Wednesday 20 March 2013

Mongrel of Sarawak! Taib Mahmud.


In this world that we live in, we have seen a few human beings whose ‘exploits and deeds’ will make many of us wonder about the sanity and decency of our own kind. You can say that Hitler stood up there on the “Mountain of the worst of God’s creation” – that Saddam, Gadaffi and Osama ben Ladin would not have a hard time if they too would want a place close to the summit that Hitler now stands. Then there are also Pol Pot, Nicole Ceausescu, Mugabe, Suharto and Mahathir, but all these tyrants, and despots all of them did put in their amount of ‘work’ to get to where they finally were able to do their dirty deeds upon their own people and the rest of the world.

This Anjing of Sarawak aka Taib Mahmud, is one of a kind. He has no redeeming features. He has made the art of plundering and pillaging of Sarawak his life long pursuit. There is no redeeming period during his lifetime when he ‘fought for the independence’ of Sarawak from any foreign masters. No time in his life when he had the interest of the people of Sarawak before his personal interest -that of the acquisition of material wealth to insane proportions.

Taib takes more than he needs. What he cannot take, like the Wolverine that sprays any meat it cannot meat to spoil it for others, Taib will not let others share. He hoards and took far beyond his needs.

There are animals that will eat anything put in front of them without stopping. Camels, if you give them enough food and let them keep on eating will eat until they die. Camel herders have to ration their food…but that is gluttony is it not? Is Taib Mahmud a glutton for wealth?

What do you call humans who keep taking everything in front of them? What do you call Taib Mahmud? A greedy Chief Minister of Sarawak?
Taib Mahmud is like a pig. Despite having a small stomach, the pig is very greedy and will eat as much as possible as quickly as he can and then likes to sleep in his own filth – as Taib Mahmud likes to wallow in what his wealth will give him.   

He is like the Tiger Shark that will eat anything in front of him – even something that is impossible for him to chew and digest. Taib is like a shark that attacks other animals without provocation and then leaves their carcass behind…the “If I can’t have it….” attitude….selfishness.

It would seem that like the Camel that will keep on eating until it dies. Taib, who is now 71, is destined to keep on taking everything he can from Sarawak until he too dies.  

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  1. No no Bro.You are wrong.He is not like a pig,or tiger or camel.He is super human being.He eat,drink ,sleep and think.
    At 71,he still can walk 20 km in 30 one hour.

    He is the only Chief Minister use Roll Royce car .He have three.
    As a Muslim,He pray 5 time a day,Fasting in Ramadhan,Going to Haj.I am not surebif he pay Zakat.

    In 1994, He used a nominee to buy all Serawak SEDC asset anr after one year the nominee transfer the asset to his co.Cement Plant,Utama Bank,Hotel,

    Out Federal leader from Mahathir to Najib keep quite because he deliver the vote in evert GE.

    You cant touch him,Only The Dayak,The Chinese,The malanau can teach him lesson.

    Remember when The Tartar invaded Baghdad.The Tartar general invited Ibnu Tamiah,the muslim great ulama,to have dinner with him.When he was serve with Food,Ibnu Tamiah refuse to ear and the general ask him Why.He said he is not sure if the food ia halam or haram.He doest know weather you confiscated the lamb and Chiken from the farmer.
    The general said,never mine.Just recite a doa for me.
    Ibnu Thamiyah Doa." Ya Allah if the tartar people come with good intention to rule Bangdad them give them all blessing but if their intention is to destroy Bangdad and confiscated all the belonging of the people in Banghda,then punish them .banish them from the world and put their Soul in the Hell.

    He left the palace.

    Now where is Mongolia.from Great power to the unknown country in the world.No body in Malaysia know Mongolia until Najib Body guard kill Antaytulia.