Friday 22 March 2013

cakap cakap...awake at 3 a.m.

Last night I was awaken at about 3 a.m. Summer is just about over and the cool Autumn wind has begun to blow ever so softly. The chill it brings woke me up and I got up to get a quilt to cover my sleeping wife and an extra blanket to myself. Once awaken I find it hard to sleep. So I powered on my PC and balik kampong to KL.

The usual suspects….Anwar this and Anwar that….Najib transform this and transform that (maybe he will get transferred soon to parts unknown preferably of the banduan kind after the 13th general elections!).

I click to Dian’s Malaysia’s Flip Flop (
because I know there is always something there to make me smile or give me that oomph to make me want to go write something on my blog.

Then to Bernard’s Zorro Unmasked
or as I would prefer to call it…the Oldies but Goodies!...he is older (much older) than me ma!

And thence on to Malaysia Kita where I really get briefed on what other interesting ‘news’ abounds.

By now I am wide awake and adjorned to the living room so that I could start work on my blog.

I see that there is another breaking story on Anwar’s sexual preferences. That is a good sign for us pro Pakatan Rakyat bloggers because it means that UMNO and Barisan Nasional are feeling pretty vulnerable. They are running out of things to fire up their stop, start, stumble, crash and up again run up to the 13th general elections. So the order has gone out to their goon squad aka cyber trooper to go stir up some things – anything about their most potent nemesis – DATUK SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM! Nothing like a good sodomy story on DSAI to make Najib and Rosmah have a chuckle over breakfast and take their minds off the elephant in their living room: MUHYIDDIN YASSIN and MAHATHIR…and not to mention TAIB MAHMUD….I said NOT to mention TAIB MAHMUD!

I see that this Nazrin guy from Perak is insisting that “Rulers are above Politics” …..right…now if only he had told his Father, Azlan, about it before Barisan Nasional got his help in the taking over of Perak from Pakatan Rakyat. Cakap bukan serupa bikin lah!

MCA gets closer to the brink as the hatred the present MCA President has for his predecessor and vice versa threatens to bring the party lower into the abyss of politics based on personalities and vested interests. Give them enough rope and those two will hang themselves faster than Najib and Rosmah can find a country to ‘retire’ to when push comes to shove in UMNO politics.      
Anwar takes everything in his stride though he does seems to be a bit litigious these days. Well what do you expect with the courts being simpatico to what DSAI has been through. He has won a few court cases making it worth his while to pursue errant bloggers or what have you.

It would seem that Lahat Datu, Sultan Sulu and armed invader testing the sovereignity of Malaysia are now yesterday’s story and so is Deepak. 

PI Bala in death has got more sympathy from us that when he was alive. And yet I question the need for his Lawyer to inform us that his wife needs RM$15K a month in INDIA! Come on lah I lived in Bombay for three months – and we were just Insurance trainees then. The allowance we got was more that what our Bombay College of Insurance Principal made! We took taxis to college while he rode his bicycle. Please explain why Bala’s wife needs RM$15K a month?

Here in Oz there was a challenge from within to the PM’s role as leader of her Labour Party. After the Minister concerned made a public announcement that he had asked the PM to call for a vote to decide the matter – Julie Gillard, the PM announced in Parliament that she will be doing just that at 4 pm on the same day and by 5 pm it was all settled. She remained as Leader and PM and those that did not sided with her were relieved of their post in government – I think two ministers lost their jobs. I think the going of Najib will be just as surgical and precise – not a matter of if but a matter of when!    

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