Thursday 28 March 2013

How long before we have rocks hidden in our hand waiting for an opportunity to retaliate against those thugs employed by UMNO and against the Police…?

How soon do you think it will be before our people stop turning the other cheek and start to fight back against the thugs employed by UMNO to harass the opposition?

When will we say enough to being beaten, kicked and dragged along the road and clubbed by baton wielding riot squad police and have tear gas fired directly at our people? The brazen brutality of PDRM on our people sanctioned by the complicit silence from the Barisan Nasional government is horrific and unacceptable. Do the Police no longer operate within the confines of the Law or are they now a law upon themselves?

How long before we have rocks hidden in our hand waiting for an opportunity to retaliate against those thugs employed by UMNO and against the Police…waiting to throw those rocks at them the moment they start to again get physical with our people? How soon if it has not already started?  

Those were my thoughts as I watched this video.

Whether these are Anwar’s men or Najib’s, whether they are thugs from UMNO or PKR and whether they are Chinese, Malays, Indians, Mat Rempits, Jinjang Joes or Indian gangsters...all that are open to conjecture. 

What matters is that our people are now fighting with each other. Malaysians now think it is okay to hit other Malaysians. How soon before an incident like this flares into communal conflict and from there to God knows what! Anything can happen and we know too well what has happened in the past. 

This is madness. We are on a knife edge. The most sensitive of issues that could be use to divide and polarize the people – race and religion – are being shamelessly used to divide and polarize our people for political advantage. A truly despicable act.

And what do our leaders do? They edge on their people to do more. They tell their people to teach the other side a lesson. Thuggery, gangsterism and bullying are now the weapons of choice for politician.

And over all this Najib Tun Razak is Prime Minister! He is indeed a sad and pathetic example for a leader….and it is our misfortune to live in his times. 


  1. Agree fully with you. The government of the day must be fair and take action fairly to prevent the people from taking the law into their own hands seeing that the law enforcement is lopsided. Dread to see the day when mayhem engulf the country one day with the leaders in power blaming the the other party but forgetting his own failure that lead to such a situation.

  2. From what I can get/read from blogs, like yours, the frequency of these hooligans causing disruptions of opposition ceramahs or causing havoc seems to increase. And the police seemingly lack of interest/unwillingness to intervene make one wonders. Are these actions of the hooligans and the inactions of the police planned by those (you know who), to create riots so that the BN Government can institute an emergancy rule so that there is no need for election. Hence UMNO/BN remains in power???? The reason why there is no dissolution of parliment. It is a waiting game. The hooliganism is on running gear until the last minute of legal governing. The moment there appears to be counter reaction form another group, someone will announce emergency rule and UMNO/BN can continue ruling until eternity. So, right thinking Malaysians, this should be in our mnds and thoughts. My 2 cents thoughts.

  3. My conclusion after watching the video: These mat rampits were obviously there to cause trouble and the way they appeared suddenly in such large group together proved it was an organised one with the sole purpose to create trouble. Unfortunately their plan backfired this time as there were already people waiting for them. Taking the law into their own hands was of course wrong but sometimes they are forced to do drastic things to protect themselves as police always close their eyes on trouble makers when it is directed at the Opposition. I don't think anyone will dare cause trouble in broad daylight if the police is effective and fair in their work.

  4. All these happen because we have the likes of a not only incompetent Home minister but a dangerous one at that who behaves more like a gang leader who also have the tacit approval of an equally incompetent PM. Well we all know what to do if we want them to go don't we?

  5. In Umno's last days of desperation,desperate measures are needed to intimidate the people in caving in to thuggerism and terrorism.The people must have the guts to show these animals the middle finger this coming GE.

  6. Its called self defence bro.
    It was a classic bully send off, seeing them scurrying faster than they arrive. BN are big time bully boys, backed by PDRM, FRU with water canons, chemicals, etc. But when faced with even a smaller but more determined force, they too will make a hasty retreat.

  7. It is the international devils of capitalism who nurture the local serpents for their own benefit. Too farfetched? Consider this. As the Egyptian revolution was getting started, a (C5 Galaxy) planeload of teargas and other "crowd control" weapons was about to be delivered to the dictator. Due to the news leaking and airports coming under scruitiny, this plan was cancelled. But now, the new dictator Morsi has taken delivery of the same.