Sunday 10 March 2013

But the Chinese…what do they want? They already have Penang why not think of possibilities at Federal level....who knows....maybe the Prime Ministership itself?

In the things that I write the Malays have, much more often than I would have wanted, been at the end of my barbs. Suffice to say that there is no love lost between me and many of my own kind because while they have been of the opinion that our dirty laundry should be washed in the company of our own kind, I choose to do otherwise. Right or wrong is for others to say but as far as I am concern the reason for my doing so is because in my opinion the Malays cannot be in denial of the problems they face. If we can confront our fears then we are no longer in denial. When we are no longer in denial we start the process of change for the better. 

But even as I pleaded with my own to lift themselves above the petty ‘me first’ mindset brought about by UMNO’s insistence of Ketuanan Melayu I am not blind to what is going on around me.

From what I see on the Net and what is being said by Chinese politicians within Pakatan Rakayat and Barisan Nasional I sense increasing venom against the other races – primarily the Malays, as the Chinese sees a change in their political circumstance. This has happened before and I sense it happening again.

The Chinese are reacting to a change in their political fortunes as the political realities of today begins to turn towards the Chinese as being a faction critical in deciding the fortunes of Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional.

Yes once again the Chinese are finding themselves to be in the driving seat  - whether in Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional. And once again they dare to think beyond just being a partner in a coalition…beyond just being left alone to do business. They already have Penang why not think of possibilities at Federal level....who knows....maybe the Prime Ministership itself?  

I detect no such venom from the much maligned Hindus/ Indians. Their primary interest is in the economic uplift of their  own kind.

But the Chinese…what do they want? Today they have Penang and Penang, as far as I can see it, is a DAP (read Chinese here!) state. Yes Jais is being given more money than when there were under Barisan Nasional and DAP can roll up any number of initiatives that reaffirms their commitment to 1Malaysia.So can Barsian Nasional do the same in the states under their control – but we know the truth.

In the states control by BN, the Malays rule. In Penang the Chinese rules. We the people are wise to these realities and we have no problems with and we can live with it.

What we resent is the closed door that limits others races and any other deserving candidate to partake in the state government under DAP and those under Barisan Nasional. 

We expect to see a dismantling of nepotism and cronyism and all these must not only be done but also seen to be done. I do not see this being done in Penang. I do not see this being done within the ranks of DAP. I do not see a movement away from the control of the Lims and their cronies over DAP.

All this only tells us that there will be more of the same thing if DAP continues to rule in Penang.  More damaging it polarized our society even more. I expect better things from the Chinese and from DAP. I expect them to make a real effort to their oft avowed commitment to 1Malaysia – not only in words but also in their deeds. And when they do not they are no better than UMNO – a racist political organization that has no place in the Malaysia that we aspire to.

The words being uttered by the leaders within DAP are getting more bold. More condescending towards the Malays. More shrill and venomous by the day as DAP (and the Chinese) starts to flex their political muscles and slowly but surely push their weight around.

The Malays have many who will freely remind them of every missteps, every stumble, every fall they have – me amongst them..... But who will tell the Chinese?

I want to tell the Chinese this. History repeats itself. Do not forget the events that foreshadowed May 13th. I will not  - that is why I remind the Malays that 1Malaysia cannot remain just a slogan or a glint in the eyes of Pakatan Rakyat leaders. It must become reality and it must starts with them – with PKR, with PAS and with DAP!

And do not ask me to look at PKR or PAS first. We know enough about these two political organization to understand what they are and they make no pretense to be anything DAP prides itself to be otherwise....but cakap bukan serupa bikin ma?    


  1. Pak Hussein,

    Why are you raising the spectre of May 13 in your article? Whenever a Malay "fears" the Chinese are becoming bolder (which is far from the truth), he will almost inevitably mention the infamous May 13. Why Pak Hussein, why you also?

  2. Sain, for someone who fights for ABU, I am really surprised that you have fallen into the trap of Dr M. And why raised the perils of May 13? Did you watch Tanda Putra over the week end to come to tis conclusion. No way will the Chinese form the next Govt. not sure what you have been smoking when you wrote this but I guess the BN machinery has somehow gotten to you too. Am really surprised with this article. Am a Chinese living in KL, u are a Malay living in Australia. What does that tells us? Am really shocked you wrote this piece.

  3. I thought you had a different mentality, having matured in UK and Australia. You must have heard of Obama,the Vietnamese-borned German Finance Minister, not to mention our Penny Wong. You just cannot contain your racist instinct. Somehow you remain a true UMNO diehard upholding your ketuanan status. How can a majority race feel threatened and still use May 13 as a reminder. All the intelligent and rational articles you wrote before have been shredded by this one. The racist has crawled out of the woodwork. It is time for you to balek kampong. Australia does not welcome racist. Did you write the article after smoking pot?

  4. Sdr Hussein,
    I am truly disillusioned by this article of yours. I always thought you were rational, fair and non racist. I don't know how you came to the conclusion that DAP in Penang is non inclusive and that the Malays lose out. Pls be more specific and explain how you came to that conclusion. Are you hinting that Malays should not support DAP now?

  5. Hussein,
    If you have nothing to write, it's better not to write. If you think you just want to impress readers that you are a person of bi-partisan with full of wisdom to pick out the thorns among the bushes, please save it for your next life. We are not impressed at all.

  6. Sir,

    Apalah punya tajuk dan isi kandungan? Bapak termakan narkotika semalam? Atau bermimpi nak jadi Ahli PERKASA dan minta ampun dari Mahathir?

    I think you should be ashamed of yourself for even harboring such a thought. I am so disappointed after you have stayed so long away from Malaysia but still, once a blue moon, come out with something totally unacceptable to the international community.

    You owe Malaysians, especially the younger generations and to your own children and grand children a million apologies.