Monday 19 March 2012

Cakap cakap...Now what will Zaid Ibrahim do?

The opportunity to do great things comes but rarely to most of us. And rarely are those so entrusted able to respond for the greater good of the people. More often then not self - interest overrides all other considerations. Zaid Ibrahim have managed, so far, to avoid this pitfall of putting self before others but at great costs to his own political ambitions  - but we still await the great things we expect him to do for our people and our nation.
He has been accused of wavering on issues and options available to him. If any of you are inclined to think that he does waver then I fear that you give too much credit to his detractors. What has been written about Zaid does not reflect the respect he deserve for the things he have done in politics and in his life. And he is to be blame! Self-promotion is not a trait he embraces with much enthusiasm – if at all.

What has distinguish Zaid from others within the political arena is his insistence that what he chose to do is a decision that comes from the heart - uncluttered by the need to conform within parameter set by others who should know better. Certainly a commendable inclination but hardly recommended for longevity if politics is what he want to do in Malaysia.

He did not leave the Barisan Nasional cabinet to join PKR.  We know that it was for a greater cause. PKR came later. And he did not leave PKR because of self- interest – we now know that was the only decision he could have made given the circumstances he was in. I have no doubt, even without knowing in total about the goings on within KITA, that what he is doing in KITA is not only for himself, but more so for the greater good of others within KITA.
Time and time again we have watched bemused, as he seem to change horses in midstream – from UMNO to PKR to KITA and to his recent announced intentions of contesting in Kota Baru against PAS. The same PAS that has welcomed his entry back into the Pakatan Rakyat camp by telling DSAI that if he personally does not welcome the move, he must at least be silent on the matter. And silent Anwar has been!

All that Zaid have done from the time that he actively entered politics is in the public domain for all to see and ponder. To me he has, more often then not, put the greater cause of morality and ethics over self. For that he has certainly earned the moral authority to do great things, not only for himself but more for our people and our nation.

Anwar has many that write good things about his political life but many more who will do the necessary to ensure that he will never be PM. You Dato have got few that write good things about you but many still knows you for the good that you have done at great personal sacrifices to your personal self.
That is why I thought it necessary to tell you all this so that whatever decision you now make will be done not in the cause of personal ambitions, but as always, for the greater good of the people and our nation.

Dato do not test the patience of our people with your need to be in politic unless you truly believe that through politics you can serve the people better. You need not be in the cut and thrust that is politics in Malaysia. You must rise above the fray and do great things. I do not know what it is you must do but, with respect Dato, I think it would not be to stand in Kota Baru against a PAS that has been welcoming of your return to Pakatan Rakyat. PAS deserves better and you Dato’ can do better!


  1. Zaid will sacrifice everything when pigs fly.

  2. Waaa, now you speak so nicely about Zaid..

  3. Zaid's ideas in parliament will be worth listening to than the loud veterans..

  4. Zaid of the very few who is no lackey to nobody....but then also who does not know which way to go.....?