Friday 27 April 2018

How many are guilty of Treason?

How many politicians, government servants, people holding high public office are now guilty of treason? How many?
You can start with Najib, Rosmah and the entire Cabinet. Include the so-called political elites within umno and BN who have turned a blind eye if not encourage and participate in the rape and pillaging of our nation for personal gain. The Ketua Bahagains in umno. Irwan Seregar Sec Gen of Khazanah. The Attorney General. The previous IGP - that twit call Khalid. The many KSU's who have turned a blind eye to, or willingly participated in the rape and pillage of our country's wealth and resources...the very thing they have sworn to be responsible for. Ketua Pengarahs of ROS. SPR. MACC...Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat. Isa Samad. Azeez. Shafee...the Muftis and religious entities that have prostituted themselves to serve the ends of their political masters and not Islam......just trying to list them exhausts me.
Will we need to convene a Special Courts just to trial them? Will there be enough room in Sungai Buloh to accommodate them all? Or are they all to be shot? For surely the punishment for treason is death?
And what of the Royals? Another night of the long knives needed...not to curtail any powers still left with them...but to take away any privy purses, any privileges...anything at all that makes them different from you and me. In others words rid ourselves of these parasites that do no good to anybody but themselves! The list of people and of things done wrong by these people seems endless. 
How do you right the wrong of those that have been incarcerated unfairly? Those that have not been given a fair trial or convicted on trumped up charges? If these victims are to be compensated...must it come from the Rakyat's pocket or should Najib and his cohorts be personally responsible?
All those clowns who have made a spectacle of themselves because it served umno's and BN's political agenda to allow them to do so...Jamal Jamban, Bung Mokhtar, Nazri Aziz, Mat Maslan that harmless but irritating Kipidap Idiot, Berahim Berok.....let the whole lot of them understand that we have no more need for their antics in the Malaysia we have chosen to have.
We want the main stream media to be independent and mindful of their role in the democratic process. Privatise the whole lot and make the Newspaper, TV and Radio stations earn their keep.
There is much work to be done...and so little time. Let us begin by giving the opportunity to Pakatan Rakyat to do what they have pledged to do.

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