Wednesday 12 March 2014

cakap cakap....Azmin Ali

We are familiar with what Umno will do to those of us who threatens their dominance in politics. What they have done in the past five decades can ranges from harassing bloggers who insists on writing on matters ‘that are a threat to national security and insults our King and derides our nation’ to the  massacre of villagers in Memali. Anything in between is par for the course for this UMNO led BN government.

They remove Judges who are not pliant to their demands and in their place appoint Judges who are not shy about doing the bidding of their political masters.

They appoint and remove Ministers, DPM’s and PM’s with a frequency that is akin to the female menstrual cycle but without the use of tampons to prevent heavy menstrual leakages. Umno rids itself of their own without grace or finesse – from Onn Jaafar, Tunku, Musa Hitam, Ku Li, Anwar Ibrahim, Tun Abdullah Badawi and who knows who is next – all forcibly removed from their position without so much as a ‘thank you’ for services rendered.
Nothing is sacred and nothing is beyond their imagination to conjure when it comes to ensuring the survival of UMNO.

This latest episode of Anwar Ibrahim being convicted for sodomy is merely a manifestation of this malaise within Umno. Let us not quibble about whether Anwar Ibrahim did or did not sodomize Saiful. What Umno’s first tier Malay leaders have done to our nation and to our people are far more debilitating and harmful to the future of our nation than anything Anwar Ibrahim could have done in his lifetime….but let us cut to the chase.

Anwar Ibrahim now belongs to our history – not because of his conviction for sodomy but because by this conviction, his work is done! 

it was Anwar Ibrahim that started Malaysians thinking that change was possible. Change from the corrupt, arrogant Umno that we have known for the past half a century to another way of doing government – open and responsible. This is the change that Malaysians from all walks of life are now demanding not today, not tomorrow not in five years time – but NOW…and Anwar Ibrahim is responsible for this. He started it all with his REFORMASI. And for this our people, our nation and our future thank him.

What Umno needs to consider is this…if that change does not come NOW…what will our people do?

We have seen government fall for less mundane things. We have seen leaders hounded to their death after less that a decade of abuse, corruption and mismanagement while they were in office….and we have had over five decades of this from Umno!

We have seen Morosi of Egypt deposed even before mid term in office because he thought he was God himself and infallible 

We have seen Musa Hitam, Tengku Razali, Anwar Ibrahim, Abdullah Badawi, even our Tunku hounded from office…so why not Najib? Why not now?

The truth of the matter is simply this – for now there is no one to take his place. Or it would be more truthful to say that the powers that be within Umno has yet to nominate a heir apparent – there are contenders and pretenders to the crown but none that has been blessed by the powers that be in Umno…until now. And he that has been blessed is still not yet ready to assume Najib’s place because his apprenticeship is still ongoing. He is now MB of Kedah and when he is ready to be PM he will be PM even if it means there may be another PM in the interim…but he knows in time, he will be PM if Umno is still in power…and that is a big IF.

Umno will not change even if by not changing they will lose the 14th general election. All that matters within Umno is what Umno wants…never what the people want!

And Selangor will be where Umno’s is in the process of doing another “Perak”.

Khalid and Azizah will not be able to weather Umno’s onslaught once it is unleashed. 

Only Azmin Ali can because he is cut from the same cloth as Mahathir, Najib, Mahyuddin and all the other sahabats in Umno…but Azmin has gone rogue!

Like Anwar, Azmin has crossed over to the other side – to Pakatan Rakyat where decency and doing what is for the common good of the electorates is what he needs to do if he is to remain relevant to the Pakatan Rakyat creed. That is why he and Anwar now bear the brunt of Umno’s withering rapid fire. Today you and I know that Anwar has been ultimately checkmated and put into cold storage as he once was after his tryst with Mahathir over trumped up charges of corruption and sodomy.

Let us not dwell on the unfairness of it all…on the  haste with which the court decided his guilt and even, if you insists, that his crime is not a crime in many other society…let us instead fight fire with fire.

In PKR today Nurrul is not yet ready and Azizah, like Khalid is too decent and too nice for street level politics. Azmin is not!

I have had my reservations with Azmin but given that Umno’s intent to rid itself of PKR in Selangor is without borders it is time we too give them a taste of their own medicine. 

With Anwar Ibrahim out of commission we must allow Azmin to take the helm of PKR, of Selangor and if need be, assume his place in Pakatan Rakyat at par with Lim Kit Siang and Hadi….he deserves nothing less if he is to take Anwar’s place as Umno’s nemesis.  

As for what Azmin will do once we are in Putrajaya….we will deal with that when the time comes. For now we need to take that first step after Anwar towards Putrajaya….let Azmin lead PKR, let Azmin be with Pakatan Rakyat and let us put aside our druthers and get on with the job at hand – getting Azmin to be Umno’s nemesis now that Anwar is not

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