Thursday 22 March 2012

Onward to Battle! Now whom should we Vote for?

Let us now try to inject some sanity and common sense into the run up to this 13th general elections. The insults, venom and expose are coming in thick and fast from all sides and you need to have your wits about you if you are to make some sense of what is going on. I for one am for using the public domain to air the dirty linens of those who offer themselves for high public office. What they have done while in Public Office must be open to scrutiny and judgement by the people. Then their suitability to serve the people in any capacity will be made by the people at the 13th general election.

We have been overloaded by an avalanche of expose. They range from massive financial frauds that seems to suggest that the Prime Minister himself have either been cuckolded or has colluded in the fraud - right up to the other end - gutter politics that suggest that the high and mighty have basic instincts quiet like ours! Sex is sex whether in Mecca or Kuala Lumpur!

Accusation have been hurled at leaders on both sides of the political spectrum that suggests that all is not well in the inner sanctums of our political kingdom – but again these are really just mischievous attempts to destabilize the already fragile and fraying alliances of men and women with diverging political beliefs and personal ambitions. They all know that to break rank so close to the 13th general election would mean that one harbours a wish to commit Hari Kiri. And so the stage is set for a fight to the finish.

What is left now is for these political elites to figure out how best to hoodwink, lie, cheat, corrupt, persuade, threaten, cajole, buy, insult and when all else fail, to plead and beg the electorates to vote for them! And so let the games begin!

Or have the games already begin? I do not know about you guys but I begin my day not with Ovaltine, Coffee or Nasi Lemak…..I start with MT or should I say Petra?

Not Yang Mulia Raja Petra Kamaruddin, not Pete, not RPK…I know him as Petra. Not as good looking as me (ahem I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but my wife told me so!) not to big in physical stature but certainly a giant amongst us all that call ourselves bloggers. All those self - publishers and Johnny Come Lately bloggers, including yours truly here, learnt our craft from him. Yes he does put in a bit of spin sometimes…and yes he does embellish and accentuate the ‘facts’ at times….and yes he is full of himself at times…but that is what we all do too. Those are but some of the tools of our trade.

Judging from what I read in MT, the games have already begun! I myself have to make my judgement call on what I am to do if I am to be relevant in what I write. Do I write from Adelaide or do I write from Kuala Lumpur? Do I keep whacking Anwar and PKR at the expense of Pakatan Rakyat or do I close ranks and start sniping at UMNO’s flanks in any way I can? Do I close shop as steadyaku47 and go where some of you have suggest I go (where the sun does not shine lah!) or do I do a Petra? i.e. tell those detractors of mine to go where they have told me to go? Ahhh the permutations are endless and the choice is mine! Just as it will be your choices to do what is best for yourselves, for our people and for our country.

It cannot be denied that Najib is working hard to win this general election for Barisan Nasional. While Anwar plays at being the much-maligned (so he claims) globe trotting political celebrity that is the darling of the international media, Najib is hard at work on the ground in Malaysia. Slowly but surely Najib is chipping away at the very foundation of Pakatan Rakyat’s support amongst the people. If anything we all cannot but give grudging recognition that Najib tries! He is there on the ground, in Malaysia where it really matters –and we are mindful that he does this!

But that does not excuse the excesses of UMNO in the past 50 years of misrule and abuses while in government. That does not excuse money politics, the corruption and the arrogance that is now UMNO! And certainly that does not excuse Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock, PKFZ, NFC and a host of other scandals and tragedies that is now part and parcel of our political history – a history that UMNO certainly cannot be proud of. A history that now questions UMNO’s ability to continue to govern our country after this 13th general election.

While there was no question asked by the people of whom they would vote for at the 12th general election in order to send a message to UMNO that enough is enough…today in the run up to the 13th general election, Najib has been able to plant a seed of doubt  - that maybe UMNO should still be our choice given that the alternative is DSAI.


Najib is gaining ground fast. Pakatan Rakyat is losing it. And we the people are still waiting to be convinced of one or the other  - of PR or BN, of Najib or DSAI, of the devil we know or the angel we are not to sure off.

