Tuesday 4 March 2014

The trouble with Anwar Ibrahim......

Anwar wants Malays to read Ramayana

 | March 4, 2014
Anwar encourages the Malays to read classical Hindu texts and for Hindu's to read the Quran to better understand each other.
anwar ibrahim during ceramahKAJANG: Pakatan Rakyat candidate for the Kajang state seat by-election Anwar Ibrahim told a group of Malay youths that to understand the Indian community they needed to read and understand classical Hindu texts such as the Ramayana, Mahabharatha and the Thirukkural.
He said that it was vital for them to do so because it would enable Malaysians to better understand one another.
“Yesterday I met a group of Malay youths. I told them to read the Ramayana and Mahabharatha. I also told them to read the Thirukkural,” said Anwar who is Permatang Pauh MP and Opposition Leader in Parliament.

steadyaku47 comment:

There he goes again...this time wanting Malay youths to go read classical Hindu texts such as the Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Thirukkural in order to understand the Indian community better. 

I get what you are trying to say Anwar.....of course if you have the inclination and the time, do make an effort to read these classics as it will give you some insight as to how the Indian community has evolved and enable you to understand the psyche of the Indians better.....but can you see how Jakim, Perkasa and UMNO can spin this into YOU wanting the Malay youth to forsake the Koran and instead spend time reading these Hindu epics? 

And they will berate YOU for being irresponsible in leading these Malay Muslim youths astray by putting these unislamic ideas into their very impressionable heads. And what will they Malay youths grow up to be....infidels who give more credence to the Hindu epics that the teachings of ALLAH!     

YOU read these epics Anwar so that YOU may understand why the Indian community are in need of much assistance in trying to better their life. YOU read these epics so that YOU will remember the role that Hindraf played in the 12th general election to move the Indian community away from Barisan Nasional and towards Pakatan Rakyat and then YOU may remember the difference that these votes made to the electoral gains of Pakatan Rakyat in the 12th general election. 

But even of you have read these epics you and Pakatan Rakyat seem to have forgotten Hindraf contribution when it was time for the the 13th general election. 

Najib did not forget!  

He reached out successfully towards Waytha to snare the Indian community votes. Of course what difference that finally made to the results of the 13th general election is open to debate and conjecture but seeing the closeness of the results I think the support of the Indians would have been telling. Yes we now know that Najib duped Waytha into crossing over to Barisan Nasional but that is history.....but let not history repeat itself in Kajang and the 14th general election! Forget the Indian community at your peril!

And if you have been more circumspect in the things you do then you would have had Zaid Ibrahim by your side in Kajang rather than an opponent! You already had Zaid in PKR. You already had him amongst those who were prepared to believe in what you were doing and then you lost you have lost many others who once pledged their loyalty to you! You better not lose Khalid Ibrahim! 

Anwar you need to think before you do the things that you do....

Do not ask me what is it that you have done to deserve this 'tegoran' from me because we will be here all day going though a list as long as that list that I have already compiled for Najib...and you must not forget that compared to you Najib is just a spring chicken in politics!

And I am not even going to go into that promise you made to equate RM1 to USD1 if you win the Kajang by-election....that seems to me like an UMNO spin on something that you have said....please explain!  

Our hopes, our aspirations and our future is upon your shoulders. 

We have a vested interest that you do well in your political endeavors and aspirations - the latest of which is to be fought in that place once famous for Satay......I say 'once famous' for Satay because how can Satay now compete with Anwar Ibrahim? Satay has sustained Kajang for many many better do the same Anwar, if not better, for Kajang!

And above all brother Anwar...above everything else.....please.....HUMILITY!       

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