Thursday 7 March 2013

cakap cakap.....YOU ARE NOT FAMILY

Jen Leong has left a new comment on your post "YOU ARE NOT FAMILY": 

Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts. A well written piece. 

It is healthy to have differing views. It helps all readers to expand their minds and view issues and situation from another perspective; liken to being in the other person's shoes. I believe that many who has posted a comment or write an article on the Lahad Datu debacle were expressing their disgruntlement of a corrupt government which focuses on enriching themselves and not to take care of the rakyat. 

We are family, we are all Malaysians. 

I agree with the writer that if we are not in the family of the armed forces, we are not in the know to criticize the professionalism nor their level of training. I admit that in my simplistic thinking as a mere rakyat, I do wonder why the authority did not send the army but the police. I felt, merely expressing my feelings that the authority is putting our police at unnecessary risk and caused the loss of precious lives. Since the author highlighted that this is civilized zone and not an area to send the army, my question would be: "Wouldn't it become a warzone when all civilians have been evacuated? 

I also read that our intelligence received news of the invasion over a month earlier. Why didn't the authority make preparation to protect our shore, our land and our people? It is ridiculous to me that our Home Minister still classify them as not invaders when they arrived fully armed. Would you classify them as "tourists"? It may be good to "talk" first and persuade them to leave, but did our authorities post our arm forces to make sure the invaders were guarded until they leave? 

I may not know everything and I am no soldier but I am Malaysian. I love the country, the people and I care. I may not know the system, the method nor how to fight but I have commonsense and think to QUESTION. As Malaysians, we have the right to question constructively so that we have progress and growth for the good of all citizens. 

When the author accused others of not joining the arm forces, has he ever given deeper thoughts as to the reason why there were more non-malays in the arm forces before 1980's and the number declined after 80's. I trust that you have the intellect to figure out yourself. I respect your views and I agree with you on the bravery and the sacrifice made by those who answered the call of duty; they don't turn nor glance back. They march forward even knowing that death awaits them. I cried learning of the bloodshed. I pray for the surviving families and believe that Allah, God Almighty, the Creator protect and comfort them. 

I would encourage all to stop pointing fingers nor vent our anger over our loss. Sabah is in crisis. Lets unite. Even Lim Kit Siang has called and pledged solidarity with the BN government to resolve this crisis. I heard his speech issued in public (Johor) on Monday night. The ordinary citizen should at least pray daily for our armed forces if they cannot fight along side. 

Posted by Jen Leong to steadyaku47 at Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 1:38:00 AM GMT+10:30

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