Wednesday 14 March 2012

Cakap cakap....Sunday

We have been away from Bangsar close to four years now. To some Kuantan is home. For others it will be Bukit Mertajam or Port Dickson. For us it is Bangsar. My better half will not want to stay anywhere else but Bangsar if we ever go ‘home’.

But going home is not an option for us now. We are what the Australians would term as “Seniors” (over 60’s) and starting again in Bangsar at this age would be almost impossible. Here in Australia we have our pension, our rent relief assist from the Government that helps us to pay some of our rent, our free travel on public transport, good decent and affordable health care when needed and the knowledge that the government will give you a ‘fair go’. To the Australians a ‘fair go’ is one of their most cherished rights. What it means is simply this: That all those given the right to live in Australian as its Citizens or as Permanent Residents will be treated as equal. So for now it will be Australia for us.

For those of you that have got to ‘know me’ you would know that my daughter Terrina is now living in Ontario, Canada with her favourite guy, Emmett. The same Terrina that used to work with the Malay Mail and the same Emmett that was/or is it still with Butterfingers? Do not ask me too much about Butterfingers the band. I have never attended any of their concerts. Terrina has never invited me to do so nor have Emmett ever handed me a free pass to any of their concerts. I am still uncertain if I should be upset to both of them for not inviting me to go see Emmett perform or that I should be grateful to them for sparing me the need to sit through any of Butterfinger’s concert. The jury is still out on that verdict.  For the sake of family peace, let us leave it at that. As for Emmett…kudos to his parents for bringing up one hell of a great son-in-law!

Last week Isabel, our grand daughter made it known to her parents and to any body else that matters, that she is her own person.

Her Principal found Isabel all by herself outside her class during school hours, putting on her shoes ready to go walkabout. The Principal decided that she better stop and ask Isabel where she thought she was going. And without missing a tick Isabel said “HOME!” That image of a four year old Isabel in year one at school, about to set out for home, which happened to be a few miles away, never fail to amuse me and my wife these last few days.

One of the privileges of old age is being alive. No need to go out and conquer the world. There is no great desire to go and do so something worthwhile for mankind, the ecology or even try to stop global warming. Being alive is enough of a manageable high to last me the whole day until bedtime! So you can imagine how grateful I am that I can blog and do enough to interest some of you to stop by and have a look see at what I am up to today, tomorrow and, I hope, for a long time to come.

At times I get up at about 3.30a.m to write. I do that sometimes because at my age the mind does not work to any set pattern or time line. I work when my mind is in gear and moving forward. And when the mind starts racing ahead – way ahead of my ability to put it down on my PC, I will have to jot down in longhand all the jumble of thoughts that whizzes in and out of my head. Whatever words, phrases or lines that passes through my mind – and sometimes this will go on for two or three A4 pages….is put on paper and then when I have the time I will shift through them and try and come up with something coherent and cohesive enough to tell the story that is in my head – a story that needs telling.

Lately my blog have become too much about politics….opps that might be an understatement. The fact is there is too much politics in what I write and not much blogging. I can assure you that there is more then politics in my life.

Watching documentaries on TV is one of my most favourite things to do. It so compresses life into something we can understand and measure our own life against when we hear other people talk about their life. The great courage of desperate people who will do what they need to do for their family to live.  This morning I saw Tan Lee talked about her life:

Tan Lee was one of those boat people who left Vietnam with her family when she was still a child. As she told it, what they had to face on that boat journey was just pirates, rapes and murders. Just imagine… pirates, rapes and murders! After listening to her I know that life could have been much worse for me.  For where I am now and what I am today, I am grateful.

You too should sit down and think of the life that you have been through so far. Age does not matter. The people you love does. All that I have of my parents now are memories –great and wonderful memories. What would I give to have them see not just me and my family, but also their two great great grandchildren –Isabel and Sofie.  Without my parents those two would not be around – come to think of it, without my parents, I will not be around! So for those who still have their parents around do go and make some time to tell them that life is good. And take their grand children with you when you visit them too! They are more their grandchildren then your children! 

that. Bye!


  1. Pak HH,

    I can understand why coming home is not an option for you now for Malaysia is the country that tells its people "Ask not what your country can do FOR you, ask what your country can do TO you"!

  2. Hussein, you are dong great. Do continue, yah?