Monday 19 March 2012

Cakap cakap...Avenging angels of PKR?

PKR now has its own avenging angel in the guise of RR? Are they going to fight fire with fire? Flushed with their ‘success’ in dislodging Sharizat from Cabinet it would seem that RR is on the prowl again and woe betide UMNO or Barisan Nasional if their house is not in order.

A word of caution to RR. Those in glasshouses should not throw stones…and there is a good reason why that advice was given! What RR is doing is negative politicking.

Avenging Angels should, by the nature of what they do, be themselves without blemish and come from heaven. For how can RR do his work when the house that he comes from is itself, tainted? We are still waiting for those allegations of corruption within the Selangor State government to be satisfactorily explained to us. Not denied spluttering by PKR officio who cannot remember this and that. Whose defence against allegations of wrong doings is to cry wolf in the hope that they could divert attention from themselves and allege the wrong doings is with those who accuse them of wrong doings – as PKR is now doing.

RR get your house in order first lest you yourself is tripped by debris lying around the house. Ensure that PKR is spick and span before you invite us into your liar lest we start comparing the house that PKR keeps with others. And right now the latest allegations involving PKR and that kickback of USD$10 million by a mischievous MT requires your immediate attention. TC claims of “I don’t remember” do not gel with us. Any idiot remembers any situation which involves seven zeros after a number! So before you go into attacking mode again, cover your flanks because fighting a rear guard action whilst engaging your nemesis in mortal combat is not recommended of parties with limited resources and still lesser reserves of goodwill and lesser trust from the Rakyat.

One, just one blemish, on an avenging angel’s character, would bring into questions their ethical and moral authority to go about their business of outing the bad guys. RR, your PKR have many blemishes.

Put your house in order first. Leave the crusading to MT and others. Those whose credentials have been established not over a few weeks, months or even years. Their credentials rest on a great body of work that spanned two or three elections. Two or three Prime Ministers and many amateur avenging angels like you….and me! You are in the business of running a State Government and trying to win elections. You have a leader that has had his share of questionable conduct – personal and party. And more worrying, you are already against an enemy with very deep pockets and large armies who are more then willing to throw whatever they have got against anyone they perceive to be their enemies. Make sure RR that you are without blemish. Make sure RR that your facts are beyond reproach and that your evidence are fail safe….then send them to MT and let MT take the heat when the s#*t hits the ceiling because as tempting as it is to be the one to expose wrong dongs…it does get a bit messy and even at times bloody when the target of your attacks mounts a counter attack on you.

I hope you are not just a one hit wonder. NFC and nothing else. So far at the last count  - as of this morning – there are at least five questionable allegations made against PKR that begs to be answered with the USD$10 million kickback allegations taking centre stage for now – until the next allegation of wrong doing by PKR surfaces. So RR get of your white horse and get on with the business of politics – not crusading avenging angels with nothing better to do then to dig up dirt and indulge in gutter politics against those that chooses to do the same  - simply because they have not been able to pick themselves up from the same place that they have fallen into since Mahathir’s time.            



  2. Uncle,

    PR folks and their supporters all are already thinking about Putrajaya. To them Putrajaya is already a done deal. All they need to do is show up on election day and report to Putrajaya the next day for the official swearing in.

  3. "We are still waiting for those allegations of corruption within the Selangor State government to be satisfactorily explained to us."

    Already explained but some people just prefer to be deaf and dumb. You think the MACC would not be breathing down the necks of PR people if there is even a whiff of corruption?

    Even the Selangor MB was investigated for giving away cows for the Raya Aidil Adha korban. Even Teoh Beng Hock died because of allegation of a few thousand ringgit corruption which finally was not proven. Just don't make wild allegations without any proof. The MB of Selangor had already requested that any evidence should be submitted to the MACC or police but yet none has been forthcoming.

    MT has long lost its credibility. RPK and his likes have shown themselves to be just power-crazy. They give free advices and when they feel their advices are not being considered, they sulked and then ranted like a jilted lover.

    Now they behave holier-than-thou and want to be king-makers. They fashioned themselves as incorruptible and wants the rakyat to vote their candidates from MCLM.

    Sorry guys; you can write all you want but we the ordinary rakyat will make up our own minds on voting for the the politicians who will represent us. Not on any so-called independent candidates put up by frustrated wannabe advisers hiding behind their computers !!

