Tuesday 6 March 2012

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[steadyaku47] New comment on THE CHINESE MUST STOP BLAMING THE MALAYS!.

Sunday, 4 March, 2012 11:28 PM

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "THE CHINESE MUST STOP BLAMING THE MALAYS!":

I totally disagree with you on this.

For the past 54 years, the Malays voted for UMNO, BN. Supporting them and giving them the power to rule this country. Even if the Malays knew that the ruling party was so corrupted, they still vote for them.

Why? the answer is simple.
Under UMNO, BN's ruling, the Malays are protected with Bumiputra status and awarded with countless privileges. Especially Bumiputra Discount for purchasing a house.

If the Malays vote for the opposition, they feared that all these privileges will gone as well.

Let me give you a real life scenario.
Employee X & Employee Y with the same qualification joined & worked in the same company at the same time.
Employee X was favoured by the boss because he was the next of kin of the boss. So he was awarded special allowances, bonuses and get promoted, even though he didn't perform well in his work.
On the other hand, Employee Y with no personal connection to the boss, work hard and performed superbly. But, all he got is only a small amount of increment.
So if you are Employee Y, how would you feel?
Frustrated? Anger? Despair?
He would definitely resign and work in another company.
What if,the company was to sold to another company who practice the policy of fair and square to all employees regardless of their background.
Employee X will of course worried about his allowances, bonus & increment. Because, he knew that he is unworthy for those privileges compared to Employee Y. Ultimately,employee X will lose all the privileges he once had.
If you are Employee X, would you want this to happen?
Of course you will strongly oppose to sell the company.
Back to the recent demonstration of BERSIH 2.0 and Himpunan Hijau 2.0
How many of the Malays showed up?
In BERSIH 2.0, most of the Malays came from Kelantan & Terengganu which is a PAS stronghold. They drive all the way to KL to participate. Whereas the local Malays either stayed at home,go for shopping or don't even bothered to come out and join the rally.
In Kuantan, Most of the participants attended the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 are Chinese. Or I should say, completely Chinese. Even in other states & overseas, I hardly see a Malay stand out and protest against Lynas.
The Malays don't even bother about the environmental issues.
If all the Malays from Kuantan came out to protest against Lynas,I can guarantee you that the government will banned and closed Lynas refinery immediately.
Because UMNO feared that they will lose their power in Pahang.
The Malays are the accomplice of UMNO & BN that led Malaysia to become one of the notorious corrupted government.
Every year, the National audit report showed the public that the government agencies purchase materials with price far more higher than the market price.
Its too obvious that all these involves corruption & bribery.
But no action was taken, and it happens every year, again & again.
What do the Malays do on these issues?
they vote UMNO, BN every 5 years, again & again.
The truth is, many Malays like you are aware of the corruption & the unfairness. However, only a very small percentage of Malays like you will stand up against these.

Posted by Anonymous to steadyaku47 at Monday, March 5, 2012 3:58:00 PM GMT+10:30 

[steadyaku47] New comment on THE CHINESE MUST STOP BLAMING THE MALAYS!.

Monday, 5 March, 2012 12:36 AM
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "THE CHINESE MUST STOP BLAMING THE MALAYS!":

Fully agreed with anonymous March 5, 2012 3:58:00. Yes! Chinese should not stop blaming the Malays. They should continue blaming the Malays. After all Malays still continuously voting for UMNO years after years since 1955 first election. In fact I would suggest that blaming is not enough! What good blaming game is except to sooth your own primordial battered ego. Chinese should do something more radical. Blaming game is just a mere verbal masturbation. Chinese should transform blaming game to semething more concrete. Chinese should take action! Just like what Chinese in Singapore did in 1965. Chinese should unite and demand their own country separated from the Malays! That is what Chinese really really want! That is what Chinese really really desire! The only question is do the Chinese really have balls to demand that?

