Sunday 24 March 2013

Najib “In thy foul throat thou liest”

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With thanks to Donplaypuks whose article 1st Batch of PM's Grossemajib's 7 Deadly Sins made me write the following piece based on Donplaypuks posting.

“In thy foul throat thou liest”
William Shakespear. Richard III

The scary thing for Najib is that he has to wake up each day not knowing which one of his lies will be uncovered and exposed onto the public domain. He knows that with each uncovered lie the privileged world that now surrounds him and Rosmah becomes more brittle and fragile.

And yet for Najib he also knows that for each day that  these lies remained undiscovered it still weakens whatever strength he has left within himself to keep on living the lie he has lived so far.  It will erode his self-esteem - if he has any left- and leave him less of a man in his own eyes and in the eyes of others. These lies will eat into him and relentlessly gnaw at the very foundation of his own self–worth and his very own being. Over time his deception will destroy him.   

For Najib everything is NOT going to be alright!

More than the ghost of his past sexual excesses that led to the ruin of at least two marriages – that of his own and that of Rosmah’s as they were both married to other people when they began their own sexual dalliances.

More than Muhyiddin, Mahathir, DSAI and even more than Rosmah (in whom the Malaysian public has only contempt and disgust for being too full of herself!).

More than all this and whatever else Pakatan Rakyat will throw his way,it will be Altantuya that will be Najib’s nemesis!

Since her murder in October 2006, Najib has not ordered the IGP to investigate and charge the person responsible for ordering Altantuya’s murder.

Najib has not initiate any investigation as to how immigration records pertaining to the entry and departure of those involved in the Altanatuya saga could have been erased.

Nor has he explained numerous highly suspicious sms exchanges between himself and Razak Baginda.

The recent revelations by Americk that Najib  instructed lawyer Cecil to draft PI Bala's 2nd Statutory Declaration which refuted PI Bala's 1st Statutory Declaration (implicating Najib involvement in Altantuya's murder and also had Najib’s comments about the purported sexual preferences of Altanatuya) has only served to tighten the noose around Najib’s pudgy political neck!

Najib lied when he said that he never met Saiful and he lied when he then said that Saiful came to see him about a scholarship–a lie within a  lie! Saiful forever dammed Najib by testifying under oath that he did see Najib about a sexual matter and that Najib then telephoned the IGP.

And then Najib had to lie for Rosmah to cover for her shopping holiday to Milan on Airforce 1. First the Prime Minister’s Office reported that the official trip was to UK and USA but later admitted the shopping trip to Milan after Pakatan MP’s checked Airforce 1 flight path details online. 

Najib authorised over RM87 million payment from Malaysian Taxpayers’ money to launch 1 Malaysia concept. Then he claimed that it was a strategically vague concept, and that it may not be practised within the entire government system!

Najib also authorised RM58 million and RM42 million payments from Malaysian Taxpayer’s money to Fact Based Communications (FBC) Ltd. UK to write articles praising the Chief Minister of Sarawak – Taib Mahmud’s - regime and criticising environmentalists who opposed logging and palm oil plantations in the state. FBC collapsed and went into administration in October 2011. 

More recently Najib authorised RM1.2 million payment from Malaysian Taxpayers’ money to Josh Trevino for a Main Stream Media and bloggers campaign to blacken DSAI’s and the Opposition’s names in the USA! 

Najib may think that he has gained victory over us all by his lying but he must by now know that for each lie that he tells us it is an act of self-abdication and self-destructiion.  When Najib lies he surrenders a part of himself to us because now he has surrender his reality to us and he will have to keep faking if he wants us to keep believing the lie he first told us. He is now beholden to the Rakyat by his lies. And here again the truth shall not free him…the truth will dammed him!

You may forget where you park your car in KLCC and at times forget where your keys are. But you will not forget a shopping trip to Milan. You will not forget if Saiful tells you about a purported tryst with DSAI. You will not forget if you are involved in a murder nor will you forget anal sex with any one – especially a young Mongolian girl no matter how bad it was!

Najib have no idea where he is now! 

A rat living in a sewer knows where it is and does not find it unpleasant as that is where rats would prefer to live. It is what rats do. But we humans prefer not to have to live or hide in those dark dingy places. But that is where Najib will have to hide as he no longer has our trust and our respect

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

For us the rules are simple. Fool us once shame on you. Fool us again, shame on us! For Najib we want him to know that we will not be shamed again by the choices we will make at the 13th general elections! Abu.    


  1. You have a way with words, and when used to raise our moral and social awareness, it becomes even more potent. Keep it up

  2. To Najib lying is a weapon because God will not send thunder to hit him on his head but he might win the war solely on lies alone!UMNO has become an evil organisation of likeminded leaders to con its own supporters in the rural areas.It has become a duty for all good citizens in this last lap to enlighten the rural folks of this evil nature of UMNO.

  3. Actually I pity the man. He has but no choice at all to do all he can, but hook or by crook to win the next GE. Otherwise he and his fat mama would end up inside the Bamboo River Resort at best, if not hung by the noose till death, for the case of the young lady from the land of Genghis Khan. That is besides the numerous cases of plundering for which the 2 would have to spend several life times lazing by the said river.

  4. Beatifully put. The problem is the many lies by Najib will not change the mindsets of most of the Malays/Muslims who are blinded when UMNO baru leaders scream about race, religion, rulers and Negara. Inspite of the many corruptions, injustices, etc carried out by these UMNO leaders, and exposed by members of the public, do not trigger critical thinking. All will be well and good when UMNO leaders scream about race, religion, rulers and negara. All will be smiles when BR1M ia announced. Sad!!

  5. How can the dead Mongolian lady's family seek justice when all the relevant institutions that are supposed to find the truth were all under his control. Just like the old Mamak and the White Hair thief who have billions in their banks but no investigation on how they got their wealth. It's like birds of the same feathers helping each other so as to remain in the flock. TBH died because of a mere RM3000 suspicion case. Malaysia boleh.

  6. Lying, stealing, looting and plundering has become the dominant culture of the ruling party. BUMNO/BN must be booted out fast.


    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  7. You lied, you lied, you lied yeah, yeah!