Thursday 8 March 2012

Free and fair elections? Maybe not! Unpredictable? Yes! Jom mengundi! Abu!

I was recently talking to a friend about the plights of the Indians in Malaysia. About how MIC has still a long way to go if it was to secure the trust of, and work towards, the well being of the Indians. All this at a time when the importance of the Indian votes to BN is underscored by the fact that the Prime Minister is persuaded to attend the launching of a Hair Salon belonging to an Indian because it will be good for BN if he did so!

It is now certain that the silent Indian votes were crucial in the swing against BN in the 2008 elections. It will again be crucial for BN and PR at this 13th GE.

When everyone has been talking about the coming 13th general election he was not. He was talking about the 14th general election.  He said that the anti-establishment sentiments amongst so many Malaysians will make this 13th general election too close to call –and whoever comes into government will need to consolidate and put into place what has been demanded by the people.  There is simply too much to do within MIC and there is not enough time to do it before the 13th general election. Samy Velu and his cohorts still rules!

He was of the opinion that a wholesale change of leaders at the top echelon of MIC must be effected if the party were to be relevant to the times that we now live in – that was why he said that change within MIC might start to happen after the 13th general election and the Indians hopefully can be a force on their own terms within any government by the 14th general elction. And that set me thinking.    

If all the forces against this UMNO led Barisan Nasional were able to merge into a single body or group and dedicate itself to the task of ensuring UMNO’s demise, then as sure as the sun will rise in the East tomorrow, we will have a new government in place by the 13th general election.

But you and I know that that would be a big ask. Too big an ask to get everyone to unite under ABU…too much to ask of too many people and too many groups with too little time to do so. Maybe like what my friend said…change will start now but it really is the 14th GE that will put all that matters to us into perspective - the leaders we want, the politicians we need and the democratic process to make all that possible might then become a reality.

For now we can comfort ourselves with these thoughts. This 13th general election will certainly define our future. It will be many things to different people - but if there is one thing we can all agree to it is this:

For the first time in our history we are having an election that is genuinely unpredictable.

Whether by design or by default Barisan Nasional has finally and grudgingly delivered to us the closest thing to a fair and free election. It is now up to us to do the right thing for ourselves.

We are already in a new an unpredictable era where the voices of many who has been ignored for so long, can no longer be ignored. The politicians will have to come to grips with our demands for accountability and openness in everything that they do. That is why who we have to represent us, who are our leaders and who will be in government at state and federal level after the 12th general election will be decided by us – the Rakyat!

So why are we settling for anything less then the best?

Why is DAP settling for Anwar Ibrahim to lead Pakatan Rakyat? We know what Kit Siang and Karpal have said of Anwar in the past. We know the Chinese in DAP and elsewhere are settling for Anwar as leader of Pakatan Rakyat by default –there is simply no one better on the horizon who they think can lead the opposition for now. So it is a case of just ignoring the obvious and put up with him just so that we can get UMNO out. And then what?

Put Anwar on a leash and make sure he does not stray too far away from the path of righteousness?  DAP makes a deal with Anwar to leave the Chinese well alone to enable them to do what they know best – make money for themselves while they allow Anwar to do what he has wanted to be – be Prime Minister? And who are the Rakyat to say otherwise? 

And what about the others that comes with Anwar? Allow them to take positions within government? As UMNO has allow its own to be Chairman of Felda, Risda? Allow these cronies to pick what they want from lucrative government projects, tenders and business opportunities as is done by UMNO? Are we going to have more Syed Mokhtar’s, Vincent Tan’s or those millionaies and billionaires that Mahathir said he was responsible in making – only this time Anwar will claim that he had a hand in making them? And who will be head of Petronas? Of EPU and who will be Ministers of JKR, Treasury and the other plump Ministries where the business of making money for politicians far out weigh that of serving the people?

And too soon we will see another Razak Baginda in  the making or another KJ strutting amongst us and in the corridors of powers! God! - the thought of that sickens me to the very core of my being!

And for the Malays that think we must have a Malay as Prime Minister -  let me remind you of this. Was not Mahathir and Najib Malays? Now tell me would you rather not have Guan Eng in their place as Prime Minister?

And as for those that say Nurrul is not ready to lead – tell me did you not follow what happened in Thailand when Yingluck became Prime Minister? When Megawati Sukarno became President of Indonesia? And who do you think would lead Burma if free and fair elections were to be held today if not Aung Sang Sui Kyi?

I know that the usual suspects will hantam me for going back to the same mantra – but excellence in the calibre of people seeking public service is not only a requirement but a prerequisite if one is to be considered worthy of selection – what more serve. We have had people of this calibre before and we can have them again in the future if we choose wisely.     

Let us all get out of our comfort zone. It is not the government duty to level the disproportion in society caused by race, religion or the unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities. It is ours! First we need to choose the right people to represent us. We must do as they do in America.  In the USA they choose the best person to fill any post in government from any party.

Politics is a noble art that can have dignity and compassion within it. Let us get beyond race, religion and petty prejudices of gender in choosing our leaders. Let us once again have leaders that you and I can call our own. Leaders who will answer to the people who put them there.