Posted by Anonymous to steadyaku47 at Monday, March 5, 2012 5:06:00 PM GMT+10:30


  1. Dear HH

    1. These guys forgot that about 50% of the Malay voters in the Semenanjung voted for Pakatan Rakyat in the last General Election.

    2. Plenty of our fellow
    Malay-MALAYSIANS attended the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 anti-Lynas demonstration in Kuantan

    3. Watch out for agents provocateurs pretending to be Chinese and posting inflammatory comments on your website.


    Phua Kai Lit

  2. There will always be more Malays voting UMNO/BN than all the Malays who will vote otherwise.

    It is because every Malay has been receiving and enjoying little and much of the privileges which were and are being distributed by UMNO/BN either at more or at less but nevertheless that much or that little has and will ensure keeping the bulk of Malays loyal and supportive of the Malay as being fully entitled to the rights and the privileges. Not many will ever agree to the unfairness or oppressiveness of giving the rights and privileges to the rich and poor, the royalty and the commoner accordingly except that their being Malays.

    UMNO/BN has been and will be playing on the Malay sense of gratitude and hightening the anxieties that the Malay will lose what little privileges there are.

    Just as an example, if I and all in the family are now employed in the Civil Service and especially we at the high levels have become very much grateful for the UMNO/BN policies, we would see PR Government as very much the threat and will help UMNO/BN to fight tooth and nail and by any means hook or crook.

  3. Father, must I go to work?
    No, my lucky playa
    We're living on Easy Street
    On subsidy from Putrajaya

    We've left it up to BN
    So don't get exercised
    Nobody has to give a damn
    We've all been subsidized

    But if BN treats us all so well
    And feeds us milk and honey
    Please, daddy, tell me what the hell
    They are going to use for money

    Don't worry, bub, there's not a hitch
    In this here noble plan
    They simply soak the filthy rich
    And helps the common man

    But father, won't there come a time
    When they run out of cash
    And we have left them not a dime
    When things will go to smash?

    My faith in you is shrinking, son
    You nosy little brat;
    You do too damn much thinking, son
    To be a BN autocrat.

  4. The non Malays who still play the blame game and remain ignorant of the changing mindset of the Malays will 'slowly wither away and die' when their 'hate for everything that is Malay eats their inside'

    What we ask of the non-Malays who are desirous of change is to acknowledge the significant shift of the Malay thinking to ABU.

    PR and ABU cannot be what it is today without that big shift of the Malay mindset. The non Malays must acknowledge that.

    I ask of HH to dwell on issues that boost ABU; looking forward on ways and means for this country to be rid of the UMNO stigma and the hideous things that are identified with it.

    It reminds me of a saying passed to me by a colleague; 'There is a good reason why the car rear view mirror is small and the front windscreen is wide'. So to my non Malay friends,let's move on with our quest for ABU.

  5. What all the fuss, Chinese blaming Malays is good for ABU what! All you Chinese go on blame them Malays and vote UMNO/BN out of that powers that have empowered the Malays for 54 years so we all can live equally as Malaysians, OK?

  6. Since UMNO does not like the ethnic Chinese, why not UMNO gives a state to them and let them all go there and form a new country say entire Penang and partial Kedah and/Perak?

  7. umno would never give any state to the chinese. chinese themselves have to demand and fight for it. that what actually chinese want. deep down in chinese heart, chinese want their own country.

    singapore is a clear proof. just 2 years under malay rule, chinese cannot stand it and demand to secede from malaysia. although tunku said that singapore was ejected from malaysia but everybody knows that the real fact is that chinese want their own country to be ruled by their own people. they cannot bear to be ruled by malays who they consider inferior species compare to them.

    just read this book by prof. michael barr - lee kuan yew, the beliefs behind the man and you will understand how chinese look at malays and why they want to separate themselves from malay ruled malaysia.

    same like chinese in malaysia. if given a choice between staying in malaysia under malay rules or have their own country rule by chinese themselves, do you seriously think chinese still want to stay in malaysia? i bet my last dollar if that choice is given the whole chinese of malaysia will choose to have their own country.

