Friday 30 March 2012

UMNO Baru. Melayu Baru?

I had hope that with political power the Malays, together with their Sultans, would bestow upon our nation all that its people could have hoped and aspired for – a just, compassionate and caring society. For are we Malays not known for our gentle demeanour? Are not the Malays respectful of others and all too often conduct themselves to the point of being subservient to others when in fact it is in their psyche to put the needs of others before their own? If there ever were to be a Mandela amongst our people, I will have no doubt that it would be a Malay. The Malay embody most of what is good in life – never one to impose their will upon others and always conducting themself in a manner that can only be in harmony with others and mindful of not intruding into the affairs of those around them. So wither has UMNO gone?

Is not UMNO a Malay party? Why is UMNO arrogant and despicable in its conduct? Where has the Malay trait of being respectful of the rights of others who lived amongst us vanished to within UMNO? What need is there for UMNO to conduct themselves in a manner so unbecoming of a Malay? The disregard for Family Values, the overt display of power and ostentatious wealth that has required for those within UMNO to indulge in the unmitigated worship of all thing material that is so alien to the Malays race – what one would call greed.  This seems to be the overpowering sensibility that drives all the things that UMNO do! Where has the Malay in UMNO gone to?

Family values. This week we witness the spectacle of Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, a Datuk Seri and a Minister, no less, who absolved himself of any responsibility for the action of his own son Mohamad Nedim.

(Malaysian Digest) - “I cannot be responsible for his actions. It has nothing to do with me,” said de facto law minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz in response to allegations linking his son Mohamad Nedim to an assault case last week.

The Malaysian Insider reported that Nazri has refused to respond to the allegations against his son, saying the latter is an adult and could handle his own affairs.

“It (the incident involving Mohamad Nedim) has nothing to do with me,” Nazri told the news portal when approached in Parliament yesterday.

Police report or no police report a Malay father would feel not only a responsibility for the doings of his own children no matter what the age, but more then that he would not have hesitated to take responsibility for not having brought up his children to become a responsible and god fearing adult. This Datuk Seri chooses to do otherwise. That he did not take responsibility for his ‘adult’ son’s behaviour only serves to do UMNO no good. Surely his son’s conduct is not that of an adult who is able to handle his own affairs? In our eyes this Datuk Seri does bear some responsibility. If his own parents were unable to impart that knowledge to him while he was growing up and if he does not understand that it takes a whole kampong to make a child into a responsible adult – then we will have to tell him. We are our brother keeper – what more our son! But then this is acceptable behaviour within UMNO! So what does that say about UMNO?

If the pursuit of power and money has taken the Malay out of UMNO then were not Tunku, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn Malays who made us Malays proud that they were Malays? But they say that with UMNO Baru came Melayu Baru! If the Melayu Baru is exemplified by this Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, by that Raba Raba JJ, by Rahim Thamby Chik, by Khir Toyo, by that Keris Waving Hishmuddin, by Mahathir, by the pompous Muhyiddin and by Datk Seri Najib…then spare me the Melayu Baru!

I have no doubt that within UMNO there are many Malays that resent the direction UMNO has taken in their rush to greatness. But what is great about Khir Toyo - an UMNO Menteri Besar who was convicted of corruption? What is great about Sharizat  - an UMNO Minister  - who must surely share responsibility with her husband for the abuse of the Rakyat’s money in the NFC debacle? And what is great about an UMNO that no longer is able to provide the moral and ethical leadership required of it by the Malays?

Or maybe UMNO no longer considers morals and ethics relevant in its headlong rush to retain political power? I would caution restraint and would advise more thought be directed towards rethinking the need to regain the high ground of moral and ethical responsibility if UMNO is to gain back its lost position as a party representative of the Malays. If anything UMNO needs to do this if it seeks to secure the critical mass within the Malays to vote it into power again. Only by returning the Malay into UMNO can UMNO have any hope of surviving the political tsunami that hit it in 2008 at the 12th general elections. 

For UMNO to do so before the 13th General Election is almost asking for the impossible. At best UMNO can hope for a hung Parliament and then go on to form government after ‘deals’ are negotiated with the East Malaysian. At worst UMNO will face defeat. In the process of facing defeat UMNO will decide whether to give up government with grace or stay at all costs. The Malays are graceful in defeat but then we all know that the Malay has been taken out of UMNO many years ago!