We are no longer the same people that have been voting Barisan Nasional for the last 50 over years. Nor are we the same people that voted Pakatan Rakyat in 2008 to teach Barisan Nasional a lesson in humility. We now think, discuss and evaluate every word said, every action taken and every deed done by anyone seeking high public office. If you do good, we know. If you do bad we know. So those of you seeking public office take note of this reality. There are enough of us out here to do what is right for our people, our country and our king. Daulat Tuanku! May our King understand the aspirations of his people and do what is right by all of us! And now onwards to the 13th general elections!

And to all my friends out there in bloggerland – do not forget that the work we do might at times find us at odds with each other…but it is just work. We must make time to talk to each other and understand that when all is said and one, when this 13th general election is over and done with – we are all still brothers and sisters – still Malaysian! Still able to sit across the table from each other and talk about the merits of having Nasi Dagang in Kampong Baru as against the Nasi Dagang in Kota Baru….the Chicken Rice in front of the old EPF building in PJ as against the Chicken Rice in those franchised outlet all over town….the ‘semua tarok’ banana leaf restaurant in Kampong Pandan as against the one in Section Five in PJ! Do not take your work too seriously…it is the politicians that have got their future on the line…not us!   


  1. What about airing your dirty linen first


  2. anom 10.21am...if you read what I write you will by now know that I have already done this a number of times in this blog...and what about you? Any dirty linen to air?

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  4. You lost the plot some months ago. I dont know why. Could be najib with his pijak semut tak mati demeanour charmed you into thinking `why not give him a chance' Could be DSAI reneged on a promise he made to u, or snubbed u, or whatever. Ofcourse PR is not the best thing since sliced bread but it has instigated a lot of changes which the present government would not have thought of or attempted, which benefit the rakyat generally. But there are many things that cannot be changed unless there is a new govt. Will the `first lady' change if you dont get rid of Najib? I can imagine the extent this lady would go to, if Najib is given another term. Or is that alright with u? Its okay to have a lavish, unrepentant `first lady'
    do whatever she likes, and one fine day, it may not be just clothes or jewellery, it ll be real power that she's after, much like Leila Ben Ali. What else wont change? Najib's brother in CIMB wielding enormous power over the takeovers and the mergers and whatever, which only the economists can dissect, not me. So, please, HH, just swallow whatever bitterness you feel for DSAI, and lets work towards changing the govt. DSAI must have trodden on toes I know but for now we must help him relieve us of UMNO's grip on power.

  5. Go, Go Pak Hussein ... mata keyboard lebih tajam dari mata pedang ... keep on fighting ...

  6. Jibby gaining ground you say? Really............dont kid yourself HH. Go read LKS's post and you will get a better grip of whats happening in Malaysia.
    Australia is too far for you to sense whats happening here!

  7. Hussein is the one who should stop beating around the bush, he said "Najib has been able to plant a seed of doubt", yet in this post Hussein is beating around the bush in planting that seed of doubt. That's why, when the title is "Whom should we vote for?" there was no more shout for ABU! ABU! ABU!

  8. If I recalled correctly, you mentioned earning money cleaning swimming pool in Australia. Well, I don't know how much it pays to clean swimming pools, but I think you should do a Petra if you have not already did.

  9. Its an OVERSPIN HH.
    Lets ABU ABU ABU -- YOU said it first but now im saying ABU ABU ABU,YOU are saying Wait a minute,
    With or without you its ABU ABU ABU for me all the way.

  10. En Hussein, you are sounding more and more like your despicable friend RPK. We know his looks like you're both in the same boat. Look at that disgusting fella, just because he was not invited for free meal and rub shoulders with Khalid's entourage ....terus run amok and give a "cheap" interview to BIGDOG..

    . What next, perhaps next would be an
    interview for PAPAGOMO & PARPUKARI's blog.... AiYa like this you too have lost you credibility lah En sayanglah.....

  11. "Najib is working hard to win this general election for Barisan Nasional."

