Monday 5 March 2012


In the respectful silence that surrounds those who are terminally ill, we, the living, watch as they struggle for breath with the help of an oxygen mask. For hours there has been no sign of consciousness. Death is near. While those who are about to leave us are peaceful in their last moments, we who are left behind are not. We cry. We pray. We implore heaven and earth to give us more time with our love ones. And when all else fail, we hope for one last conscious moment from the dying to tell them again of our love for them.

Those who have been at bedside vigils as their love ones leave this earthly bounds will know of these moments just before we lose them.

My Friends we are now losing our MALAYSIA! It has suffered from over fifty years of utter neglect and great abuse. It is slowly but surely slipping away from us under the burden and terminal havoc that UMNO has wreck upon it. 

Every Ministry, every government department and every agency and every government machinery and more in Malaysia, has been politicised and/or personalised.

Politicised for the vested interest of this UMNO led Barisan Nasional regime.

Personalised for the vested personal interest of those within these organizations without whose assist UMNO cannot inflict their corrupt political will upon them.
We have an authoritarian government that controls the army, the police, parliament, government and the elections not for the good of its people but for their hold on power.

Do we have any honest men and women left in government and in politics?


But against the onslaught of a corrupt and self centred Barisan Nasional these honest men and women can do nothing to stem the rot that permeates every nook and cranny of our nation.


Let us look at what is happening in Malaysia today. The two most powerful forces within our country today are the Armed Forces and PDRM. The head of the Army and of PDRM is decided by the Prime Minister/UMNO with a some leeway given to the need to not totally ignore protocol when making these appointments – but ultimately these appointees are beholden to the Prime Minister for their appointments.

In PDRM, after the IGP comes the heads of Departments. Let us take the CID. We have seen the Director of CID prosecuted for corruption and his so called abuse of his executive powers while Director of CID. He was dragged through the courts on trumped up charges and in the process humiliated and lost any chances of career advancement within PDRM. We saw this good, honest and decent man make a stand against being roll over by a government gone mad! And ultimately he won but at what costs to himself and his family? A lifetime of service ignored to serve the interest of those who serve the interest of their political masters!

But decency and fairness has never been a trait of this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government! For UMNO humiliating another Malay, be it the Chief Justice, a Director of CID or even its own DPM is par for the course if it serves UMNO’s purpose!   

Further down the PDRM chain of command are those involved in operational duties -  like the riot squad. We have seen them being used time and time again to harass the Rakyat and to physically intimidate activists from NGO’s and civil liberty groups.

Those within PDRM who are the face of the POLICE – those policemen on the ground  - are either on the take or killing suspects in custody if not whqacking them close to death!

So from the IGP down to the policemen walking the streets the police force is suspect! Are they any honest policemen left in the force? Certainly they are – but as we know, it only takes one black sheep to taint the whole force. When from the IGP down the force is tainted what hope do these honest cops have? 

Take the Armed Forces. They take their orders from the government of the day and we already know whom the bloody government of the day is.

But the big money in the Army is the civilian side that manages the army and decides on its purchases from food, medical requirements, providing barracks and housing for its men and officers to the purchase and maintenance of its weapon and equipments.

Tell me, how many ex-KSU’s from MINDEF are now working with the very same companies that supplies MINDEF requirements after they retire?

How many Generals are now in business? How many Colonels and Majors are now ‘managing’ their own business supplying MINDEF requirements from Maggi Mee to Guns and Ammunitions?

If even at this lower level the ARMY compromises itself, what about the purchases of Submarines, Tanks and Aircrafts and Vehicles?

You all remember the decision made to LEASE the Army vehicle requirements –the cars used in the Army? This led to a situation where the cost to repair  these vehicles became more expensive then the costs of buying them!

I need not go into the cost of buying submarines, helicopters, aircrafts, ships, and patrol boats, tanks - every single MINDEF requirement is controlled at its source by UMNO politicians! And that is why MINDEF is haemorrhaging billions of Ringgits! And this was hine into a fine art under Najib tenure as Minister of Defense with the able assist of his FLOM (Fat Lady of Malaysia!) aka TTPLOM (The Ten Percent Lady of Malaysia!)  

