Saturday 22 March 2014

He calls himself a me this MAHAGURU is more like the cock who thought the sun had risen to see him crow! Ptui!

Yesterday I read an article in Mahguru58's blog - something I do not normally do because I do not, as a rule, waste time reading any overly religious laden ranting by anybody - be they Christians or Muslims - but the article title stirred by curiosity: 

#MH370 ~ Dealing with tragedy - Stark Difference between how Muslims and Unbelievers handle it!

In that article the writer  - who I presume considers himself a religious expert of sorts by the religious incantations he has plastered all over his blog, the goatee and white cap he has on his head and the moniker he prefers to identify himself with "MAHAGURU"  - writes about how Unbelievers (I presume them to be non-Muslims)  handle tragedy.

"Chinese passengers families wailed and shrieked as if they had been possessed by some kind of unruly demons"

"created such a ruckus by shrieking like a gone stir crazy banshee driving everybody nuts"

"weeping and wailing North Korean female soldiers expressing their grief over the passing of their leader, Kim Jong-il!"

"Indian woman wailing over the death of her family member in the 2004 deadly tsunami! Could it have brought back her dead relative? Wishful thinking!"

And then this so-called Mahaguru tells everyone else this: 

"In the Islamic tradition and example of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, we who are Muslims are enjoined to observe the following guidelines or guidance as to how to conduct ourselves in times of sorrow and grief such as when our loved ones pass away or are involved in a serious accident or misfortune.

In times such as the death of our loved ones, we are enjoined to accept such a tragedy by saying " Inna lillah hi wa inna ilaihi ra ji uun! '' which means ' From Allah we came ; to Allah we return! '
This Mahaguru tells us that shrieking and wailing like mad serves no purpose! It does no good to the living ; what more to the dead? 

And Mahaguru ends his ranting with a "So disgusting"

I read that yesterday evening. 

Normally I would be turned off by just that image of the Mahaguru with his goatee and while skull cap but this time around I made myself read through the whole article to see if I could learn something from it. 

It was a waste of my time. 

I did not learn anything from it - only a sense of disgust and contempt for this Mahaguru who must think a lot about himself to pass judgement on other human beings who are suffering pain and emotional distress at their loss - be it of their loved ones or their leaders.

I clicked the page away with contempt and thought nothing of it any more until early this morning when I came across this news item:

Taliban gun down Kabul diners in pre-election attack.   

"Taliban gunmen smuggled tiny pistols past the Serena hotel's heavy security cordon and waited for the restaurant to fill up for an Afghan New Year dinner before emerging to shoot diners point-blank. Three children between two and five were found with bullets in their heads. Four of the nine dead were foreigners".

I can find countless other similar instances where Muslims kill not only other Muslims but also unbelievers. I would rather put up with unbelievers wailing and shrieking away because they have lost their loves ones than have Muslims murder little children out having dinner with their parents with bullets to their heads! 

We live in a world that celebrates life and sufferings in different mindful of the difference and try to understand that even amongst Muslims there are places in this world where the Shias and the Sunnis kill each other...and are they not all Muslims?  

It is not my place to call this MAHAGURU stupid, insensitive, a cultural moron or simply an idiot. It is not my place to do so....but you can!    

Enough said!

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