The possibilities are endless but the future of UMNO to be relevant to the times we now live in will depend on the Malay being put back into UMNO. We wait to see if this is what UMNO will do in order to live and fight another day or shall we see UMNO Baru and the Melayu Baru they spawned go down the road of political oblivion? Only time will tell.   


  1. 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' seems relevant to deteriorating discipline among the young people, regardless of race. I am not suggesting the actually caning aspect, but the recognition of offences which should be pointed out and dealt with.

    If parents deem fit to complain about their children being disciplined by teachers at school, then this might become bigger problems when older, and as adults, when they are protected by their parents who have wealth and power to cover their mistakes and even crimes.

    It has to do with our society being materialistic too where people are judged by what they possess: palatial homes and luxurious cars, regardless of how the wealth was obtained. Some have the attitude that with money, anything can be bought or settled and they are oblivious to others perception of them.

    Presently, I have problems with having students who stayed away from classes and smoking near our house. I complained when they disturbed our dogs or even threw stones at them. But there is a limit as to how much I can complain as we are like sitting ducks as targets of hooliganism if they got angry.

  2. You are an old geezer and I am heading that way too. Many of us old timers are living in the good past.

    Not wanting to sound racist but when I were much much younger, the Malays were wary of the Chinese businessmen. Now when there are also many Malays in business, we are wary of all of them. Signs of the time?

    On the road, we also see demure Malay ladies in tudung cutting into other drivers' lanes or beating traffic lights. Another sign of the time we are living now.

    I guess this is the real 1Malaysia. No more distinction in altitudes and behaviour between the races. What is left is only skin colour which will get blurry with more inter-racial marriages.

    UMNO Baru was formed in 1988. The old UMNO is dead and buried. With it, went the old gentlemen leaders and grassroots Malays. They were replaced by Malay leaders (as well as pseudo-Malay) who worship power and wealth. The grassroots are now those who expect manna to be provided. Fighting for the Malay 'cause' only remains a masquerade to hide their personal greed.

    Nazri washes his hands off his son's transgressions yet he is still feeding the monster in his son. How else you explain the Porsche, bodyguards and his high living without holding any real job? Typical of the attitudes and conduct of those in UMNO Baru. There can nothing be wrong with them and their kins and kinds.

    The rakyat is moving on to a new Malaysia; a much equitable and conducive one. And UMNO-BN will soon be left standing on the platform when the train has long left the station.


  3. The days of bad siblings of the royal families have long gone only to be replaced by a new dawn of bad siblings and spouses of the UMNO elites. The wife of Najib, the husband of Shahrizat and that sonofabitch of Nazri are the building blocks of the hallmark of Melayu Baru.

  4. Without appearing class conscious nor putting anybody down, this is my 2 cents worth:-

    The UMNO of old especially its founding fathers were from blue blood, educated elite class like Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak etc... In those days, these wealthy educated class were the cream of society, they had their own code of conduct. Well bred.

    As the country became wealthy, opportunity abound rural migration took place. rural folks were peasants, some are pure simple minded folks others brought with them a whole culture of coarseness and other form of vulgarities. Of course some of the elites too have it in them too but its never displayed in public for fear of being ostracized

    Like in many societies of the past all over the world, the elites in Malaysia were the cultured, cultivated and genteel people. As the rural Malays became wealthier..mostly by becoming affiliated with UMNO, these peasants suddenly became nouveau-riche.....all hell broke loose!

    With the breakdown of social class barrier...this kacang lupakan kulit Malays penetrated the ranks of the elites bringing their polluting ways aggravated further by the inherent ostentatious and pompous characteristic of the elite(simmering under a genteel exterior)....a potent mix of outdoing each other....WALLA! we Malaysians have a new breed of Melayu Baru

    I'm sure this things happen too among the Chinese and Indian.... so the mix-bag of Melayu Baru + Cina Baru + Indian Baru, we get Orang Malaysia Baru....

    How I yearn for the good old days where life was with my great grandma among simple Malay and Chinese and Indian folks...we lived simply but harmoniously.. each race respected and tolerated the other. 

    I hate BN-UMNO... its ABU all the way for deviating from that!