  4. Agree with anonymous 3.09pm

  5. Are you an Arsehole, Hussein Hamid? Are you? So you are an admirer of that political prostitute RPK n MT? What are you idiot saying, not to disclose any wrong doing, why? Are you the specialist in that dept with RPK as your master? Dey you idiot, that umno dog RPK has stopped revealing any dirt on umno n ESP Najib since he was ruined over by SB under his ISA stint. While Rafizi provides PROOF, you friend political prostitute RPK provides does the contractor who is supposed to have leak corruption to RPK. To date RPK has proved nothing on selangor PR govt yet he keeps at it , while there are so many umno related issues ranging from police to toll concessionaire sales , to Felda rip off, etc but then whatever happened to RPK's deep throat sources? All dried up all so suddenly? We do not need bloogers like you aping falsehoods while unable to put proven corrupt umno into limelight.

  6. If the likes of you, RPK etc..etc asyik mahu condemn only susahlah...
    RPK with his "my trusted aka reliable source says bla bla bla...", you with your "Cakap cakap or your so call readers comment that you so obligingly repost...bla bla"

    I live in Selangor and have lived in Selangor from childhood...I must say that things are so much better here. Ask the petty traders and small time business people (this of course include me!)....we are much happier than we ever were compared to zaman BN-Umno was the state government.

    So far most of what Si gila kuasa RPK writes about the so call Rasuah by PKR are mostly old stories, deals done by the the previous state government of which he wants to rub the dirt onto PKR! All unsubstantiated accusations!

    Enough of YOU guys punya poison pen and lies.... I suggest the likes of You and RPK go find angels or malaikat to ganti BN-UMNO regime...otherwise better write something more useful for us Malaysians..JANGAN CAKAP CAKAP KOSONG!!!

  7. Hussein, why write like this? Sudah susahlah sangatkah duduk negeri orang? You and Botak are now licking Barisan backside? Perhaps you're writing on behalf of mamasan-RPK aka RPK-pimp.. Don't sell your soul for monetary gains... Please don't ape the work Of the devil!!!

  8. Well written, HH.

    Them anwaristas will never get past their rose tinted lens. The mother of all shake ups is going to be a rude shock to Selangor-ites thanks to the PKR few who insist on doing business the umno way.

    RR is very good. But he has to go through the rough to become better. Hopefully he heeds you to soften his passage through the rough!

  9. Hussein has suddenly turned mellow in his fight for ABU and now is working in conjunction with that sonofabitch RPK. I don't know what kind of ABU Hussein is now. Maybe I need to call him as Abu Hussein.

  10. malchindian,
    Isn't HINDRAF helping you enough?

  11. LOL

    Looks like Hussein really touched a raw nerve on the PR backsides.

    PKar PKar !!

    PuKiMar PuKiMar !!



  12. Hussin, why don't just spend the AUS$10,000 you receive every month on other leisures other than writing nonsenses. You don't have to do anymore odd jobs now with the money rolling into your bank account every month.

  13. Woah....the anwaristas have descended here with their axes swinging wildly.

    Try as they might to defend and salvage PKR, the unfortunate thing is, too much nonsense had happened without the PKR leadership even attempting to addresss each and every complain and charges fact, most times, they just simply brushed them aside arrogantly, so reminiscent of Umno.

    Many are already quietly placing bets on the number seats the PR coalition will garner this GE13, and not surprisingly, a lot are predicting PKR will not get even their current 24.

    What a pity....the rakyat so wanted to have a clean PR to take over and tranform the country, not another Umno in different guise. Sigh.....

    Perhaps DAP and PAS should wait for the next round...GE14 when a new, better party might come in to replace PKR. Nurul and the younger blood in PKR just can't come up if the Anwar-Azmin-Zuraidah gang ( + their inner cotorie ) still call the shots.....these are die-hard umno but dressed in PKR blue baju. Same shit, different bucket.

    The internet is a double edge sword indeed for PKR.

  14. Anon Monday March 19, 2012 10:40:00 PM
    Isn't HINDRAF helping you enough?

    Tsk! Tsk! Anon, ahem, your slip is showing.
    Is cybertrooper pay that bad?