Friday 15 March 2013

There is nothing we can do in life that will prepare those that we love for our own demise

At 6.30 p.m. this evening I heard of PI Bala’s passing. My first thought was for his family and I hope that after all that they have been through these last few years there is now maybe time for his wife to reflect. There is nothing we can do in life that will prepare those that we love for our own demise. And I am sure that will be so for Bala’s family. God be with them.

And then my next thought went to two person that has brought Bala to where he is now – Razak Baginda and Najib Razak. Two people that has made Bala’s life and that of his family a living hell. And what will these two think of Bala’s passing? Manna from heaven? A quiet prayer of thanks for the breathing space that Bala’s death now gives them? A sense of relief that there is now one less demonic sword hanging over their head? Who knows….but they know that his death will at least give them some respite from the relentless onslaught that Altantuya’s death has unleashed upon Razak Baginda and Najib Tun Razak. But now they not only have Altantuya’s ghost to haunt them….there is also now Bala’s!

But the realities is this. Razak Baginda will reflect upon Bala as he did upon Altantuya. What would have happened if he had paid Altantuya what she had asked for? 

Alatantuya would still be alive and he would still be enjoying his ill gotton gains in the company of the Prime Minister of Malaysia and who knows what other ‘business opportunities’ beckons? 

With Bala he might ponder his part in Bala’s demise. If he had listened to Bala’s advise to make a Police Report, if he had not hired Bala….so many if’s …and none will be answered. Not for Altantuya , not for Bala.

So from this purchase of the Scorpene Submarine by the Government of Malaysia there are already two deaths and possibly another two more if the UTK’s operative are meted the punishment due to them. RM500 million of our money have already been paid for ‘services rendered’  - God knows  what these services are! It has brought untold misery and shame to Razak Baginda’s family, Altatantuya’s family, to the two UTK operative’s family and now to Bala's Family……and through all this Razak Baginda is comforted by his share of the RM$500 million and Najib is comforted in being able to take sanctuary behind the Office of The Prime Minister of Malaysia.         

And there is still more to tell from Deepak and many others as the veil of secrecy and deceit is lifted as time and the natural progressions of ‘the truth will eventually be told’ inevitably brings everything into the public domain. It is not a matter of if but a matter of when.

Najib knows his time is running out. No one, not even the Prime Minister of Malaysia can endure the odium, disgust and contempt of the masses as their anger towards Najib coalesce. Najib does not have the strength of character or the political will to ride this one out. Muhyiddin will not have a better moment to take what he thinks is already his – the Presidency of UMNO. Mahathir will thank the Lord that again the stars are align in his favor. Political expediency will be done long before any other consideration can even be considered – even respect for the dead!

What shall we do? 

What can we do but watch the vultures within UMNO feed upon the carcase of their own! But come the 13th general election…do not forget ABU! 

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