Sunday 10 March 2013

If Saiful tells me that the whole thing was cooked up by Najib’s office….can pakai lah….

I am trying to figure what Saiful’s father is actually trying to do. He claims that the sodomy II charges against DSAI was cooked up by PM’s office and yet he has never met anybody from the PM’s office or received instructions to do or say anything to implicate DSAI in the sodomy charges. He was beside Saiful when Saiful took his oath at the Masjid and he was in court with Saiful during the trail. Yet during all this time nobody from the PM’s office spoke or met with him? So when or how did he conclude that people were taking advantage of Saiful?  Surely he must have witnessed or seen something during the trial? When exactly did he get his eureka moment and he realized that he has been had?

If Saiful tells me that the whole thing was cooked up by Najib’s office….can pakai lah….

But his father is out of the loop. He was not there when Saiful met with Najib nor, it seems, has he been told by Saiful what did or did not happened.

What I am trying to figure out is how he came to the conclusion that sodomy II this has been set up by Najib’s office. It would be interesting to know his thought process.

I ask these questions because while my heart wants to believe that this sodomy II has been a conspiracy by Najib to neutralize Anwar, my common sense tells me to question what Saiful’s father is doing.

He was never questioned by anybody but why should he be questioned? He has no relevance to this case.     
He is not a witness – he did not see or know what happened or did not happened to Saiful.

And now he comes up with a statement that says he knows this is a conspiracy by Najib’s office :  Based on what facts and evidence?

Before you all hantam me for taking this stance I just want to say this. When Saiful’s father decided to come out with this expose he must be made to understand what he will be  facing. The doubts I express here will be nothing when compared to what he will be facing from the many vulture journalists sympathetic to Najibs cause – and there are many out there who are waiting to tear him apart! If there ever get the opportunity to grill him – my grilling here will be like slicing through a timun.

Then you must not forget the whole damm UMNO bunch of Berani Mati idiots who knows the financial gains awaiting them if they ‘do their dirty work’ on Saiful’s father….and then of course there is the Special Branch, Bukit Aman and Sunai Buloh and all those dark and dingy places that others before Saiful’s father have visited courtesy of this odious Baraisan Nasional government! These are things that a man over 60 would prefer to not acquaint himself with.  

They will be asking him the same question I am now asking – the only difference is this. While he has time to ponder and time to first decide if he wants to answer what I have asked of him, they will not be so kind. Go ask Petra, go ask Anwar Ibrahim and go ask those countless ISA detainees that have endured the robust manner which are the preferred methods by which Special Branch will treat all those ‘of interest’ to them!
But more than anything else I question why Anwar and PKR wants to go head to head with an UMNO that has time and time again shown us that they will not hesitate to use any means at their disposal to neutralize or eliminate their perceived or real eneimies….but even in the face of all that UMNO has done for anyone to pit father against son and son against father would be the height of stupidity unless you have a death wish.

I know because I can speak from experience. I have had many differences with my late Father – he has done his worst on me and I on him…but blood is thicker than water and when it matters most he will be there for me and I for him. And this, I am sure, Anwar and PKR will find out for themselves sooner if not later! 

And the other thing we must not forget is that this latest shenanigans by Anwar and PKR will only bring out the worst in UMNO....and you and I know that UMNO is just waiting for any excuse to do their worse...just see what they are already up to.....

What a tangled web we weave once we set out to deceive...


  1. We get all excited and worked up(and extra long winded) on this useless sodomy (yes!sex!omg!) thing, but not on basic principles of hardwork, productive, fairness and being humane.

    Shame on petty "Malaysians"

    real man

  2. Pak, you have highlighted an interesting point about the father's action which will definitely put him through the BN wringers. Ouch!
    And all this sumpah2 all over the place is cheapening not only Islam but also the concept of honour and integrity expected of man for others.
    And if you get past ktemoc's long-winded article on fathers and sons, 3 interesting gems of info surfaced;
    1) the continued estrangement between Saiful and Azlan.
    2) the uncle who has been "shepherding" Saiful throughout the trial.
    3) the suggestion that Azlan is a PKR card carrier.
    I am guessing the last if true will be MSM fodder next.

  3. I agree with most parts except that on meeting with members of PM's office, as according to the father's press release, all his previous statements were prepared by PM's office. Be that as it may, you have all valid points to doubt the whole sandiwara now. What motivated this man to do this is anybody's guess, but nobility is one factor that I personally would rule out.

  4. Bro

    The SG who prosecuted Anwar, Datuk Zainal Abiden, resigned in May last year and joined Anwar's legal team!!!

    That alone should tell us that Saiful's case was political and the whole case and prosecution, fundamentally flawed. All roads lead to Putrajaya and Najib!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  5. Also, initially, PM Najib twice lied to the Malaysian public about meeting Saiful, and only owned up when RPK published photos and revealed it all in M2Day!

  6. The courts have vindicated Anwar on sodomy charges and now we need this man to affirm the court decision? Don't you think this is strange.

    He is not a witness, neither is he a party to the dispute. Does it matter what he says? What if he says his son was right and there was not an iota of political conspiracy to destroy Anwar's political career. What then??

    Pak Hussein, you have asked the right questions to this man. At least I can give credence to Deepak's outburst given his admission that he was played out and was not paid the promised millions. To add credit to Deepak's claim, he has filed a legal suit.But this man suddenly appears out of nowhere because he decides to be jujur and ikhlas after 5 long years of hibernation.

  7. Could it be possible that the son told the father everything. thus explaining why the father knew the truth without meeting the plotters?

  8. Bukan kes-kes sebegini yang perlu untuk ditulis atau dengar, yang penting bagaimana kita transform kan melayu supaya jadi bangsa yang dihormati kerana kejayaan mereka dalam segenap bidang kehidupan..menjadi bangsa yang besar spt lain2 bangsa didunia....