Wednesday 20 March 2013

cakap cakap....of the Anjing of Sarawak and Rosmah

It was hard for many of us to imagine the conversation that the high and mighty (read corrupt politicians, corrupt lawyers  and also include those leeches and vampires of the family kind) have with those from whom and with whom they wheel and deal to plunder and pillage the resources of  their own country.

Now thanks to Global Witness we become the fly on the wall as we see and hear how these greedy, corrupt scums of the earth make their money – and more to the point – make the money for their most corrupt leader – Taib Mahmud himself!

Not in the hundreds of thousands, not in the millions but in the hundreds of million! Public projects private money!          

And they do it all with the practise air as we would have when discussing pocket money issues with our primary school children - only the zeros that comes after the numbers makes them different from us.

Only the zeros that comes after the numbers make them sub humans who trade upon the misery and sufferings of their own people. People who they are purported to be leaders off!   

I have been in meetings and discussions such as those had by Global Witness and Taib Mahmuds henchmen but again the zeros that comes after the numbers  differentiate me from them! But we are all scums when we do the same thing – are we not? Me included!

I can empathize with these scums because I know what greed does to people. I know the confidence they have in making those deals is because they are talking on behalf of Taib Mahmud himself. What they are saying is what Taib Mahmud would be saying if he were there himself. So there is no hesitating when making commitments and when they ask for the millions. After all would you not talk in terms of millions if you talk to the Chief Minister of Sarawak?

What you see being done at the Kingwood Hotel in Sarawak is also being done di Semenanjong! Being done by the wife, children, cronies …hell even by the drivers…of these so called leaders of our Nations! If you have access to these people there is always money to be made from those who are seeking access to these politicians for business opportunities.

On a another subject I read that Rosmah denies that she is the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Think of it! Can you imagine any of our previous Prime Minister’s wives saying such a thing? Would any of these ladies even start to think that they are the 6th Prime Minister …what more even have the audacity to discuss that possibility in public? 

None of them would because good breeding, decency and knowing their place in life would prevent any of our ex Prime Minister wives from claiming the are FLOM – what more making a denial of what they know they can never be – a Prime Minister themselves! 

But then Rosmah has never been able to understand the tacit understanding that the people of any nation will have with their Prime Minister or their leaders- and it is this! In as long as you are our leader we will give due respect to your wife BECAUSE she is your wife! All that we ask in return is that your wife will know her place in the scheme of things

And while we are on this Rosmah subject….why is it so hard for her to understand that the gold, jewellery and expensive gifts she is showered by heads of governments or Rulers are not given to her personally but to the country she represents – MALAYSIA – and the decent thing to do is for Rosmah to not keep those gifts for herself but to present it to our nation so that it becomes part of our history and wealth….but I guess that would be asking too much of our FLOM would it not? 

She does not seem to understand these abstract notions where if one is representing one’s country, then there must be an accounting of everything you receive and what you give because I am sure when you want to give a gift to the head of governments of countries that you and your 6th Prime Minister of a husband visit – the purchase of that gifts is done with our money! So in all probability the same would be the case of gifts you receive from heads of government of countries you visit! Kapish?  


  1. Hehehe.......pekmoh in sarawak and the leaders of umno BN in the peninsula,with a special appearance by the new Imelda Marcos (kak ros) mari la lawan kalu berani?........unless and until the rakyat snap out from their idiotic and hypocrisy way of life.....they will yet prevail for a very long time.......

  2. Roamah really think,we Mlaysian are stupid like Pak Pandir.

    She give three different version on three different location about 24 carrat jewel.She said the diomand was brought in by Bakti to be use in fund raising dinner.
    In during the launching of her book,she said the diomand was brought in to show to her daughter mither in law.

    Anyway every women in town know,she will spent a lot of money to buy jewelaries.Ask Anbassaor in UEA,thailand,Singapore.

    What about her Hermes Bikin bag.She have ten with different colour.Each bag cost around US$20k.

    Tun Mahathir also look like a fool,asking her book to be distributed in School te be read by student n next 100 years,
    What s goid about her character?

  3. Sdr. Yaakop, do you know why Mahathir recommended Rosmah's book to be distributed to schools? These books will be paid by the taxpayers's money, in the name of part of school facilities; and meanwhile Rosmah will pocket all the taxpayers' money without being obvious!!! Get the name of the game in UMNO??? The SOP practised by you know who.