Tuesday 26 March 2013

AMIR will be missed!

This morning I was told about the passing of Amir Ismail  - or as he is affectionately known – Amir Keling. He was my senior in MCKK and then in later life, my neighbor in Bangsar Permai. Thinking of Amir makes me smile. He was larger than life….a presence you cannot ignore when he is around you. Animated and opinionated on many issues nevertheless his company was always welcomed because he had a good heart and meant well in the things he did.

We spent many a times beside the swimming pool in Bangsar Permai talking about our family – his wife Jane is a Mat Salleh and so was my wife….and of life. I did often wonder how he was able to do the traveling between KL and Seremban where I believe he had his Law practice but he was a proud owner of a 190 Mercedes which he inherited from his late father (if my memory serves me right) and he spent a fortune getting the car just right for his needs. We made a working trip to Malacca once and he would not stop talking about how much he loved the car….and declined my offer to help with the driving. He and the car was one!

I will miss you friend.

If you read this Jane…Lucy, Zack, Terrina and me send you our condolences and our love.          

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