Monday 11 March 2013

Will Pakatan Rakyat have a hope in hell to win this 13th general election the way it is today? You tell me!

There are many who tells me that nothing will change the staus quo within Pakatan Rakyat. All is in readiness for the 13th general elections and DSAI will be the designated Prime Minister if and when Pakatan Rakyat wins government.

As I like to remind you all, I am far from the maddening crowd. Far enough to not be deafened by the idle chatter over the Net and the talk amongst the informed and the uninformed who insists that talking about politics in Malaysia is a daily ritual more required than air and the daily intake of sustenance for their survival.

So indulge me as I try to make some sense of the happenings in KL.

PKR is now splintering into factions for and against DSAI. In the DSAI faction are Wan Azizah and his ‘defection proof’ daughter, Nurrul Izzah. Everyone else is suspect. Even those who have sworn a personal oath to DSAI himself to uphold the interest of DSAI!

It would seem (and I say this with much trepidation and a sincere hope that I am wrong!) that Azmin Ali has began to accept the reality than when push comes too shove, DSAI will choose Nurul over him and so he has begun the process of making his own nest within PKR. The public face of this would be the salacious Fareez Kamal letter to Hadi but more worrying for DSAI are the goings on within PKR itself as its members test the waters to see if they will take the plunge with their non elected,non member defacto head of their political organization - DSAI or (heavens forbid!) with anyone else!
Kahalid has got DAP and PAS solidly behind him….and of course he has public sympathy and support (well earned!) – with a sprinkling of support from within PKR itself.

DAP will want DSAI to be Prime Minister as Kit Siang and DSAI both have vested interest – on a personal and party level – for DSAI to be Prime Minister. DAP needs Anwar and Anwar needs DAP! But there are things that even DAP will not involve themselves in  - the Bala conspiracy being one.

PAS have broken ranks on this issue of DSAI being Prime Minister should Pakatan Rakyat wins government. They want Ku Li and ‘negotiations’ are now taking place amongst the relevant parties to see how this can be done.

Now with all this going on we are, from time to time, regaled with tales from the on going saga of Altantuya, Razak Baginda, Bala, Deepak and Saiful …and in the not too distant future, Nalla  and his Shamsidar tapes will join the circus.

From the above observations I see that PKR and Pakatan Rakyat are fragmented even before the date for 13th general election has been declared.

Will internal sabotage kill PKR? Will Ku Li’s aspiration to be PM overcome common sense and political reality and make him jump ship from the S.S. UMNO to S.S. PAS…only time will tell. Will the Kit Siang DSAI ‘I scratch your back you scratch mine’ pact hold together? Or more critical will the Pakatan Rakyat collective hate for UMNO hold the coalition together?

There you have it ….my take on the situation in KL. I stand corrected if you care to educate me on where I have erred  - if not take it for what it is….a short and revealing dissection of the way things are in KL. DSAI knows this, Kit Siang knows this and Hadi knows this....the question now is will their personal agendas take precedence over the agenda of change that the Rakyat wants!

As for the UMNO led Barisan Nasional you must not forget that they are the incumbent - the defending Champion. And anybody that knows boxing knows that the challenger must defeat the Champion.  In the event of a tie, the Champion remains the Champion. 

Will Pakatan Rakyat have a hope in hell to win this 13th general election the way it is today? You tell me!         


  1. Pak Hussein,

    What makes you so sure the defending "champion" UMNO is not disintegrating? As I can see it, your "champion's" trainer/mentor Tun Mahathir is working non stop to get his sidekick Muhyiddin to rabbit punch his henpecked "champion" Najib in his nuts. And on the sidelines, you also have the Tun's home groomed "champion" Mukhriz. So what do you make of all these?

  2. DSAI is reaping what he folk of poor calibre....Kataks! I tend to agree with your take on Azmin flexing his muscles with stupid moves...I say stupid because his poorly executed plan to muscle past AI, wife and daughter is about to backfire on him.
    Who is egging him on to break ranks? Who is financing his worms that are coming out of woodwork? Dare I say it that the wily tun has gotten under azmin's skin......
    PKR has alway been and always will be the weak link in the chain. Semua katak have their price...wakakaka!

  3. It is not whether PKR win or not ; not whether we love Najib or Anuar (btw why don't the leaders CARRY the 'hand' message with the words " I/We LOVE THE PEOPLE " instead of "I love PM"?!!

    For five decades there wasn't ANY OPTION for the rakyat - now the rakyat have a CHOICE and every good sane people WILL WANT CHANGE Without the need to put anyone on a pedestral !! And I believe we don't want the same old same old kind of leadership...even the school blackboard and chalk have changed to whiteboard and marker.