Thursday 20 March 2014

MH370 : This is not a Malaysian Crisis - it's effect is global!

MH370 is turning out to be Najib Razak’s and Umno’s worst nightmare. All that we Malaysians have known to be true about Najib, Umno and the Barisan Nasional government they lead - the incompetence, the lying, the corruption, the arrogance and the complete disregard for anything else but their own interest - are now being played out on the world stage in their handling of MH370. In front of a global audience and a 24/7 media contingent that is relentless in its pursuit of ‘the MH370 story’,

The world is being informed of “crucial information being withheld”, “negligence”, “anger grows”, “dereliction of duty” , “reluctance to share information”, “security failure at some level in government”, “questions on defense readiness of the air force” “questions not answered straight and honestly” and that most painful of all accusation “cover up”– all in all a damming indictment of BN’s less than satisfactory management in the search for Flight MH370. 

This is not a Malaysian crisis because its effect is global.

Any attempt to blame anyone else, any attempt to politicize the issue, any attempt to use PDRM or the Judiciary to stifle dissent by any potential ‘troublemakers,’ any attempt to hide the truth from a global audience will be exposed by the media contingent already smelling blood as the Najib led BN government tries to manage the MH370 incident the way they only know how - as they have mismanaged government in Malaysia!

After 12 days the world is seeing the unraveling of all that is wrong with our government led by Najib Razak through their handling of the search for Flight MH370.

As always, our Prime Minister only emerges after a prolonged period of deafening silence and attempted to ‘take charge’ of the situation at a news conference where he said nothing new and answered no questions.

We have had a sorry procession of second rate performers – the IGP, the Chief of the Armed Forces and an assortment of politicians and even a Minister or two, who all wants their time in the spotlight – each with their own ‘contribution’ to the whole saga serving merely to muddy an already murky sea of misinformation and conjectures coming from domestic and international sources.

Then begins the attempt to somehow link  - who else but – Anwar Ibrahim to the whole saga. It would seems that this time around, Najib and his cohorts are a bit slow in finding evidence to directly or indirectly link Pakatan Rakyat to MH370 but it is not lack of trying. Give them time and they will come up with something.

While all this is unfolding the orders to round up the usual suspects have been given to PDRM. Never mind that the ‘usual suspects’ are foreign nationals who are anxiously waiting for news of their loved ones who were on board MH370. Never mind that the world media is watching and recording PDRM do their dirty work of stifling dissent and any attempt to ‘embarass’ the BN government. The evidence of their dirty work is being shown in millions of homes globally.

And of course in tandem with all this ‘diversions’ there is that ‘blame everybody else but the BN government’ mentality. These tactics may work in a situation where the media is muzzled and tightly managed but not so when you are dealing with a global media that can get its story out “live” , uncensored and unscripted to a global audience. And in an instant they can transmit that same story to any part of the globe many times over.

So far in MH370 case this BN government has attempted to infer that somehow the crew, its passengers and anyone else remotely connected to them might be involved in the disappearance of MH370. Let us await how this BN government will drag in Boeing, other governments etc etc into their ‘blame anybody else but the BN government’ scenario.

Any moment I expect Mahathir to come into the picture and apportion blame for MH370 to Pak Lah while Rosmah will soon insists that she has been unfairly blamed for the disappearance of MH370 because she is Najib’s wife.

Every new day brings more denial from this BN government that its management of the search for Flight MH370 has been flawed from day one but we live in hope that the world now knows the truth. The truth is that not only will they know of how flawed the search of flight MH370 has been managed by this BN government but through it  understand what this BN government has been doing to our people and our people in the half a century that they have mismanaged government.   

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