Sunday 18 March 2012

Zero Corruption Culture for PDRM… yeah when Pigs fly!

Ismail (the IGP) said he would strive to inculcate zero corruption culture in PDRM.

Culture: “the beliefs, customs, practices, and social behaviour of a particular nation or people”

Ismail who don’t you turun padang incognito and ask the people what they think of the Police? They will tell you that UMNO, BN and PDRM are the three most corrupt entities in Malaysia. This insidious culture of corruption has been allowed to be inculcated into PDRM with UMNO’s collusion long before you arrive.

What is particularly worrying for all of us is that your policeman have better weapons then the Ttriads: Are better organized then the Heavenly Kings of the Underworld. And most frightening of all, your policemen are vested with the authority to go about the business of being corrupt under the guise of legality!

•    Barisan Nasional Politicians cannot stop me on the street

      and ask me for money. Your policemen can.

•    No UMNO politicians can shot me dead and get away

      with it. Your policemen can!    

•    No politicians can whack me while I am  demonstrating 

     against the loss of my civil liberties. Your policemen can!

This IGP reckons that 1% of his 100,000 policemen are corrupt. That is 1000 policemen – less then 10 in each state! You can reckon what you want IGP but I reckon there are at least 1000 in Kuala Lumpur alone…a good place to start looking fort them would be at the IPK Selangor overlooking Bukit Bintang and Jalan Bandar. Add a few more zero to the 1000 and you will be heading in the right direction – if you want to be honest with yourself!

Now this selesai business happens everyday of the week, every hour of the day if not every other minute of the day. It happens to me, to my brothers, my sister, my uncles, aunties, cousins and many, many, many friends and acquaintances. It would seems that these people are always running into the same 1000 corrupt policemen that you say exists in the police force! 

And Ismail you talk about the number of corrupt policemen being small but if left unchecked could spread like cancer? Huh? What cancer? Aisehman cancer in PDRM it is already past level four! Kalau it is somebody you know who is inflicted with this cancer you will already have booked a lot for him at  the Ampang Muslim Cemetery. That is how sick your Police Force is!

That 1% you are talking about will not even cover the number of Policemen who beat up suspects in custody. Suspects who should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise by the courts – but your 1% appoint themselves judge, jury and executioner! 

That 1% you are talking about may be the number of policemen that HAVE NEVER taken a bribe. Now Ismail are you in this 1% ?

If you say “YES” then I say that you are indeed an honest man. If you say “NO” then I must ask you how then did UMNO decide that you are worthy of being the IGP?

"It is always regrettable to hear someone say many policemen are corrupt. This is not good," he told reporters after the launch of the Police-NKRA Reject Bribery posters here Wednesday.

Ismail what is good about dying in custody? What is good about being fired upon with tear gas? What is good about being ‘persuaded’ to pay bribes to your policemen? Of course it is all no good!
Let me tell you about a racket going on between your policemen and tow truck operators in Jalan Bandar. When the contracted Tow Trucks operators tow illegally parked cars to the Jalan Bandar Police Station do you know what happens?

When you go to the Balai Polis Jalan Bandar the first person I am told to talk to is the Tow Truck driver–not your policemen. Your policemen told me to go and selesai with the tow truck operators because your policemen tells me “Belum masuk buku lagi” …Yes Tuan IGP, your policemen have not yet done the paperwork  - and they will not do the paperwork until I talk to the tow truck operators to selesai the matter. That way the money goes into their pockets not to the government. And that is happening in just one of your Police Station. IPK Selangor is another ‘selesai’ place! And after you have ‘selesai’ your problems your policemen might even belanja you lunch at the canteen on the first floor with your money!
You policemen have got third a world mentality mind set operating with first world weapons capable of hurting, maiming and killing the very people you are sworn to defend and protect.

You shoot dead suspects who carry knives and your policemen claims self defence?

You beat up political prisoners and treat them worse then thugs and murderers because your political master encourages and condone these kind of behaviour?

Tell me Mr IGP what will it take to make you understand that to the people of this nation, the Police are the running dogs of UMNO and Barisan Nasional ….that means you do what UMNO tells you to do because they feed you.

I never thought the day would come when I think this way of the Police Force – the Police Force where my father started as a Special Constable and retired as Director of CID. What PDRM has become today is a shadow of what it was then. Not all the shine and glory of the uniform you wear can ever camouflage the stench of corruption within PDRM and the sense of betrayal the people’s feel towards a Police Force that was once one of Asia’s finest! Tuan IGP I can tell you that there is nothing you can be proud about with regards to your Policemen. Nothing at all. Most of them are just thugs legally carrying weapons to terrorize the local population.
End of story!   


  1. Very harsh indictment but very true in every joe public's view. It's very unfortunate for the country that we continue to have such top leaders like the CPO not having the backbone to do what is necessary instead of trying to fool themselves and everyone else with all these usual BN-type feelgood drivel.

  2. Did the bloody IGP said CULTURE? Sounds so UMNO lah, everything is cultured in form, zero in function, all slogan, slogan and slogan. To weed out corrupted policemen, we must cut them off from their protectors. Just vote UMNO/BN out this PRU13 because they are the corrupters of our police force!

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    It was updated because there may be some who badly needs money and therefore succumb to the temptation with suggestion how to spoil pre-marked ballot paper.

  4. You know the joke going around on our police force. Before, we have a road sign that read "Stop Look Go". Now it's been replaced with "Stop Duit Go".

  5. Would be an achievement if corruption in the Police Force can be brought down to 10%.

  6. '...1000 policemen – less then 10 in each state!' Shouldn't it be less than 100 in each state?

    Anyway, the people's perception seems to be that only 1% of police are clean. If IGP's estimate is correct, then they must have deployed those 1% on the streets on patrol and enforcement because almost everybody who had been stopped by police has a tale to tell about how they solicit for bribe.

    Recently, my wife was stopped by police at a local roadblock. The police complained about various things and towards the end, one of them said they just wanted some 'duit kopi'! For not being a regular payer, she was well known as being 'kedekut'!

  7. Only 1%..but Malaysian are so very lucky to meet them around every corner. This is easier than stricking the toto jackpot. BULL

  8. PDRM......the PUKIMAK of the corrupt Malaysian.