    Agreed. Everyday when he gives a speech or play Santa Najib; he is the president of UMNO but using the office of PM as well as using the nation's treasury. Everyday he goes around as UMNO's president instead of as PM of Malaysia. Official government functions have all been turned into UMNO campaigns. Does the PM of your adopted country act this way? Is that what impresses you most about Najib, Sein ??

    "Najib has been able to plant a seed of doubt."

    Maybe; and with thanks to certain bloggers who imagined themselves to be the righteous ones walking around. If Najib cannot turned these 'merajuk' bloggers into 100% proUMNO; at least their unsubstantiated allegations against PR will help to plant that seed of doubt. Am I right, Sein??

    Yes, do start your morning with MT. I guess your idol's rantings can help to spark your tired brain synapses to regurgitate something in your own blog.


  12. POodah...Poorah... Steadyaku apa kejadah! You not steadylah Hussein...JUST another flipflop..aka...gergaji mata dua!!! Shame on you...old only both you and RPK but no wisdom!

    You and RPK the coward (lari Kerana kecut beruk takut kena sumbat jail..Look at Anwar willing to walk the talk..itulah Nama pejuang Negara..tak takut..BERANI Kerana benar!) better you and RPK tak payah balik loss for us! Anyway, RPK want to be hurried in Surrey UK...ya..ya..good for him!

    Why arr RPK lari UK, because he is a LIAR because he takut that he spin story and say FATMAMA at crime scene..Although I hate Najis wife so much also know that this is one cock and bull story cos she tak payah masuk hutan berpeluh peluh..some more so fat become tercungap cungap..only suruh her dogs go DO IT..all her Rottweiler will follow her orders! Aiya RPK went overboard with his story sampan tak masuk akal.. NOW he is again doing a spin and telling tall tales BUT this time his target is Anwar and PKR...tak malu punya orang tua kutuk! Pruitt..Phat!

    It's ABU & ABU for me, my family and friends...

  13. Some typo errors:
    1) Anyway, RPK want to be hurried in Surrey UK...ya..ya..good for him! - burried not hurried

    2) Aiya RPK went overboard with his story sampan tak masuk akal.. - sampai not sampan

    Sorry folks. Must turn off this keyboard spell check helper!

  14. Bro,
    Subject matter getting weaker by the day. Losing interest in your blog. What more can you spin when you are not here, on the ground. I think you getting bald trying to dish out yesterday's news. Sorry mate, your time is up.

  15. Wah, you no idea mei? I see you recycling stale news from your mentor RPK? Go to his blog every morning and echo his lies in your own blog.

    Why you want to make people like that your GURU? Look at him.. a sick fugitive blogger. He say he dont need peoples support..he dont need people to like him...BUT what the heck show in his blog photo of him at his mothers headstone? Some more story want to make people kesian him, feel sorry for him.....thinking of death lah bla..bla..bla...sell snake oil one lah this RPK fella. Aiya that tongue twister...mulut cakap tak peduli people dont like him BUT action speaks louder than words! AUTA punya orang!

    People who like Anwar you all call Anwarist. You Hussein you taksub sama RPK..can call you RPK..REARist... Asyik membuntut ikut RPK!

  16. Dey you Hussein spin doctor! Which motherfucker told you thta Pakatan Rakyat is losing grounds? Dont try to demotivate us ABU people. Putra Pantat aka RPK told you so? Did his deep throat told him so?

    You and King Master LIAR RPK think you can hoodwink us by pretending to fight for justice and at the same time make us feel we have no hope with the opposition....YOU ARE A DISGUSTING TWERP....

  17. Petra Petra, sian kat ko. Tak dapat interview ngan Wikileaks dengan Bigdog pun jadi lah nu...Ko ni nak glamor tahap CIPAN lah bro...eek malu le
    Sebab ko hussein kan kamching ngan Petra..Nanti ko sampaikan apa aku cakap kat dia K? Janji K?

  18. "Onward to Battle! Now whom should we Vote for?" -
    I suggest we vote to put the UNFATHFUL DOGS to sleep! Who? PETRA, BIGDOG and you Hussein if you keep on churning garbage like this piece of SHIT!

