Friday 28 March 2014

I am ME.

From the time that I could think for myself – in my very early teens – I decided that religion is to be my own personal domain. I have never allowed anyone, not even my parents, to intrude into that personal space. Yes I did the superficial aspects of religion that society expected me to do when not doing so would have caused those around me to be vexed but in truth I kept my own counsel on these matters and kept my thoughts to myself. If I had to be a hypocrite to be able to live undisturbed within society then I was a hypocrite.

I am talking about religion here. What I am saying here is simply this – what I believe in, what or who I worship (if I do worship anything or anyone), what spiritual inclinations I posses is my own damm business.     

I do not want to be saved from the devil not do I want to find salvation on this Earth or after I die….I just want to be left alone to sort out my thoughts on life and death by myself.

And what are my thoughts on life and death and on spirituality?

Life is to be lived to the best of your abilities. If you are comfortable with worshipping the Tree that has been growing in your backyard since time immemorial…do so. If you believe that Jesus died and rose again for whatever reason, go do your thing. And if you think that there are reasons enough for Islam to allow you to have four wives…go for it….but do not expect me to think as you do or do as you do.

And if you think that I must be shallow to be unable to go beyond these simplistic jargons that defines some religion then you are entitled to that opinion and I will grant you that your opinion is valid in as far as you are concerned – but please, do not expect me to buy into your beliefs.

No, I have not been able to sort out the reasons as to why I was put on this Earth. Nor have I been able to work out the meaning of life…but why the hell do I have to do so?

This morning I am happy to be able to get up early in the morning, shower, make myself a cup of Nescafe and power my PC to start my day. It’s Friday but I have no plans to go to Friday prayers because I see no reason why I need to do so. Nor do I have plans to go to Church on Sunday because I would rather start Sunday morning preparing Roast Lamb for Sunday lunch. But then there are many others who do look forward to going to Friday prayers and going to Church on Sunday – and to them I say this…GO!

Now if someone asks if I would like to attend a meditation hour at a Buddhist temple on Saturday afternoon…I might give it some thought because I have been finding it difficult to focus on writing for my blog these last few days – possibly because I am thinking too much about the plight of the passengers on MH370….and I am sure meditation will help me to focus on things that really matters to me….and being focus on what I intend to do does matters.

These are my personal thoughts. I am putting it down on paper not because I want to convert anyone to my way of thinking nor do I think I can. Nor do I want to debate the right or wrong of what I do or what I think. For me religion is a deeply personal issue and I will not allow anyone – not any religious authority, not any government to tell me what I could, should or should not do. Amen to that.

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