    Hope my comment does not hurt anybody's feelings. Its just my 2 cents worth.   
    Have a nice day!

  5. To borrow from zaid Ibrahim.....saya pun melayu.....but really nothing to be proud of,I m giving you three things that make the Malays failed.....their obsession with the awards and title given by their nine monkeys,namely the so called Raja2 melayu,their believe in myths and folklore and the use of Islam to right all their wrong doing....that three things is enough to make them the biggest hypocrite race in the world.

  6. Anon 8:58(ASR), Please have some respect for other readers here. We live in a civilized society. Your prejudiced remark is unwarranted here. It has nothing to do with this particular article.

    Behave yourself if you want to be part of the community reading this blog. Just because you comment as an Anon, have you got no self respect? Why are you treating others badly? Whats your Problem?

  7. Gosh how low can this guy be! Anon 8:58(ASR) is the same guy as Anon March 31, 2012 8:00:00 PM in the article "Cakap Cakap.You said I said. An attempt at clarity" and the same guy whose asslicking/bootlicking RPK.

    DONT BOTHER ABOUT REACTING TO HIM...JUST LIKE HIS HANDLER RPK, THEY ARE BOTH PSYCHOTIC. Perhaps They Are One And The Same Person? See how he gets Mengamuk when anybody crticise RPK.


  8. The Bangsarians are hurt, awwww.



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  11. This blog have seen better times. What a mess!

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    Trying to find good comments is like looking for a needle in a haystack!

    The owner obviously doesnt care about his readers enough to provide a healthy place for people to comment.

  13. ..... This week we witness the spectacle of Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, a Datuk Seri and a Minister, no less, who absolved himself of any responsibility for the action of his own son Mohamad Nedim.....-Hussein

    What sort of parent you make I wonder? You cant even take care of your blog...look at its condition? You allow flaming..You allow trolls....

    RPK with garbage mouth and arrogant ways have bred a son who is a misfit. Trying to be kingmaker when he cant even take care of his family..What bullshit! Just like his Pa..his son got no respect for civil society....

  14. As I See It...
    Time to take charge of your blog En Hussein. Shouldnt allow flamers the like of Anon 8:58... Thats sure helluva way to get loads of garbage in here.....

  15. UMNO BARU is just a makeover of UMNO. The majority of Malays are of the Melayu Baru type. Bred and fed by UMNO througUMNO BARU is just a makeover of UMNO. The majority of Malays are  of the Melayu Baru type. Bred and fed by UMNO through NEP.  They refuse to work hard, they are too dependent on the Government and they feel that this country owe them a living and their Bumiputra status make them invincible especially if they are linked with UMNO!

    This is the reason why when they hold Political or Government office or Government link Coropration they feel that its their right to plunder and abuse their power... After all arent they bumiputras?

    Even the Malays from the lower end of the population are no exception. Look at all the education loans given to them..most are undeserving...worst still they dont even bother to pay! Of course most will use the argument that they have no job..Who wants them!..they have poor work attitude, no motivation and with their worthless qualification they think hell of themselves.

    Most of The colleges that these Malays go to belong to UMNO goons... They get easy money from the loans given to these under achiever Malay youngsters. These colleges run by UMNOputras is poorly administered, lacking professionalism and churning copious run of the mill type of degrees and diplomas. What a waste of taxpayers money.

    Because of the very poor quality education they receive, top up with laziness, poor discipline, poor work attitude These so called Malay college grads cannot find employment "befitting" their so call discipline of studies...and they refuse to take lesser jobs as they feel that its beneath them...then they and their parents expect the government to help them find jobs!

    In the first place, these Malay youth are underachievers and do poorly in their examination..yet when given the opportunity to study using public funds they are not grateful and refuse to make the best use of the opportunity given to them..Why? Why should they be grateful..arent they bumiputras..its their right! 

    These are the type of new Malays UMNO have produced after over 50 years in power.

    I'm a Malay...what I've written is my experience as an employer... The state the Malay youth are in, is a real cause for concern.

    Time to remove Bn-UMNO... otherwise their is no hope and no future for the Malays....

     ABU! ABU! ABU!

  16. Visitor.....if you can't agree to disagree,really I'm not I think you should know what to do?