When can we see PDRM and the Armed Forces able to manage themselves in a mature, responsible and non-political way and prove to the people that they have come of age? Definitely not under this Barisan Nasional government!

What is happening in PDRM and the Army is typical of the endemic corruption and abuse of executive power now running rampant within this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government – and it is so because the politics of patronage and money is the only way UMNO knows to exist.  


The tragedy for UMNO is that it does not believe in anything other then money! Its President thinks so, its political elites thinks so and every UMNO member thinks so. The lure of money, what they can do with money and what money can do for them dominates every aspect of UMNO and occupies the thinking process from the political elites to the cawangan level in UMNO. From their PWTC that costs millions and millions to build to the lifestyle they lead, the ostentatious lifestyle of leaders past and present everything shouts MONEY! They think everything is possible with money. They know everything is possible with money. And anything that makes money is their GOD! Money is their GOD!

What would be the cost to us and to our country if this UMNO led BN government is to win government after the 13th general election? We need to look at this sensibly and understand the ramification of a BN government for another five years.

You can take any government department or any agency and I will tell you how any semblance of integrity or credibility has been compromised almost beyond our ability to comprehend because it is greed that drives what they do – not the well being of the Rakyat nor duty to King and Country.

The Fire Brigades? The most corrupt department around! I was involved in the supply of buses equipped with educational materials and equipments to be use as mobile educational centres to teach the Rakyat about how to prevent and fight fires.

The costs of these buses were ‘top up’ by at least RM$30,000 each to ‘cover’ those within the Ministry and the Department who were involved in the award of the contract. Of course those who secured the  contract were not bus manufactures neither were they the people able to equip these buses with the necessary tools. My sub, sub contract was way down the line – we only did the signage work! And I had a hell of a time getting payment from the main contractor!

I think we all know about similar situations within any government departments and agencies. As I have said at the start of this article, anything under the control of this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government has either been politicised or personalized to bleed cash!

So out with these UMNO bastards! Out with their Barisan Nasional accomplices before we run out of cash to bleed and they then want our blood and our pound of flesh!  

They might have everything in their favour – but we have the numbers! People power in Manila and Indonesia ousted Marcos and Suharto. People power brought a change in government in Thailand. Even in Burma today there is real hope for change as the people awaked from years of neglect by a government that knew no better until the plight of its people even made the Generals think again about change. Vietnam self-awareness will ensure that the people’s interest will be paramount in the things that its government does. Cambodia is still in its infancy and it would be just about where Malaysia is now in terms of where this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government has regressed to!

All that we see before us in terms of physical progress and the display of wealth and ostentatious consumption is brittle and profits a few Malaysians.

We have all witnessed the wilful destruction of lives and properties in Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta when the frustrations of the masses got the better of them. In fact we have had our baptism of fire May 13th 1969 – way before any of them!

In 1969, like today, UMNO had control of the Army, the Police, Government, Parliament and election. We now know what UMNO did in 1969 that had ramifications on our life until today.

Do not say that nothing has changed since 1969. Today UMNO does not have all the Malays on side. Today the numbers are stacked against UMNO and Barisan Nasional! Today our people want change – and those who want change numbers in the millions!

Enough millions to make the difference for ABU to be a force of change. Enough millions to make UMNO think again should they decide to take government by force! Enough millions to keep those UMNO bastards honest and accept defeat at the 13th general elections!

You are one, with me we are two!
Who else will join us?
On with ABU!


  1. Today, we were told (tough there were hints earlier) that we had a training submarine, that is is now decommissioned, and that it has been given to a museum. Is it time to buy another one? I mean, how can you train the submariners without one?

  2. honest n good man like tan sri hassan marican left malaysia n is working in singapore/??why??

  3. Sir,

    Yes Sir, we need change. The alternatives are not perfect, still need politics 101, but slowly but surely, it cannot but be better than BN.

    PR needs to control Putrajaya so that it can control the money and distribute them fairly to all states.

    At the moment PR-controlled states don't get much funds from Putrajaya, so we cannot blame some for the lack of development.

    I believe that corruption will be a lot less under PR compared to BN.