Friday 8 March 2013


It is 5.27 a.m. on a Friday morning.

I cannot sleep thinking of events in these last few weeks happening to our beloved country. Events that has again called into question the ability of this Barisan Nasional government to govern, events that have again made us all asked how much more will we have to endure of this Najib Tun Razak and his Cabinet colleagues as they go about the business of trying to prevent the political tsunami that is about to overcome them in the coming 13th general election and events that has caused (again!) the death of our people!

We know the corruption and the abuse of executive political power by this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government will be addressed at an appropriate time when a Pakatan Rakyat government holds office.

We know that the corruption within the Police, the blatant abuse of the process by which MINDEF acquires its weaponaries, vehicles, naval and air crafts, ammunition's and the weapons of wars that it needs to defend our nation will be reined in and dealt with once the same Pakatan Rakyat government holds office.

We know that our Judiciary will eventually be empowered to punish those who have abused high public office for personal gain and any other abuses perpetrated by any government official while in the service of our nation.

All this we know and we are working diligently towards ensuring that all of the above will happen.

But death is final. We cannot eventually bring back to life those who have died because of the incompetence, the irresponsibility and the cavalier attitude of this Barisan Nasional government towards these unnecessary death of those held in their custody by MACC, PDRM and any other government functionaries.

We cannot bring back to life those deaths of our Soldiers who have died in defence of our sovereignty, died because of the failure of the weapons, the vehicles, the aircraft or the ships that they use. Died because money needed for the proper maintenance of these items were instead siphoned out of MINDEF to enrich those within UMNO, their cronies and those who have shamelessly and irresponsibly bribe Barisan Nasional politicians to enable them to secure tenders to supply and maintain these MINDEF equipments at grossly inflated prices and without heed to anything else but the making of profits for themselves.

I can write more about the collusion of government servants in Treasury, about the failure by Bank Negara to monitor the financial health of our country and about the many many financial and executive abuses by all those beholden to and taking advantage of the corruption encouraged and being done by this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government – but if I do then this article will never end.

Suffice for me to say for now that we must no more allow this Barisan Nasional government to govern!

No more allow them to inflict upon us with impunity their arrogance, their lack of empathy for the physical and mental suffering of our people and their abundance of greed and their total disregard for the betterment of our people.
For now let them go on with the process of ridding our Nation of the latest of their many follies. That of taking back Lahat Datu and parts of Sabah from a rag tag army  of a so called Sultan of Sulu. A situation that should not have happened had this Barisan Nasional government been focused on maintaining the sovereignty of our Nation rather than business of winning the coming general election. A situation that should not have happened if this same Barisan Nasional government had not been complicit in populating Sabah with so many pendatangs and encouraging the growth of these pendatangs population for their own selfish political purpose.

But all that is now history. This UMNO led Barisan Nasional is  now at the end of  its used by date – while many of us would insists that it is past its used by date. 

Never mind…the 13th general election will soon be upon us. Let us work towards ensuring change. Let Lahat Datu be the final act of  betrayal and abuse of the trust that we have placed upon this UMNO led Barisan NAsional government when we elected them to office at the 12th general election.

Now we will take back our Nation, our government and our future for ourselves. We hope to do so with Pakatan Rakyat but only if they will do our bidding and work towards our aspirations – not theirs. This time lah!  

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