n IC. Problem is what if you r at the wrong classroom n your finger had been marked? You will not get a chance to go to the correct classroom to vote coz the SPR officers will not leave the room to help you. Cheat #3.
4) 3rd SPR clerk r not supposed to have any pens or pencil placed on her table, as they may purposely smooch a dot on your ballot paper to invalidate it. Ensure you ask for a new ballot paper if you see the slightest mark on the paper. You r entitled to ask for changes until u find a clean paper. This attempt maybe tried on old folks or uninformed voters. Cheat attempt 4.
5) Once u have dipped in the ink, prepare a tissue or small plastic bag to cover it, to prevent accidental marking of your ballot paper, which will invalidate it later. Don't lose your vote!!!
6) If any of the clerks is canvassing for the BN, inform the PACABA observers in the room, don't be afraid to speak out. Clerk 2 & 3 r not suppose to speak to you, 1st clerk only to read your name n IC
7) If the PACA observer ask you to lift up your hands before u dip inside the ink, please cooperate as they want to catch 2nd time voters using stolen IC or phantom voters.
with thanks to Hussain Salma

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