Thursday 21 March 2013

cakap cakap...ABU! Yes we have the numbers but....

How many of you surf the NET to look for articles and posting that reinforces your own thinking and thoughts on issues and matters that is out there in Boleh Land?

Why not try this – if I want to read anything I would prefer to read articles and posting that runs contrary to what I myself think. I want to read someone who does not agree with me so that in reading what is written I may expand my thinking of that matter. Read and understand the other point of view…and keep an open mind. When you open up your mind to others you would be able to better decide if what you think is right or wrong.

Yes there will some who are paid to write something that will influence your thinking – have enough faith in yourself that you are able to see through the lies and the deceptions. Are your arguments strong enough to stand scrutiny? Will it still be true when others cast doubts against your point of view?  

Do not have a close mind on anything. Can UMNO do any good? Has UMNO done any good? Can Pakatan Rakyat do no wrong? All these are value judgement – no 100% right or wrong answers! Yes we want ABU but in wanting ABU we need to look at what choosing ABU entails. ABU at any costs? ABU no matter what? Until we can stand any onslaught against what we believe in – than our position is not cast in concrete…only in sand…shifting with every blow of the wind.
So please brothers and sisters…even as we so desperately want ABU you must open yourselves up to other points of views, another way of looking at things and allow others to question and debate the credibility and wisdom of your thoughts. Do this and you will be the better person for doing so….as for me….it is still ABU!  

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