Monday 11 March 2013

All this and much much more happened AFTER he left UMNO! So what does that say about DSAI? What I am asking Anwar is this – when does all this stop?

When I sit down to write I do so respecting those of you that read what I write. This means I do not try to preach, nor do I try to shock or awe you into believing what I write. Always I make it clear that it is my point of view. I write with the constant refrain in my head that those who will take time to read what I write and do so because I have something interesting to say on life, family, politics and what else is on my mind. And for that I am grateful.     

This blog is a work in progress and it has been a work in progress since it started and will continue to be one for God knows how long more – because I, me and myself, at age 65, too am a work in progress – albeit a living, breathing, talking work in progress.

I often post articles and comments that I do not necessarily agree with because what I think is immaterial. What matters is that we are the better for reading it. Even if you disagree with me we can agree to disagree civilly. 

And usually I do not comment on the comments that I receive because if what I write already makes you think then I have done my work.  

Recently I wrote about what I think PKR and DSAI should or should not do and the gist of what I wrote is simply this : PKR and Anwar should lay off gutter politics and Anwar must lift his game if he intends to lead Pakatan Rakyat to victory at the 13th general elections. One of the things I told him he should not do is to revisit that Sodomy II case involving Saiful.To leave Saiful's father alone. 

Today we learn that Saiful’s father has joined PKR.  Now you tell me the rationale behind PKR doing this? Utter stupidity in my opinion! I rest my case.

Read about this here!

Now in as far as Deepak and Bala are concerned the tip of the iceberg has started to emerge with MT posting today.
Click here to read more: Deepak Bala marriage

and an article in FMT: Anwar promised RM700,000 to PI Bala’:

May I tell you that I DID NOT know before hand that these articles were going to be publish in MT or FMT today - so help me GOD!

Now in as far as PKR is concern you and I have seen the fall and fall of PKR – from being the largest opposition party within the PKR coalition after the 12th general election to what it is today. 

And what is it today? 

Today PKR is the weakest link in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition. 

Just as its successes in the 2008 general election is attributable to DSAI – so too is DSAI responsible for PKR being the weakest link in Pakatan Rakyat coalition today. And if you question my assessment that PKR might disintegrate before the 13th general election….then like the Bala and Saiful situation…wait a while and see if circumstances will make me eat humble pie. And eat humble I will gladly do if proven wrong because I do want desperately to be proven wrong!

Do not think that if we want ABU to happen it will happen!

Do not hope for everyone in PKR to put party before self and line up behind DSAI for the march to Putrajaya. It does not work that way for Najib in UMNO neither will it work the same way for DSAI in PKR.

Do not believe that Saiful’s father, Deepak and Bala are consumed with regrets and want to make their peace with the Lord before their time on this Earth is over. We will not have too long a wait  to see them for what they really are -vultures and mercenaries of the worse order!

It is because we have kept quiet for so long that we now find ourselves drowning in a sea of  filth, rubbish and unprincipled men and women that pollutes all things political in this nation of ours. Go read this posting in Bernard’s Zorro Unmasked it will do you good.

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves

You may think me irresponsible for bringing all this unpleasantness so close to the 13th general elections. But consider this for  a moment.

Yes we know what was done to Anwar after he was ousted out of his DPM post – but we also know what Anwar did while he was in UMNO. Now all this Bala, Deepak, Saiful, his running to the Turkish embassy for refuge, his September announcement of taking over government,  his joist with John Soh, his run in with RPK, what happened at the PKR party election's, what happened with Zaid, his recent announcement on Lynas…all this and much much more happened AFTER he left UMNO! So what does that say about DSAI? What I asking him is this – when does all this stop?

It is because I see that all this has not stopped after he left UMNO  that I ask ‘WHEN WILL IT STOP?”

And I think you all too should ask yourself the same question. I do not have the answer. I do not know the answer. So I will keep asking until I have an answer.     

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