Tuesday 26 March 2013


I have known for many months that PKR has a file on me! Yes on me! Hussein abdul Hamid …steadyaku47…and you know what PKR? I do not really care a damm because the story I can write about myself will be much more interesting to read than the one PKR may write on me. They think that having the file on me is just an insurance in case I hantam PKR just a bit too much for their liking. Let me tell them this…if I really want to hantam PKR you would not have a hope in hell of trying to make me stop!

It is one thing if they want to keep files on Najib, Mahathir and those UMNO guys who are a threat to PKR…but me? Huh!

Listen guys I can write good or bad on just about any politicians in Malaysia! In the main, I have decided to put my lot with Pakatan Rakyat (that includes PKR!) because I believe there are enough good people in Pakatan Rakyat to make the changes that we want and need in our Nation to ensure that our future will be better, much better than to have our country under a Barisan Nasional government. I am on your side. Leave me alone before I start to really question the goings on in PKR.   

I am sick of hearing PKR going on about UMNO using gutter politics to attack PKR. Let me make this crystal clear….the day PKR stops using the same gutter politics themselves …then that is the day you can start complaining and whining about UMNO using gutter politics to terminate anybody in PKR! Kapish? Before that you the PKR kettle is calling UMNO the pot, black!  

No, I am not against PKR. I am against the tactics that some idiots within PKR are employing in the mistaken belief that that is what they need to do to in politics because politics is a dirty game. I have news for you…YOU make it dirty!

May I suggest this Anwar….get your rabid dogs out of my life before I really f#@K PKR up....and throw that f%#king file away before you even think of using it!          


  1. Thats the problem with some of these idiots in PKR and PR. They think they are going to take Putrajaya hands down. These idiots are really arrogant and memang kurang ajar.

    Maybe one way of teaching these half wits is for the rakyat to hand PKR and PR a lesson come GE13.

  2. Sir,

    Sabarlah. Takkan marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar?

    PKR tak sempurna, jauh sekali. Yang sedihnya, BN dah punah tetapi masih berkuasa. Jadi kita kena berjuang supaya yang terbaik dipilih.

    Rotan dah binasa, kita gunakan akar. Teruskan perjuangan. Jangan give up kerana digigit beberapa kerengga.

  3. Same difference between PKR n UMNO? We are finished. Telan mati emak, luah mat bapak

  4. Cik Hussein,
    EVENTUALLY there is little difference between BN and PR.
    But, meanwhile if we as voters can help to create a two-party system in Malaysia, then neither would dare to be overly arrogant and corrupt lest they would be voted out.
    Sabar lah sikit.

  5. Its a free world right mate?
    Everybody can keep a file on anybody. In fact, FACEBOOK is even more scary. And people put everything there is to know about them for free!
    Relax lah bro. If PKR, CIA, Mossad, KGB, Scotland Yard, whatever wants to keep a file on me, I say bring it on!
    I too am in Australia and I don't really give a BS about file keeping. In fact, I happily wear the file as a badge of honour. Crikey!

  6. I don't believe they have a file on you. This is some insider's way of sabotaging the party - making enemies for pkr before the elections because you have been able to influence by your writing one way or another. Please believe in the goodness of the cause, please focus on the original principle of reformation, the rest will fall into place.

  7. Thanks for your comments Guys....I nak lepas geram onwards to Putrajaya!

  8. steady uncle Hussein, I visited your blog almost daily mate!!!!!