Tuesday 24 April 2018


Emran A Wahid · Singapore
Tun M, Mat Sabu and Anwar family will leave a legacy as a great freedom fighters in Malaysian history books in the future. They replaces the Hang Tuah legacy.
It is not hard to see Tun M. works tirelessly to correct his wrongdoing in making Najib and the whole institution being abused. It is clear that the 92yr old man, repay Anwar by presenting him the PM role on the platter once Anwar is released. 
Deep inside Tun M, Anwar is the best and only candidate to succeed Tun M to lead tte country to greater hights. This I think the way Tun M wished to apologize to Anwar and his family, Mat Sabu and the nation at large. A true gentlemen will not only apologize and run away, but go beyond his physical means to correct what he has done wrong.
Tun M is a gentleman and a great leader, but that is an understatement. Malaysians are blessed to have Tun M, a treasure that needs to be embraced and taken care of.
Like all living things, death is imminent, I lost LkY and the pain is still there when I wake up each morning the things around me are the product of LKY’s stern policy and governance. Many like me wished we could do more to thank and appreciate his struggles when he was alive.
I sincerely feel sorry and terrible when seeing Tun M. at his so advanced age and fragile health gave speeches after speeches across the country everyday and night. I would never allow my father of 70yrs, if he is still alive now, to go thru the same. 
So Malaysian, firstly Najib must go, secondly PH under Tun M. is very sincere in restoring the once great Asian Tiger.

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