Friday 8 March 2013

Sodomy 2: Anwar innocent, says Saiful’s dad

G Vinod
 | March 8, 2013
Saiful Bukhari Azlan's father, Azlan Mohd Lazim, said that his son was used by several unscrupulous people, including a special officer to the prime minister, to fabricate lies against the opposition leader.

KUALA LUMPUR: In a shocking move, Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s father told a group of selected media today that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is innocent of the Sodomy II accusation.
In a hastily arranged press conference, Azlan Mohd Lazim, 60, said that Anwar was a victim of a vile political conspiracy.
“My son was used by several unscrupulous individuals, including Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s special officer, Khairul Annas Jusoh.
“These people masterminded the slander against Anwar, using my son,” alleged Azlan.
Last year, Anwar was acquitted by the Kuala Lumpur High Court on charges of sodomising Saiful, his former aide.
The Attorney-General’s Chambers appealed against the verdict and the Court of Appeal is scheduled to hear the case on July 22.

Azlan, a semi-retiree, said that he had stood by his son’s accusation against Anwar in the past to provide moral support to Saiful.
“He’s my son and I know he is good person but as I was attending his trial in the last four years, I sensed something was amiss.
“Some people also gave me evidence which convinced me of Anwar’s innocence. As a Malay and a Muslim, I cannot continue being a pawn in this evil scheme of things,” he said.
‘My conscience is clear’
During the question and answer session, Azlan claimed that his previous statements to the media were scripted by his lawyer, Zamri Idrus.
“My lawyers prepared my statements, under the instructions of Khairil,” he alleged.
But he admitted that he has never met Khairil personally but heard about the officer from his son.
“The government did not meet me to discuss the case or even ask my opinion. Everything is carefully handled by Khairil,” said Azlan.
On why his son got involved the plot, Azlan said he was in the dark on the matter.
Whether Saiful is aware of him having a press conference today, Azlan refused to comment.
“If he is unhappy, that is up to him. All I know is that my conscience is clear,” he said.
Azlan added that he was prepared to repeat his statement in court if he was given the space.
“God willing, if I have the opportunity, I will also personally tender an apology to Anwar and his family for the troubles they have undergone,” he said.
Saiful had previously sworn in a mosque that he had been sodomised by Anwar, a charge whichwas always denied by the opposition parliamentarian.


  1. Even without this so called admission by Saiful's Dad we know Anwar is not guilty as charged. All evidences (medical and technical) and alibi show that Anwar was not guilty and no case from the begining.

    In sodomy 1, Anwar was found guilty by the "not relevant" judge despite the date of the incident was changed 3 times and the victim admitted 3 times in court that he was not sodomised by Anwar.

    Truth will always prevail. That's Allah's promise. Wonder what UMNO/BN supporters will say now... Anwar paid Saiful's Dad?

  2. A blow to Najib and the Mamak. If God is great they should be punished deep deep.

  3. But what if the dad WAS made (not necessarily paid) to say this now by the folk who want Najib ousted?
    Regardless of the twice accused DSAI, getting a replacement to helm the battered and tattered umno is top priority to old umno dogs who want to salvage umno and keep big umno funders happy. You know who lah.

  4. Notice the willingness to blame the middle man as compared to the reticence againt fingering the obvious person responsible. We see this elsewhere, e.g. in the Altantuya case and even the invsion of Sabah - where the foreign "leader" cons patsies into exposing themselves to mortal danger. Another symptom is self-abasement as seen in hand-kissing. The disease concerned is feudalism.