Friday 27 April 2018

cakap cakap...not everything you hear is true. THINK.

This news if it's true it's very disturbing. This intelligence report is based on detailed analysis conducted by a reputable organization If the number of voters is less than 90%, then we are going to surrender the government to BN because:
1. All army/police votes had already been replaced with fresh ballots with 100% votes for BN. This ballot boxes will be distributed to top BN leaders.
2. All the dead people in Malaysia have already voted for BN.
3. All those overseas Malaysians who have not been to Malaysia in last 10 years have already voted for BN.
4. Stricter dress code will be implemented on polls day to deter people from voting.
5. Planned traffic jam, road repair, accidents on polling day to delay people from driving back home on polling day.
6. Delays in immigration processes in JB and north on 7th, 8th & 9th to reduce citizens coming back from Thailand & Singapore.
7. Police protection for Indonesians and Bangladeshis against locals who stop them on polling day.
8. Special finger cover for UMNO dogs so that they can remove the finger cover with ink and vote again.
Looking at the above, the only way for us to win is to have 100% turnout on polling day. Please apply for non pay leave in needed and go back home on Sunday or Monday itself. Don’t wait till Tuesday as it may be too late.
steadyaku47 comment : While there is some truth in the above article that was sent to me...please read it with an open mind and take from it what you think is rational and possible....item no 2...that "All the dead people in Malaysia have already voted for BN" is surely untrue.
Remember that in the hoopla and madness that now seems to hang over us all.....we need to remember that we still need to live with each their AFTER GE14....and to do that, we still need a country to live in.

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