  19. Sein, Sein, stop lah your reminiscence of your so called beloved this country of yours. Why don,t you pack your bags and come back join the DAP and we want to hear your ceramah live rather your blah blah of the so becoming boring blog of yours... playing that old scratchy record of yours over and over.
    Glad to belanja that teh tarik and the nasi lemak you longed for.Till then give yourself a break mate....go do that ironing and dishwashing that is long overdue.Best cook dinner for her.....cheerio mate

  20. Gigo........garbage in garbage out

    Se in......

    We don't need no education We don’t need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone! All in all it's just another brick in the wall. All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

  21. What the hell do you mean saying that we the people are somewhat confused about what we want in the 13th GE. We bloody know exactly what we want and it's ABU.

    Dog whisperer.

  22. "Daulat Tuanku! May our King understand the aspirations of his people and do what is right by all of us! And now onwards to the 13th general elections! " ---- woit Hussein hang ni sama dgn Petra botak-chin..lidah bercabang dan pembelit! Artikel hang dulu kutuk Sultan Selangor macam nak rak...Sekarang I tahu why you kutuk habis Sultan Selangor because Sultan sudah benci dgn Petra-botak and hang nak bela tok guru hang. Just like how hang kutuk si Surendran cos nak bela tuhan hang si Petra!
    Selangor royalty pun sudah tak iktiraf Petra as one of them! Serious, aku kerja lebih 20 tahun dgn istana selangor tak sekali pun ada nampak Si Petra-botak dijemput ke istana... Dia tu yg sebenarnya is outcast from Selangor Royal Family!

  23. Sien ! Sein ! Sein !

    Your petra is now turning malays against chinese. Why ? He is no longer relevent in the affairs of malaysia. In short he is an outcast for both sides.
    His MO is simple ,spin for whoever is a slave to him and accept him as super brainy and mr. know all.
    Bollacks to his cheap infantile postings.
    He would sell anyone anytime.
    Now you sien oh sien Why the about turn since your last few post?
    Postman came with a package ke sien?
    To those commited against corruption and cronism ,no one can change the result of ge13.
    Doomsday for BN and BN is preparing to sit on the opposition benches.
    Since you are downunder, you would not know of many BN people joining PR in a few weeks.
    Spinning will not help bn anymore.
    God have mercy on your pitiful soul.

  24. If spinning and uncertainty to your cause is the names of the game......I m out of it......I m still against corruption,plundering of the taxpayers money,abuse of power and wastage in which this wastage is mostly done by the political leaders and of course the 9 raja in which you seem to be pinning for I being con by you now sein?I certainly hope and Petra are still the one that I rest my hope on.

  25. Give the old man a break will ya George
    OK Mildred

  26. Hi Hussein,

    We don't feel confused. We know where we stand, what we stand for and which direction we want heading to. It is you who is the one 'confused'. Please don't drag us into your circle game. Are you on the 'merry go round' ride too often with your grandkids lately? It seems like you are having a hang-over, brother.

  27. Hi Hussein,

    We don't feel confused. We know where we stand, what we stand for and which direction we want heading to. It is you who is the one 'confused'. Please don't drag us into your circle game. Are you on the 'merry go round' ride too often with your grandkids lately? It seems like you are having a hang-over, brother.

  28. PKR PKR

    PuKiMaR PuKiMaR PuKiMaR


  29. "PKR PKR

    PuKiMaR PuKiMaR PuKiMaR


    See, Hussein, the type of anti PKR people you have in your blog is only this kind of BERUK..who can only spew monosyllable incoherent barbaric language.

    I've notice his/her moronic comment elsewhere in your other postings.

    I beg you to come join us again ..fight for ABU. A good man like yourself should'nt be easily influenced. Open your Heart and Mind.... Jangan Mudah Terpedaya.

    I wish you well, Long live and Good health. May God Bless you....

  30. From all the comments, not only from this blog, one can conclude that most urbanite PR supporters obviously just had had enough with UMNO. They just want UMNO out by yesterday if possible !