How invigorating would it be to have Karpal Singh as Governor of Penang! And Kit Siang of Malacca? Guan Eng and Nurrul at the very top of Government? And to have Sabah, Sarawak and Semenanjong all represented in Cabinet based on their ability to serve and their allegiance to king, county and the Rakyat! 

I have seen this in Malaysia many years ago under TUNKU. I want to see it again today for my children and grandchildren before I close my eyes and leave this earth. Amen.


  1. Dear Abang,
    I'm a Chinese, but I would like to see either Hadi Awang, or insya-Allah, Tok Guru as PM.
    I really don't care what race my PM is as long as:
    1. He believes in pahala and dosa.
    2. Which means he will do the right thing whether it's popular or not.
    3. Our country will be prosperous if we can weed out most of the corruption.

  2. Sir,

    Tiada rotan, akar pun jadi. DSAI pun DSAI lah. Dia jauh lebih baik berbanding Najib.

    Habis lama 5 tahun sahaja. Kalau baik, 10 tahun, lepas tu , kita tukar ganti. Tak salahkan?

    Alangkah bagusnya dua parti menjadi nyata.

  3. Come the 14th GE, if BN still remains in power they will probably present the Government to the present opposition on a platter because there will be not much left to be plundered in our country. It has to be in the 13th GE, otherwise.....I leave to your own imagintion

  4. I agreed with this writer. I think the best person to be PM is still LGE. But the malays will be the ones who will object. We need him because he is transparent, good management, clean govt. and most of all bring in investment which means to help the economy to grow. Someone who has integrity as well as brain.

    PAS has to think more of the economy if they want to be the head of the country. If all that they think is religious issues, then, there will be bound to be division and trouble in the country.

    PKR is the middle road, but allegations of corruption and a lot more of their members will do a frog jump than the other coalition is a cause for concern.

    I still think DAP is still the best party.

    Give DAP a chance to lead.

  5. Bro,
    I too wish to see a government as what was during tunkus time.Corruption was unheard of in any form then but now its a fade.
    A lot of malaysians want to see the end of Bn and its culture of corruption.GE13 will see BN in the opposition bench.
    As for PM i would like Tuan guru hadi ,tuan guru nik aziz{if he wins a parliment seat] as co-pm with DSAI.
    Tony pua would make a good finance minister{his experience in founding and heading a listed company and his knowledge in economics}
    Ambiga would,i believe make a good CJ,Minister of law would be Gobind singh,Nurul would be welfare minister and she need not be in a hurry,Health minister would be dr.jeyakumar,Minister of education would be Dr.Zul from PAS,Khalid samad would make a good home minister.
    All the negh,ngoo and lius can concentrate on state issues.
    The sharing of seats/ministerships could cause discomfort in PR ,as such, it would be nice and fair that the number of posts be equal among all PR components even though the number of seats they hold could differ. By this way, no one component of Pr will feel junior in standing.NO more, More equal among equals.
    Im of the opinion that majority of indians Will Vote PR,What we are made to believe otherwise does not hold water but more of deception tactics by mic saying that indians are flocking back to bn, bullshit.
    Mic knows very well it is iirelevant as far as the indians are concerned but in order to create a perception favourable to mic and to beg for the same number of seats as in 2008 avoiding conflicts among mic leadership.There is distrust among the upper leadership among themselves as to who is contesting where. Camerons and tapah are very tense because g palanivel wants a winnable seat for himself.
    In conclusion, lets all ABU ABU ABU.

  6. Meagwati, Yingluck, ASK are all decades older than that stupid bitch.

    they have all had their own lives one way or another.

    Nurul's only claim to fame is like all the other nepotistic parasites, is just that hanging on to daddy's bollocks.

    No thanks might as well hand the country over to a 10 yo kid or straight to Paul Islam hater wolfowotz.

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  7. Besides Parliament and ADUN seats, we should also have PM and DPM to-be to contest, something like movie awards and let the rakyat choose the best PM to run the country. Anyone whose intelligent level surpasses the benchmark could be the candidate material for the posts.

