Sunday 9 March 2014

cakap cakap....PKR, Azizah and Kajang.

We have discussed at length the need for Anwar Ibrahim to have the seat of Kajang…..Anwar Ibrahim not Azizah, not Nurrul Izzah and not anybody else.

And today we are informed that Azizah will stand as PKR’s candidate in Kajang because Anwar Ibrahim can no longer do so due to his conviction on the charge of sodomy.

My question to Anwar and to those who have been strategizing this Kajang Move is simply this: Common sense will tell you that you must factor the liklehood of Anwar Ibrahim being disqualified from contesting for the Kajang seat because the appeal against his acquittal might be granted by the appeal court. Why was this possibility not factored into the planning of this Kajang Move?

And now that he has been convicted how goes the future plans for the Kajang move? Will Khalid stay as MB? Will Azizah take over?

As always the best laid plan of PKR are easily wrecked asunder by circumstances that any rational strategist can see coming…any rational strategists except those in PKR!

It is not acceptable to me that Azizah stands in Kajang because with Kajang there is no plan B without Anwar Ibrahim simply because the Kajang Move needs Anwar to make it happen.

Ini bukan Party Keluarga n Rakan2.

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