    Even when this blogger here and some others who are now starting to realise that the leaders in PR, especially PKR, are actually true-blue umno in disguise and are giving out dire warnings of having wolves in sheep clothings in our midst....even with this sounding of alarm, the die is cast as the GE13 is too near and if this opportunity is not taken, Umno could rule for another 50 or even 100 years or til the nation goes bankrupt.

    " There is a tide in the affairs of men.
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea are we now afloat,
    And we must take the current when it serves,
    Or lose our ventures." - Shakespeare

    The opposition supporters know that even if they have a real devil in their midst, they are willing to take him in so as to kick out the old, bigger devil. And then deal with the devil in their midst step at a time.

    But what this blogger had previously warned was very valid too - that this new devil is not so easily dislodged or controlled once he's got full power. Once installed on the 'throne' he will most likely put all the screws in place, quick as a flash, such that we will be shouting and pleading helplessly to him as what we are now doing to Ah Jib Ngor.

    But this is the risk the PR supporters are willing to take....and so we must take the current when it serves....what choice do the rakyat really have?

    PS : And the new devil fully knows the conundrum we are in....he knows we have no choice but to support him, hence he is not the least bothered when his umno slip is showing. So we just have to bite the bullet and accept....may god help the malaysians.

  31. "But what this blogger had previously warned was very valid too - that this new devil is not so easily dislodged or controlled once he's got full power."
    -Anon: March 24, 2012 3:27:00 AM GMT+10:30

    The present devil is the Satan himself. UMNO-Satan is in complete control with the minions MCA-MIC-Gerakan wagging their tails at his feet. Only Taib PBB can show his middle finger at UMNO but Taib is pre-occupied with power and wealth and not lofty principles.

    The new 'devil' that you speak of will not be as powerful as Satan. PKR might be suspect but PAS and DAP have principled leaders. PR will not be a strong government but the balancing of power within it, will ensured it keeps to a reasonably straight and narrow path.

    At the moment, what more can the rakyat ask for ? If you want angels, you better find a quick way to heaven !!

  32. HH, judging from the comments, MT was spot on about the new breed of bloggers and flushing out the pro PKR types directed by tian chua dan rakan2.
    Interesting to see the next segment as AA attempts to curry favour by exposing Hassan Ali's excesses under Khalid's watch and regurgitating the old news of BN selling malay reserve land.
    Waiting also to see what ZK exposes to stay relevant too.
    Have you visited the Pirates of Putra Jaya lately? Cheers!

  33. MALCHINDIAN = Son of Machiavelli = Machiavellianism to the CORE...

  34. "MT was spot on about the new breed of bloggers and flushing out the pro PKR types directed by tian chua dan rakan2." Malchindian

    These new breed ( said to be 30% hardcore ) are the exact twin of the other 30% equally hardcore pro BN/Umno....all on both sides practising the Bush-ism 'If You Are Not With Me, You Are Against Me.'

    It is good for MT to expose these "mindless moronic myrmidons" for what they really are, whether from BN/Umno or from PR. We applaud his deep-throat expose of the shenangans in PR too.

    However, lately, RPK of MT has left a trail of 'confusion', if it can be put in this way. It is most disconcerting to see the great man 'acting up' times peevish, at times smugly condescending...his sulking (merajuk-ing) is very painful to witness.

    What are we to make of his latest posting of the hidden chinese racist agenda ? Chinese out to wipe out Malay power ( not just to bring down UMNO ) and turn on the Yellow Power ? Will we see a Chinse Emperor installed soon and put all the sultans in exile ?

    A minority race with less than 25% population? Did he not realise that if the 16 millions malays were to urinate in unision, they could drown this minority race without needing to fire a single shot from the almost 100% malay army, and without the need to bring in help from the 3 million RELA (malay) flank or the malay police force.

    Most confounding to say the least of this lastest posting of RPK. Has the shameless, vicious attack by the mindless moronic 30% hardcore PR ( especially PKR ) supporters sort of slightly unhinge him, causing a momentary insanity?

    What a pity. Seriously, he should take a break, look at the whole brouhaha from afar and get his perspective back.