Tuesday 4 March 2014

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From time to time I feel that some one has to play at being the devil’s advocate for the purpose of having a balanced take on political situations in Malaysia that are fluid, subjective and prone to being as changing as the weather is from day to day. At times I take a position on matters that I fell strongly about and write with the purpose of putting my point of view across to those of you who do read what I write. At times I play the devils advocate to draw you into a discussion where our opinions are tested for its veracity and validity and hopefully we can both emerge from these debates more informed and knowledgeable of each other point of view. There are times when I write in the moment without any reference to facts and fiction of the past and the possibility of what the future will bring. And there are times when I try to be insightful, circumspect and be aware of prevailing and future circumstance that would affect the truth or not, of what I write….but I cannot claim infallibility as being one of my more enduring traits….but I do have my druthers! 

I would rather have corrupt politicians incarcerated for the term of their natural political life in Sungai Buloh rather than in Seri Perdana. I would rather have retired politicians stay retired and spend the fruits of their political life – mostly amassed in cash – the way Bears spend their winter – hibernating in a cave where the sun does not shine.

But you and I know that these are forlorn hopes that will consistently be dashed by the need of these retired politicians to remain relevant and thus be able to keep adding to the piles of cash already amassed and also feed their misplaced sense of importance…it seems that retired politicians never die and never fade away! We are witness to this in Malaysia since the Mahathir days as he himself is the chief culprit….or should I respectfully say, the chief proponent of this unfortunate blight on our national political realities.

I write sometimes in the moment when stories break, with hindsight and foresight when looking at matters that will decide our future, for and against political entities, personage and anybody in between.  And I do so knowing that there is always another point of view just waiting to cut me down in mid flight.

I do these things with enthusiasm and accept that others will agree to disagree with me. For those of you who read what I write understand and accept gracefully that dissent to any thing that you hold sacred is everywhere. What I try to do is to argue for my point of view. Read what I write and then go on with your day regardless because this is what I do for myself when I read what others write. 

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