Saturday 23 March 2013

DANIEL YKL : Celebration of a Life!

Till we meet again…

Date : 22 Mar 2013
“Bright is the sun, that wakens my heart, To sing of all You’ve done, Beautiful song, You’ve sung over me, That draws me in Your love…” Gloria, by Matt Redman.
Hey Unc D! We just came back from your send off. That was the song that played in my head this morning, which reminded me of those days you lead worship. The weather this morning was wonderful, as you can see. We sang your favourite songs, remembering you and the legacy you have imprinted in our lives. We gave you a big round of applause and cheered you on as you were carried out. You indeed have fought the good fight, completed the race with courage and have remained faithful.
Testimonies we heard, the faces of friends that came to see you at the services– just proves that you are indeed a great man. You have truly lighted up our lives, people from all walks of life and age. We can’t help it – but talk about the fun, hilarious things that each of us had experienced with our journey with you. I always remember the first time I attended a Crossworks session – to me, you looked like a strange Red-Indian, with your long hair, back then. You had been an encourager – You asked me to play the keyboard – something I didn’t have much faith doing well in, but you had faith in me. Oh – I enjoyed being in your band. Those were really good times. Thank you for the opportunity to serve God with you and your friendship!
We all miss you. We say that you must be having a rockin’ wonderful time with Jesus now. I envision you having the body that is perfected by God. Your voice – now even sweeter than how we remember it. Like someone said – when we meet you there one day, you would say “hey, what took you so long?!” There’s so much more to say to you, but we’ll chat again when we meet.
-By Su Mei

steadyaku47 comment: 
Well written Su Mei....truly a celebration of a good man who has lived a good life.

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  1. Dear En.Hussien,
    Thanks for your post and for your comment. There's a correction on the artist - should be Reuben Morgan. Not Matt Redman. Sorry.
    Thank you and Take care.