Friday 7 March 2014

Anus is a four letter word…and so is Umno.

We are again to be regaled by the arguments from a Tan Sri government defense lawyer arguing before a three-judge appeal panel of his peers about whether the semen samples taken from the anus of one – Saiful Bukahri Azlan – is the semen of the leader of the opposition who was once Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of the very same government that is now using this court case as a weapon of political destruction on the said once DPM, once Finance Minister and now leader of the opposition - namely Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Sodomising, sodomy, anus, perianal, rectum, penetration, semen are words being bandied about in court by the learned Tan Sri while national and global media reports of a "government attempt to ruin a political career”, "fraud by a Prime Minister", "politcally motivated", "a government determined to remove Anwar from the political scene by hook or by crook" everywhere you care to look – right across the globe!. This in a country where Islam, as Umno insists  is the official religion of the nation! 

Anus is a four letter word…and so is Umno.

Anus does not rhyme with fuck, suck or cock but nevertheless it’s synonymous with the sex act.

Umno does not rhyme with corruption, deceit, money politics and arrogance – but nevertheless these are terms synonymous with the politics that Umno practices.

And it's leader Najib Tun Razak is more known for being a leader who sowed his wild oats with abundance in more places unknown than known, a leader clueless as to the growing disgust and contempt the electorates (and his own party!) has for his bumbling attempt at government and by default he has earned the right to be called Mr Rosmah Mansor more than President of UMNO or Prime Minister!

And in all this we have a sitting Minister in Najib’s cabinet who has had a child out of wed locked. Jakim or the Prime Minister have not seen it fit to hound the said minister out of office, out of Umno and out of our consciousness.

We have also an ex minister who was appointed our Washington Envoy after a sexual raba raba indiscretion – where he is said to have grabbed the punggung of a fellow Muslim female who is not his wife! No Jakim no censure...just send him off to Washington!

We have at least one Sultan who also have had a child out of wed locked and like the minister mentioned, no action had been taken by the religious authority to ask him to answer for his randy sexual antics on that lady and many others.

We have the PDRM treating prostitution as another stream of income as evident by their collusion in the proliferation of the sex trade.

And if you were to throw a stone while the cabinet is in session that stone will hit a minister who is either fornicating outside his marriage bonds, a minister who is day dreaming about his recent sexual tryst with his kept mistress or girlfriend instead of cabinet matters, or even a minister who thinks that sex, paid or between consenting adults is anytime preferred by him then a cabinet meeting.

We have also an ex Chief Minister of Melaka who is a paedophile but who, until now, have not been brought to account for his deeds in the court of law….probably because Umno thinks that the judgement of the hereafter would do for him. Meanwhile he heads Risda in between dabbling in gutter politics.

And as these sexual hi jinks continues within UMNO so too does this Sodomy Two appeal case of Anwar Ibrahim.

And through it all our idiot of a Prime Minister sits seemingly cocoon and isolated from the ramifications of what all this gutter politics is doing to our nation, our people, our society, our religion and most damaging of all – to his own political entity Umno and to his own political coalition – Barisan Nasional….for in truth we have seen the decay and coming demise of Umno and Barisan Nasional from the time that this charge of sodomy was first thrown at Anwar Ibrahim by Mahathir!

Yes it has taken more than a decade since Anwar was first charged with sodomy One…but what you are seeing now is the tail end of where that all this gutter politics is taking Umno and Barisan Nasional to…and it is all gathering speed as it charges downhill towards its final destination…the rejection of Barisan Nasional by the people of Malaysia because they hold in contempt and disgust the antics of a political entity that will submit itself to any degradation, any humiliation any means…anything at all just as long as they can still grasp at political power.

Whether true or not and whether Anwar did or did not sodomise Saiful, this much I dare say.

Mine, Anwar’s or anybody's sexual preferences are no body’s business but mine, Anwar and yours! Good or bad and whether any religions seeks to punish sodomy for any reasons whatsoever, this Umno led Barisan Nasional government under Najib Razak has, by the use of gutter politics, not only has caused our nation to be the laughing stock of  global audience, but also the butt (excuse the pun) of endless “Do as I say not do as I do” refrain from the people of Malaysia because we all know what that the high and mighty of Islam in Malaysia are all sexually active beyond their matrimonial bonds and all this will come to roost at the next general election when the people will decide who will govern them – not Najib, not Umno, not Barisan Nasional…..not anybody that thinks what adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms is also everybody's else business as Umno does!

I have no wish to know who Najib’s fucks before or after Rosmah nor do I want to know who Rosmah fucks before or after Najib. I do not even want to know if Najib fuck Rosmah before their were married or if Rosmah fucked Najib before she married him…. because really that is nobody’s business but theirs.

But Najib wants us to know if Anwar did or did not sodomize Saiful for political gain and because he does I now want to know if Najib fucked Rosmah while he was still married to his first wife.

I want to know how many times Najib fucked Rosmah before they were married, where they did it and how they did it! 

And I want to know if Rosmah fucked Najib before they were married and I want to know how many times they did it, where they did it and how they did it. 

Can anybody tell? 

And I want to know all this for political gain for I support Pakatan Rakayat and not UMNO or Barisan Nasional.

Anything that will harm Umno or Barisan Nasional, anything that will harm their President …anything that will bring down the Barisan Nasional government …anything at all, I want to know!

Now let us see if Najib likes what he is now doing to Anwar to be done to him. 

Let us today declare that it is now open season to hunt down Najib or anybody else in Barisan Nasional by exposing to everyone what they do in bed, with whom they do it with it and how they do it…and yes…pictures and evidence are welcomed but not necessary! Let us start with Port Dickson….shall we?                           

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