Monday 23 April 2018

Bangsa Johor? I think not!

Whose ides was it to rebrand the people of Johor into "BANGSA JOHOR" and for what purpose? Simply said, "Bangsa Johor" is to serve the vested interest of the Johor Royal house. How so?
A "Bangsa Johor" ready to welcome, with open arms, the massive development of a $100 billion Chinese-Made City with half a million homes. And who is the partner of this Chinese venture....Mr Sultan.
A "Bangsa Johor" able to deliver to the umno led BN coalition the state of Johor and a "Bangsa Johor" willing to pledge allegiance to BN in the lead up to GE14. And who will be leading the pledge of allegiance on behalf of Bangsa Johor? Mr Sultan....and for this how will Najib say thank you to Mr Sultan? Your guess is as good as mine but go ask Mr Kepit what he would give to stay out of Bamboo River...go on...ask him! Many hundreds of millions perhaps.....!
WIll "Bangsa Johor" forget the past atrocities and cruelty the Johor Royal house committed upon the Johor people? Perhaps it may...but it is a good place to start. The new "Bangsa Johor" can start to create a new identity for themselves and the Johore Royals too can create a new identity and forget the horrid past perpetrated upon them by past Johor Sultans. Win win situation ma!
But here is the thing Mr Sultan this is the age of social media and the Internet where instant recall in real time of past deeds and misdeeds can be done at the click of the mouse. 
Remember the case below...Datuk Abd Latiff Bandi and those land conversion charges against him? It has been almost a year since that matter surfaced...and, you can quote me on this...this matter will not surfaced again as long as umno remains in Putrajaya. And why it will not surfaced will be the "I scratch your back and you scratch mine" kautim you had with your political masters because if the facts of the case surfaces, I believe this Mr Sultan will be severely embarrassed for Mr Sultan interests is in the thick of all the land conversions being done by Latiff. ...nudge nudge wink wink! 
So please Johorians...wake up! The people of Kota Tinggi have long known about what Mr Sultan and his ancestors have been doing to Johor and they are not amused! Go ask the business people in Johor and they will tell you that Mr Sultan, among other things, is even trying to control the supply and distribution of Seafood in Johor. 
So I guess Mr Sultan's "cash flow" situation must be more desperate. Between Mr Sultan and Mr Kepit I guess Malaysia and Johor do need a change...and only Pakatan Harapan can deliver that change. Enough said.

Slapped with 33 counts of graft

JOHOR BARU: State executive councillor Datuk Abd Latif Bandi has been charged in the Sessions Court here with 33 counts of graft, the earliest of which stretches back to just six months after he assumed office. 
Abd Latif, 51, was sworn in to his post as Johor Housing and Local Government Committee chairman in 2013 and according to the list of charges, he allegedly abetted property consultant Amir Shariffuddin Abd Raud on Nov 13 that same year to convert bumiputra lots into non-bumiputra lots. 


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