    even while in malaysia they already have their own country already complete with their own kindergarten, their own vernacular schools primary and secondary (sjkc and chinese independent schools), their own universities (new era college, UTAR, private universities etc), their own chinese companies, their own business and trade associations - from cradle to grave chinese life is almost complete in a chinese quasi-nation within malaysia. the only thing that chinese yet to get is their own nation rule by their own people.

    thats the fact. 90% of chinese parents send their children to sjkc. that shows that chinese not interested at all to integrate. they just want to remain within their own community far away from the malays which they considered inferior. if given a chance they want their own country separated from the malays.

    stop beating around the bush. admit it. that what chinese really want. to have their own country rule by their own people. just look at the number of chinese migration to singapore. 85% of singapore migrant is coming from chinese from malaysia.

    so, do you still think chinese dont want their own country rule by their own people?

  8. China is BIG enough! No need to take any state out of our beautiful multiracial MALAYSIA. Chinese mean to say their bangsa are so BAGUS so superior than Malays?...wakeup lah look at the situation in China from the time of the Emperors till today..look at the level of corruption, Nepotism bla bla difference meh!

    What need to be done is to weed out Corruption and bad governance NOT all this mischievous talk of ABU! Why single out UMNO why not BN? When you ABU people single out UMNO are you not being RACIAL here? Aiya! Cakap tak serupa bikin!

  9. Mr Hussein, hope you're not trying to emulate your friend Petra...please don't be another Rumpelstiltskin.. What's your intention of highlighting the so call comment and giving such a response? Stop becoming a mischief maker?

  10. Chinese racism and sense of superiority have no boundary! Not surprising if they want to secede from Malaysia. After all DAP originates from PAP. Same gene pool same thinking same sense of superiority.

    "Herman Paul independently gave the following account of Lee's answer: "There were 3 women, one of them from East Asia, another from South Asia and the 3rd from S-E Asia. They were admitted to the Singapore General Hospital. Their condition was precarious, and they all received blood transfusions. The woman from S-E Asia passed away. The woman from East Asia survived. The woman from South-East Asia
    passed away."

    "Each listener took the Southeast Asian to be a Malay or perhaps a member of one of the aboriginal races of the region. Each of them took the South Asian woman to be
    an Indian, and the East Asian who survived was Chinese, or perhaps Japanese or Korean."

    "Lee revealed in this speech, as reported by Chandra Muzaffar a perception of a racial hierarchy of Asians, in which the Chinese and other East Asians are at the top, Malays and other Southeast Asians are at the bottom, and Indians and other South Asians are in between."

    "On this occasion Lee made no attempt to disguise his views on
    race with discussion of related factors, such as culture. He was talking about the inherent, genetic, strength and weakness of the different races".

    Read the complete version of this academic article at:

  11. Dear Encik Hussein

    Nothing gets the knickers of far rightists more in a twist than the sight of ordianry MALAYSIANS of all ethnic groups getting together to oust the kleptocratic
    UMNO-BN regime !
    So, latest tactic is to accuse
    Chinese-MALAYSIANS of disloyalty
    and even treason.

    After a regime change, plenty of Overseas Malaysians will come home to rebuild our sick and wounded country harmed by 50+ years of misrule.


    Phua Kai Lit

  12. "After a regime change, plenty of Overseas Malaysians will come home to rebuild our sick and wounded country harmed by 50+ years of misrule".

    Why wait after regime change? Why not now? Why only want to come back after BN regime have been toppled? The fight you leave with those who stay and when win you want to come back and claim the fruits of our labour? Where got meaning like that?

    Who are these "Overseas Malaysian" who will only come back after regime change?

    The last I read from the statistics majority of this "Overseas Malaysian" come from a particular ethnic group.

  13. I am Chinese, my group of friends are blaming UMNO, not Malay. Cheers