  8. Hi,
    The huge crowd at batu caves during the thaipusam festival were there to fullfill their respective vows made to Lord Muruga NOT to receive and honor pm najib.
    The festival was slyly hijacked by mic not minding a religious festival turned to create political illusion and a mirage.
    Most attendees there were really pissed off with the hijacking and to mic even a religious festival was not spared from creating a self deceptive illusion of being wanted and loved by the indians.It shows how desperate mic is.
    This same tactic was also used by astro in organising concerts by artistes from india and calling it a "ponggal festival nite" and inviting the pm and mrs. to come see the support mic is gaining from the indians. One could clearly see that the invited guests were really bored and started looking all over and was not even looking in the direction of mrs.palanivel. Make dont know. Mrs. palanivel was always looking for any response from but "ondrum ellai" just kolaveri di.
    Its high time PR indian leaders made themselves VISIBLE ,except for surendran, the rest seems invisible.How are indian fence sitters to know that PR indeed has indian leaders. Sivarasah is too quiet, kapar mike has toned down and is known only in kapar. Good riddance to gobala.
    It is high time sivarasah shows his face around .
    Reality on the ground is, if the people dont see you or hear you, then they dont know you.Its no use sitting in the office covered with work when people need to hear and see him.This invisiblity causes a perception that PR has no indian leaders so might as well vote mic.A bit of racist thought but its reality.
    High time indians in PR show themselves .
    Kapar mike, dap kula are sort of idols among indians.At PR ceramahs ,be it Pas, Dap or Pkr ceramahs, indian leaders must show themselves and this will cause indian fence sitters to vote PR.
    No need to impress the youngsters because they will vote for PR whichever component of PR cos they have blunt axes to grind with bn but it is those mama,mami tata n pati type that needs immediate attention because they are drunk on mic but are appearing to sober up now.With some appearence from PR indian leaders ,the votes will be in.
    I wish that in any PAS, DAP or PKR creamah,leaders of all races be on the stage to show unity and brotherhood thus gaining votes from all races.
    Tq. Bro , keep up the good work.

  9. Dear Sir,

    From my 2 cents worth: Malaysia will ONLY prosper and excel if and when the Malays change their way of thinking. As long as the Malays go on shouting about their race, religion and special previliges, Malaysia will lag behind. The problem with this special 'previlige' is, it doean't matter how stupid, corrupted, etc, the person is, he/she still sits at important position. The so called religious people are very busy telling people not to celebrate valentine day, do this and do that. But I have never yet read any where where these righteous ones say against corruption, abuse of power, injustices, etc,etc. Take the RM250 million 'given' to NFC, for example. Malaysia has a population of about 28 million. Instead of giving that RM250 million to just the Sharizat family, if each person of the Malaysian population( minus Mahathir and his children and the others)3 million each, there would be no poor people in Malaysia and there is still left overs for building schools, hospitals, etc. NFC is only of of many giveaways by the Government. Don't you ever wonder, how beautiful it would be???There will not be any Malaysian citizens living in little huts made of discarded wooden boxes. Go and look some where in Inanam where the staff of the KK Municipal Council staff are living. You will understand what I mean. How can a Government be so kind to a few but blatantly cruel to the majority. Where are the righteous people?? They should be shouting for injustices until they are frothing at the mouths, instead of valentine day.

  10. May be I m wrong but I always thought that we have so many capable persons to chose from amongs PR leaders....from PAS apart from Tok guru and Hadi,we have got Nizar,Dr Zul,Khalid Samad,Husam...from DAP of course Kit and Karpal and LGE,Anthony Loke and from PKR,apart from Nurul,Rafizi looks brilliant.......but then for that to happen,ABU will have to take place first and looking at the way Malaysian are behaving , ABU is easier said than done.......

  11. The writer is one of the awakened, actually Malaysia had been ruined to the brink of collapse, change is not an option it is a must if Malaysia ever want to have a chance to revive. The task for PR is huge.

    UMNO-BN had mismanaged the country resources, divide and rule had created a very difficult social ills to be right, the mass Malay had been misdirected, spoiled may take generation to standup.

    The writer is correct, you need leaders like LGE, LKS, Kapar Singh, Nurul, Dr Dulfk etc with rakyat serve mind set to give the push and lead and revive the rotten administration.

    It is not easy task, but if rakyat are brave enough, it can see the result very fast, may be surprising fast, human have this herb mentality, they can join the herb and change very fast, it has been proven. Equally it rot fast too, if you do not get the right leader.

  12. Yes, I would also like to see a Malaysia for Malaysian! A cabinet of people with calibre, not bootlickers. But it can only happen if the Malays open their heart & mind, and not cling onto Mahathir's racial slant of do not trust the Chinese! We really need to sort out our education, finanace & health portfolio. Others will fall in place if we can organise our education, finance & health policies. A people's before profit policy. Free education & universal healthcare for all.

  13. 3 or 4 elections ago, US have a choice of a robot and an idiot as President. They chose an idiot, Bush Jnr. The rest is history.

  14. Since Razak took power Umno has embarked on a journey of natural selection and breeding the best and toughest pedigrees. Today we are seeing the fruits of their labour, sadly it was all detrimental to the country and nation. Today we all know UMNO is nothing but a den of thieves, murderers, rapist and anything bad.
    On this point, despite all your valid arguments, we have no choice but to sailang all our future on this not so ideal Anwar. then pray hard that there is enough good men and women to restrain the Umno in Anwar from running wild, which is given as glimpses of this traits in him is already evident today.

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    Nurul is still a clean slate. She does not deserve foul language from a lowlife like you.

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  16. Dear Hussein, fair and free elections? You must be dreaming my friend. This will be the dirtiest election ever. Umno will pull every dirty and underhanded trick in the book and then some, to hold on to power. They already have the EC, PDRM, the Military, Rela, MSM and Umno Youth doing their dirty work for them in juggling voter distributions, thugs intimidating PR ceramahs, etc. etc. as reported in the alternative news media. How do you see "fair and free elections" these?

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    in the words of RPondanK,
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