Thursday 22 March 2012


Dey Thambi…inga? This PKR VP N Surendran reminds me of that bombastic Malay reporter from NST whose names I have happily allowed to escape me at this very moment.

“I’m amused as to how the controversy has enabled two escape artists to evade the more pressing compulsions for debate,” allowed the busy lawyer-politician in remarks made to Malaysiakini.

If he is such a busy lawyer why beat about the bush? Why not just say, “Najib and RPK does not want to debate DSAI

And why is this thambi amused? Should he not be bemused (puzzled) rather then be amused (entertained) when he says that he does not understand how come two escape artist Najib and RPK have evaded a debate with DSAI?

And why involve Houdini in this issue by referring to Najib and RPK as escape artists?      

“One, of course, is RPK himself: Has there been a more compelling need for the two diametrically opposed parts of him to debate each other, seemingly absurd as that may sound,” offered Surendran.

Thambi the only thing absurd about all this is how you seem able to begin your sentence sane and then takes a left when you should go right and a right when you should go left and then confuse yourself completely by trying to find an ending you hoped will give those listening to your drivel some sense of what it is that you are trying to say… absurd as YOU may sound!

Then he takes a u-turn and goes for Najib!

The PM has chosen to ride pillion in this matter by imputing cowardice on Anwar’s part but it is he who is ducking out of a debate with Anwar,” charged Surendran.

Well I have seen Najib on a bicycle when he was into that Mr Cool mode, but not riding pillion: 
(I do hope you are not imputing that the ‘pillion’mentioned here is a Mr Dillon Singh….just the imaginary of Najib riding Dillion close to an erection....err I mean an election, is most disturbing) 

And what is with this “imputing” bit? Why not just say Najib, like RPK, called Anwar a coward? And how did this ‘duck’ get involve in this whole caper? What are you talking about? Is it an imaginary ‘duck’ or is there really a ‘duck’ flying in formation alongside Najib while he was riding Dillion…er I mean pillion?     

“His remarks to foreign correspondents yesterday had plenty of allusions to the American political scene but he missed the elephant in the room which is the prevalence of public debates between leading contestants,” he asserted.

And then not satisfied with just a duck, this Thambi went to the Zoo and got himself an elephant to bring into the room! Dey why you do that? Where got room in the room for an elephant in a room where people are debating?

“He wants Anwar to debate his proxy, RPK, which is typical of the rentier culture he represents,” quipped Surendran.

Aiyoyo…thambi why use so hard word like ‘rentier culture’….I know it sounds impressive  - I had to use the ‘dictionary’ prick…err I mean click on my PC, to find out what that means – but it is annoying to have to do so for about 150 times when I am reading through this posting about what you said – KISS – keep it simple stupid!

Then you put ‘proxy, RPK’ in the same breath. I say man it is like saying ‘PKR and clean and fair party elections’ in the same breath – where got road? RPK is nobody’s proxy as PKR is incapable of clean and fair party elections!

“After an astonishing statement he made last February, the man struck an about-face, a turnaround which he has sustained to this day, thus showing a face radically different to the one he held up to Malaysian netizens prior to February 2011,” observed Surendran.

And this guy is a Vice President of PKR? Elected or appointed? If elected then I wonder about the sensibility of the party members to choose a bombastic VP who is unable to say what he wants to say without resorting to using words that an ordinary member would need a dictionary to understand. If appointed then if these are the people that the leadership elites within PKR select as their ‘likely candidate’ for the 13th general election – then God help PKR! 

With ‘likely candidate’ like this PKR VP Surendram, PKR goose is already cooked.

Oh dear God why do you still make people like Surendran? Did you not break the mould when you made that Thambi from Sungai Siput? Samy the Velu or no Value Samy…or some name to that effect! Seriously folks when you come across this kind of jive talk tell the guy to take five and hive off to go find himself a life….preferably far away from anyone’s hearing


  1. Ssein, what are you ranting about? You sound so Racist lah? Goodness man..take a hold on yourself!

  2. And why are you so hard up on him Pak? He did just precisely as Muhyiddin did for Najib as a Vice President protecting his boss. Didn't you notice RPK has turned into a proxy of Najib by default of his unbecoming character of a champion who instead of fighting for ABU is fighting against ABU? Well it looks to me you're getting more and more off the track of ABU I think you're now fighting for Anything But ABU! We all know who's actually beating around the bush about ABU!!!

  3. Woit! Hussein marah gilerrr...rr dgn thamby Thamby dah kongkang buahhati ko RPK..wakaka..ka.... Pembaca ko pun dah lari sebab nyata ko dgn RPK racist... Harap harap PERKASA atau JATI amik ko... UMNO pun tak ingin ko dgn RPK..bolehlah setakat jadi pompuan simpanan..kah...kah..kah...

    Hidup UMNO.....HiDUP Najib....

  4. "Seriously folks when you come across this kind of jive talk tell the guy to take five and hive off to go find himself a life….preferably far away from anyone’s hearing"

    Well, at least Surendran is still fighting for the good cause and facing all sorts of obstacles and intimidations here in Malaysia.

    I know of 2 fellows who have hived off far far away and spewing their rantings on their computer keyboards !!

  5. Thanks Hussein, You've become saudara baru Barisan! Jangan lupa mengucap dua kalimah. Manalah tahu dah lama duduk negeri omputeh...

  6. I fail to see the purpose of this article. More of ranting and hitting at Surendran. And sounds racist too. Or could you be targeting at Anwar in between the lines?

  7. The rationale for this article was to point out the douchebaggery in one N. Surendren. Surendren is isolating 99% of voters who are not as bombastic as he is. No political party on this earth will win if they talk like that. N. Surendren, and PKR, has to be more change the way to say things to win voters.

  8. * sorry: N. Surendren, and PKR, has to change the way to say things to win voters.