Tuesday 20 March 2012

What YOU must Do!

There are many of us in Malaysia that knows about the wrong doings of UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Some of us have profited from money politics and the corrupt practices of these politicians and those in power. These practices are so widespread and invasive that most family would have had a family member who have been involve in corrupt practices (giving or taking a bribe) or at the least would have known about a corrupt practice – the same could be said about police corruption and knowing a dato’. Too many dato’s running around to not know at least one of them and too many policemen asking for bribes! I to have been part and parcel of the process of corruption and shared in its returns and of this I have written many times in my blog. Nothing to be proud off or ashamed about – it is a fact of life in Malaysia. And it is because of the involvement of so many of us that corruption has become ingrained into our way of doing things and into our culture.

UMNO expects to get away with their abuse of government because they hope that not many of you will come out with what you know about their abuse of executive power. They hope that because you were part of the process of corruption and because you have profited from it you will keep quiet – whether because you are embarrass for having taken part in it or because you were paid enough to keep quiet.

For whatever reason that you were involved in these corrupt practices and however much you receive from the proceeds of corruption I want you to know that we do not care.  What we care about is that all these corrupt practices by these UMNO politicians are expose because this is the only way that we can bring down this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government!

Tell us your story and we will publish it. If you want your names to be published we will do so, if you do not, we will not do so. If you feel strongly enough, stand up and tell your story in person – on you tube on the net – through any available electronic media and we will spread your story through Malaysia and all over the world. Tell us when you took the money, how you took the money – for what project or tender – how much, when and how the money was given to you.

No we will not regard you all as pariahs – you will be our hero because it is because of your courage to tell us about the corrupt practices of this UMNO led Barsian Nasional government that we can start the process of making the people understand why this government should no longer be allowed to govern us.

If there are enough of you that has the courage to do this then I am sure that UMNO will no longer be able to defend itself from having failed us all in the manner they chose to govern us.

Those of you that have the courage to do this will be responsible for bringing about the change we need to save our country from this miserable, arrogant and corrupt UMNO. 

This is a big ask but this will be the only way to make this UMNO government fall. And they must fall before the turn desperate and provoke racial riots and create havoc and mayhem amongst our people just so they can then invoke emergency legislation and cancel the elections. Only we the people in numbers massive enough for the government to not ignore can ensure that this will not happen again. Beat the drums and call on the masses to show their strength…for the natives are restless tonight! And should UMNO think that they can steal government in any other way but a fair and free elections – tell them “NO!”. For now tell us what you know of the corruption you have witness, the corruption you have been part of and the corruption that has become so much a part of the Malaysian ways of doing things….tell us because we really want to know! Tell us because that is the only way that we can bring down UMNO!


  1. Stories of those affected by not cooperating with UMNOBN will be equally beneficial.

  2. Sein,why don,'t you be the first one to tell us about your involvement in corruption back then.we'll follow suit.that's a deal mate...