Tuesday 6 March 2012


Let us be clear on a few things.

Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa is a comic but disruptive rag-tag-has-been-band of (ahem!) warriors for the advancement of Ketuanan Melayu. They are also the self appointed ‘army’ to spearhead Malay awareness of the threat (which is really non-existent – but do not tell them that yet!) from the non-Malays to the survival of the Malays and Islam in Malaysia.

Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa are so because UMNO wants them in that role. And because UMNO says it is okay this General Ibrahim Ali, aka Berahim Beruk, can strut around in his ‘General’ persona waving a keris ‘leading’ his goons into ‘battle’ saying whatever they want without being harassed by PDRM. Financial and logistical support for Perkasa to do all this comes from UMNO. What Berahim Beruk pockets for himself and what he uses for his ‘perjuangan’ is for him to know…but it will be enough for him to continue with his ‘perjuangan’ for now!

The Mahasiswa, on the other hand, were beaten up by PDRM because it would not do for UMNO to have Malay University students agitating for the ouster of UMNO. If what it takes is physically harming Malay student activist to cower them into compliance with the demand of UMNO that they cease and desists from any anti UMNO activities and any call for ‘academic freedom’ – then PDRM will do it. Any death of these Malays students, if it so happens, will be deemed to be collateral damage by UMNO in their fight for political survival – as Memali had been so considered!

The same tactics are now being unleashed upon the opposition. Physical intimidation of Pakatan Rakyat leaders is now SOP (standard operating procedure) for UMNO thugs and PDRM. No other tactics by UMNO have been able to persuade the Rakyat from not turning up at these opposition rallies. When cash handouts and promises of future goodies and subsidies no longer work, UMNO is no slouch in using physical intimidation and whatever government machinery at their disposal to get the results they want. And for this they have PDRM, RELA, UMNO Youths, paid thugs and gangsters and of course the ARMY!

Causing disruption with racist slurs, vulgarities and loud noises are normal tactics used by UMNO thugs to disrupt PR ceramahs. As these tactics fails the next level is physical assault of PR leaders and supporters - as is being done now. It is one thing to set these UMNO thugs on non-Malays at these PR ceramahs and gatherings but I think the ramifications of their recent attacks on Nurrul, Anwar and other Malays who are with ABU will be UMNO’s undoing at the 13th general elections!

It is obvious that UMNO’s have decided that they need to resort to these tactics out of a sense of desperation to the impending doom they know is overwhelming them as the forces against UMNO and BN continues to gain momentum day by day.

There is no longer that air of bravado and confident that has been UMNO’s until recently. All the sins that UMNO has been perpetrating throughout their charmed political life while in government are now coming back to haunt them with gusto!

How did Najib think he could escape the cry for justice from Altantuya even if she was no longer with us?

How can this BN government think it can ignore the demand for an accounting for the unnecessary death of Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Aminurasyid and Sarbaini from the Rakyat?

The dead cannot cry…we can! And we will not be acquiescing to this BN’s government insistence that they are innocent of blame in these deaths.

How arrogant can this BN government be to think that it can stonewall another financial abuse of the trust placed upon them by the people as evidenced by the NFC debacle – just another scam in a long line of financial plundering by this UMNO led BN government of the Rakyat’s money!

What is becoming increasingly obvious is that all ‘good things’ for crooked politicians must come to an end.

Suharto was forced to resign only 72 after he was elected unopposed as President of Indonesia for a seventh time! He went despite the endorsement of his hand picked People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) representing the military and the people. He went despite having total control over political and military power.

The circumstances and events that precededed  Suharto's downfall are the same circumstances and events that UMNO now faces.

Despite the cash giveaways by UMNO, despite the slew of announced but yet to be implemented economic initiatives that UMNO says will make Malaysia a high income economy, despite anything that this BN government has done – nothing can disguise the fact that Malaysia is in serious financial and economic difficulties!

We have debts of over 300 billion. There are signs of mass dissatisfaction from its people because the costs of living is increasing at a rate that earnings can never hope to keep up with. What we earn today buy much less then what we could buy yesterday – what more years ago! And yet we have families of these political elites with insane wealth living the life of the rich and famous without compassion and understanding of the plight of the critical mass that will vote their benefactors in or out of office! And this Rosmah, FLOM (Fat Lady of Malaysia) is the very personification of this insanity!

Like Indonesia in the May of 1998 when Suharto was forced from office, the level of opposition to this UMNO led BN government is high and well organized.

Our people are no longer stoic in their acceptance of the adverse consequences of over 50 years of UMNO mismanagement and abuse of their country’s resources and wealth. Investors are wary of putting or leaving their money in Malaysia. Billionaires and millionaires that Mahthir claims to have created are now cashing out and prefer to park their money elsewhere.

Only Barisan Nasional political elites and their cronies are complaint because for them their meal ticket is UMNO.

The 12th general election of 2008 caught UMNO unaware with the ferocity of the people’s anger in wanting to register their disgust with UMNO by voting for the opposition! If anything UMNO knows that the situation for them in this coming 13th general election will at worst, be a total rejection by the electorate for UMNO, at best they will be left with enough seats to form a respectable opposition in Parliament! Both options do not sit easily with UMNO.

And how all this will change if the Police and the Army sympathies starts to tilt towards the Rakyat! If the Police and Army decides to no longer ‘protect’ Najib and UMNO and BN – and allow the Rakyat to show their anger towards BN? What do you think will happen?

Very quickly this BN government will collapse totally. There may be violence on our street – but only against UMNO and BN. There will be massive demonstration demanding accountability for evil deeds done while in government. There will be demands for change  - change towards an accounting for the insane wealth UMNO’s political elite has amassed for themselves. And very quickly the critical mass will demand for transparency and accountability in government. But all this will happen only if the Army and PDRM can finally see the duplicity of UMNO in using them to prop up UMNO’s evil regime that has cause so much misery and chaos for the people for so long a time! There are good people in PDRM and the Armed Forces – it is only when good people keep quiet that evil can be done by others!

What is left now is for us to see how UMNO will go. Through the ballot box or ‘otherwise!’ And the consequences of ‘otherwise’ for UMNO would still be defeat! For now on with  


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  1. "We have debts of over 300 billion."
    This is the official bull. If you add the GLC borrowings, it is much larger. Then, there is the illegal (unexplained and unaccounted) outflow - RM 1 trillion over 10 years up to 2009 - and declared outflow of private capital - a vote of no confidence in the ruling thieves.

    "FLOM (Fat Lady of Malaysia) is the very personification of this insanity!"
    If that is so, then what do you call the elected representatives - some of whom are ministers in positions of senior responsibility - who fawn over and defend her?